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Upright Cleaner - Mains Power Supply

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published 09/02/2017 | NBCMad92
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Still waiting for my payment...
Pro All dirt gone, multi-convertible, variety attachments, light, quiet
Cons Price can seem steep
Value for money

"Eating Away All The Dirt!"

Before Shark

Before Shark

At one point, our house was like the graveyard for hoovers. For some reason unknown, hoovers never lasted long in our house. We bought cheap Tesco ones to Vax ones and eventually they broke or stopped working.

On our weekly shopping trip we came across a seller in Costco who was promoting the Shark Lift Away hoover. We spoke to her at length and after testing the hoover I begged dad to get it for us. The reviews I had read were all positive and I said to my daddy if we don't like it, I will write one of my famous complaint letters to the company. Needless to say I did not need to write my complaint email that makes companies quake and shiver at the sight of my email address and I am hopeful that I will never have to.

General Sharkie Information

- 5 Year guarantee
- No loss of suction or power
- Powered lift-away (able to convert to hand held)
- Anti-allergen complete seal technology (states that 99.9% of dust and allergens are captured)
- Attachment for pet hair
- LED lights (at end of hoover to light up dark areas)
- Carpet and hard floor converter
- Swivel steering
- Light weight
- Hemp filter
- 2-1 dusting brush
- Under appliance tool
- Upholstery tool
- Wide upholstery tool
- Crevice tool (I have not used this attachment)
- Dust away attachment (I have not used this attachment)
- Flexi crevice tool (I have not used this attachment)
- Dusting brush (I have not used this attachment)
- Mobile detail tool (I have not used this attachment)
- Car detail kit (I have not used this attachments)
- 6kg
- 29.9 x 30.3 x 117.2 cm


Holds 4.8/5 stars on Amazon-

Holds 4.8/5 stars on Shark website -

Setting Up The Shark

The hoover came with instructions which were very simple to follow. The woman who sold us the hoover as well give us little bits of information as well like remembering to clean the hemp filter and allowing it to dry first before putting it back into the hoover (this ensures that the hoover always keeps to its top level of expected cleaning).

It was just a case of attaching all the bits and bobs together and switching it on.

Using The Shark

Now you have to understand that I am the only woman living in a house of three men. I like this clean and organised whereas these men will leave a packet of empty crisps next to the bin... The bin is empty... It was literally right next to the bin. So getting a new hoover was like a godsend to me, especially as I was dealing with poor quality hoovers that took ages to get half the dirt off the carpet.

The power button is in clear view to switch the hoover on and off.

By the handle is the convertor switch which allows you to switch from carpet to hard floor. I usually use the hoover on the carpets but have used it on the hard floor. Also on the handle there is a switch which allows you to decide whether you want maximum suction or minimum suction. I'm not sure why anyone would want minimum suction but it's nice to know that they give you this choice. I always have mine on maximum suction.

When the hoover is on the LED lights brighten up. I love this feature as it allows me to clearly see where I need to hoover. This works especially well in dark areas like behind the sofa and in my bedroom where I have black carpet.

The suction on the Shark is amazing and when I use it, it gets rid of everything that is on the carpet. We have a dog and a cat in our house and I have blonde hair. On my bedroom floor it is very easy to see every single little thing, even dog hair and the dog never comes in my room but the Shark hoover gets rid of everything and it makes my carpet look brand new (please never get black carpet, it's a nightmare)

Don't get me wrong I am a strong person. My pole dancing has helped me in that department but when your lugging around heavy stuff for hours it's going to take it's toll on anyone. The shark is very light compared with the other hoovers I have used and I have happily used it everywhere around the house without damaging my back.

I have read questions asked about the noise this hoover makes. I believe that it is quieter than the other hoovers that I have used. My cat (Scarlett AKA MooMinn) doesn't like loud noises but I have hovered my carpet and she doesn't seem to be phased by it. She looks up, gives me a dirty look for disturbing her sleep, then goes back to bed again... _Oh the joys of being a cat_. This was also a concern for my newly adopted Tortoise, Master Oogway, but it seems that it does not stress him out which is a good sign for me.

2-1 Dusting Brush

I use this attachment most out of all of them. I find it very helpful for cleaning the skirting and the stairs. As you will from the pictures I have attached this attachment works amazing on the stairs. On the skirting, it obviously doesn't get rid of stains and I normally have to give them a wipe but it will get rid of the dust and settled dirt. I usually use the hard (non bristle) part to start off with then the bristles just to give the carpet a little brush and get rid of dirt that may have been left behind. The bristles I use mostly on the skirting as I don't want to damage it. The bristle are soft which is a helpful factor in protecting the paint on the skirting.
Under Appliance Wand

I have not used this as much as the other attachments but when I have used it, it works well. I mainly use it for reaching the ceiling and it gets rid of the cobwebs and dust well.

Upholstery Tool

This tool I use on the sofa and my bed. I usually first use the bristled end lightly (I like giving my bed and sofa a brush), then I take this attachment off and use the flat end to really suck up everything. I know I keep saying this a lot but it really does get rid of everything. I've never seen anything like it.

I remember once I watched a documentary on bed bugs and since then it totally freaked me out and I now make sure that I hoover my bed and get rid of those little buggers.

Wide Upholstery Tool

I use this on the curtains (when have the energy after all the other hovering I do). I don't really see a difference but it's nice to know that there is a tool that specifically designed for jobs like this and I would like to think that it is doing a good clean on them.
Hand Held

Sometimes it can get a little confusing but the hoover does come apart to make it completely hand held, which is helpful when your hovering the stairs. There is a button located on the main part of the hoover to detach it from the caddy, which should give you the long wand. Then there is another button located by the handle which will give you the handle without the long wand (usual for cleaning the stairs) or if you want to get up close and personal with the dust monsters.

It is simple to take apart to use hand held and even easier to put back together. It is as simple as pushing the parts back together.

Don't Be Looking In The Ocean For This

As I explained I purchased... Well daddy purchased, our Shark at Costco, unfortunately I believe they are not selling it another but you can purchase it from the Shark website or:

- -


We got ours for £200 and prices I see are ranging from £170 - £390. However, I can see that there are many different generations of this product and it can get confusing which one you are after. I have read the specs for a lot of the generations and they are all basically the same.

Sharkie Sharkie Conclusion

I absolutely adore this hoover. My daddy is also very happy with it. Although he begrudged paying £200 at first, I explained to him that as we were spending lots of £50s on different hoovers we may as well fork out a lot for a hoover at is going to last us at least 5 years (as per the guarantee). If you decide to try from the Shark range, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

This shark gets a thumbs up from me. OUCH MY THUMBS!

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Product Information : Shark Lift Away NV340UKV

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Upright Cleaner - Mains Power Supply

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