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Short Stories

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I leaned forwards in the wonderful old leather wingback and tilted my glass as Tony poured another generous measure. Making myself comfortable again I closed my eyes and composed myself, not wanting to say the words but knowing that the time had finally come. I was finally about to relieve ... Read review

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The Call (A Christmas Tale)

AdvantagesFor Ciao reviewers to decide - Happy Christmas!

DisadvantagesFor Ciao reviewers to decide - Happy Christmas!

"...carpet slippers, started down the short path. He obviously heard me drop the phone for he turned and was watching me before I reached the gate. “He opened the phone box door and even as he was trying to get the costume’s oversized belly out of the small cubicle he called out to me with a waving motion of his hand. ‘Stay exactly where you are’. As he struggled his beard fell away and I saw the relief written clearly on his face. “My face. “Oh, he ..." Read review

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The Felix Horror

AdvantagesNot half bad

DisadvantagesNot my best work either

"...to face the newcomer, a short middle-aged man, wearing a dark suit complete with the dog-collar of a Catholic priest. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" said Booker, so shocked by the sudden appearance that any kind of protocol left his head. "I'm Father Adamson," said the priest, stepping from the doorway and pacing further into the room, "I've come help you." "Help me? How?" replied Booker. "I have two pieces of information ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Newboy3


Boys on a Bridge



"Boys on a Bridge Slowly and with heavy heart the man walked up the long incline of the approach road. He continued on past the first abutment tower, unaware of all around him until he had crossed the first span of the bridge and was standing on the south pier. He edged along the wall until he had a clear view of the Tower. There he stopped and looked out across a grey Thames under an equally grey sky. He was looking for the years that had gone. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bengar


The Calling of the Keeper Review with images



"...blessed scroll. I started the short but unpleasant walk toward the sturdy oak door at the base of the tower. As I did so, the moonlight revealed a small circular window placed above the entrance, its frame strangled with various overgrown wall plants, the darkness beyond: a mystery. The stairway wound steeply upwards in front of me, the grey, stone slab steps disappearing in the gloom but a metre away. A colossal spider scurried across the floor ..." Read review

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A Passion For Words



"...piece of creative nonfiction (or short story, if you will), which I had composed last year. It is based on actual incidents which my father Stephen recounted to me just before he died in August of 2003; he was an English teacher for many years, and he adored literature and poetry. I remembered everything I could, put in some my own little transitions to make it a flowing story, and submitted this for a Creative Writing class last year, and the professor ..." Read review

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