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Should Britain join the Euro?

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Review of "Should Britain join the Euro?"

published 27/05/2002 | intel
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Okay, okay, so we live in a free market now where trade with the rest of Europe is much easier than in the past. However does this necessarily mean that we have to join the Euro? No it doesn't.

For some countries who had a failing or weak economy (Spain, Finland etc) the best thing to do was to join the Euro and then hopefully the rest of Europe would help to pull them out of recession and into a stronger postion. If it didn't then they would have something to blame.
However for a country who stands in a very strong position with regards to market strength in Europe and with a comparitively high GDP then what advantages are to be gained by joinng the Euro? If the Economy in the UK is in quite good shape (compared to the rest of the world) then why change?
To change to the Euro would greatly please many Euro MP's and governments from other counties as we would then be in a position on a somewhat more equal footing and playing field.
However if to join was such a great thing then our Govenment would have already pusehed it though wouldn't they, like France, Germany etc. Don't you think?

I say that we are doing fine as we are and why change a good thing. The only advantage would be that when we travel abroad for business or pleasure then we know exactly what we are spending as we're already used to the currency but that is certainly no reason to change it.

Another down side is that if we change to the Euro the European parliment has a lot more weight with regard to deciding our interest rates, and other important aspects of our economy which would affect us all. This we surely don't want. Would a Belgium or Spanish MP really choose to do the right thing for the U.K. I dont think so. Power and decision making has to remain with our parliment.

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  • 1st2thebar published 19/08/2012
    I don't believe Spain ever had a small / insignificant economy.
  • sue.51 published 29/05/2002
    Sorry for the rating, but compared to some of the other superb ops in this category, it doesn't really present a solid case against, despite the fact that you evidently don't support it. I agree totally that I wouldn't want someone deciding my taxation or policies from a central parliament - but not going into the Euro will most likely be a death sentence for the UK, particularly industry as competition becomes more restrictive from member states - parts of the UK are already seriously in danger of becoming third world nations, you only have to look around parts of Europe to see the superior lifestyles they enjoy despite higher income taxation - their greater ability to communicate in a myriad of languages, their lower interest and inflation rates than the UK and their willingness to change - Europe is undoubtedly not without its problems, but the UK is going to be in serious trouble within a few years if it doesn't wise up. Single taxation and rule will be a long time coming if ever, regionalisation in parts of mainland Europe is far greater than the UK (and much more successful. My rating is not because I disagree, but because the arguement needs to be more solid - If you update, let me know and I will happily rerate. Sue
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