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Should animal testing be banned ?

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... Should all animal testing be banned? Although some people believe that all animal testing should be banned, many people become more upset about the idea of cats, dogs and rabbits being used than mice and rats. It is easy to feel more compassion for animals that appear to us higher on the ... Read review

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Animal Testing: A necessary evil?

AdvantagesSome animal testing has led to significant medical advancement

DisadvantagesSome animal testing has led to medical error. It is inhumane.

"...ALL types of animal testing should be banned. Finally, I will consider the possible impact on scientific investigation of such a ban. ===Is vivisection essential to medical progress?=== Many scientists argue that animal testing is the best way to carry out research and has led to significant developments in drug treatments, vaccines and product safety. They claim that animals make good research subjects and that no computer simulation could ever ..." Read review

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Why dont we just test on ugly animals to save arguments? Review with images

AdvantagesWe live longer

Disadvantagescute animals die

"So, why do we only want to save cute animals? If a poor old Woodlice is flipped up on its back with its little legs going like crazy do we help? No. Do 200 students rush down to the beach to throw buckets of water over exhausted mud flappers? No. Animal charities know that beauty sells and so love to put cute and majestic animals on their literature and envelopes, those imploring TV ads aimed to part us from our money, not so much save the Indian ..." Read review

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Would you be a human guinea pig? Review with images

Advantageshelps find cures for deadly diseases

Disadvantagesfine line between medical and cosmetic research

"...that not all ‘medical’ experiences should be allowed. I think we should only use animal testing for drugs that will save lives. I personally feel we should classify what we think is important enough to cause animals suffering. For example, ADHD: not important enough. Impotence: not important enough. Cancer: yes and so on. We need to draw the line somewhere. ==So what about those chimps wearing lipstick?== Animal ..." Read review

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Rationalizing the Irrational Review with images

AdvantagesProlong human longevity.

DisadvantagesOrwell's 'Animal Farm' isn't fiction for some people.

"...even suggest that animal testing should be banned; first of all you’ve got to denote whether animals have rights. At this time of year, you’ll witness many dead animals, at the side of roads, all victims of ‘hit and run’. Yet I’ve never seen anyone standing over the animal corpse showing remorse, deep regret, at the brutal death. It is a fact we all look, and choose to ignore the agony the animal ..." Read review

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Animal testing: an inhumane method with few acceptable alternatives Review with images

AdvantagesAnimal testing is inhumane, and animals are regularly mistreated

DisadvantagesThere are not many alternatives, and they're all equally controversial

"...the fact that some are should be enough to make people raise their hand in disagreement with animal testing, or will people – like you and I, continue to turn the other cheek because we want our cheap products – and animals are helping us get to those ideals: they don't demand inflated pay for their work.'Is there an alternative?'This is where the issues come in, there are no really alternatives ..." Read review

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