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This is always a really touchy and delicate subject, that can often stir up really strong emotions from both pro and anti groups.

My own opinion of animal testing is that it should be banned. In this day and age there is absolutely no need to use live animals to test any kind of products on. I also disagree with testing on them for medicinal purposes. Animals and humans are made completely differently. While an animal may react one way to a chemical a human could have a completely differerent reaction as our genetic make up is miles apart. I know the pro- team will say that without animal testing many of our killer diseases would still be rife but where is the proof of that really? At the end of the day drugs are only found to be effective, and side effects registered once they begin in human trials. Implanting a probe into a cats brain to find out how the brain works is despicable when you can scan humans to see how things work. Swinging rats round by their tails before smacking them onto a work surface to kill them in the name of science is barbaric (and yes sadly this does happen).

We have the technology into stem cells these days to be able to grow our own tissue to test on. There is no need whatsoever to test on an animal. How my dog and cat react to certain products is no indication of how I am going to react to them. This is proven with dark chocolate. To a human a bar of bourneville or green and blacks can be a good thing. Once square to my dog could kill her outright. No matter how hard science tries to tell us it needs to test on animals, they need to agree that it makes no difference as we are so very different from each other.

I applaud science for finding cures to illnesses; without great scientists many people would have died, but people are still dying from the same drugs they claim can cure. Yes that drug may have cured a lung cancer in a rat, dog or monkey, but will it do the same in a human? They won't know until someone agrees to trial it, and therein lies the answer. They can create whatever they want in a lab so make human tissue, then you get a true indication of how a human will react to certain chemicals (even then you'll never get an exact reading as I may react to a chemical that you will be fine with) rather than testing on the animals. They don't share our DNA, Genetics and Make up and we are now in the 21st century. Time to start acting like we are, rather than continuing with dark age practices.
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1st2thebar 04.05.2012 14:31

Stem cell research is still in it's infancy and due to huge cuts in financial backing (mainly in the US) the research has taken a backward step. I recommend you read 'Great Apes' - by Will Self - the analogy you have regarding 'Homo Sapiens' and our nearest ancestors the 'Great Apes' will change; as our genetics are remarkably similar. Around two percent is the chemical DNA structural difference. Having had relatives who've researched and studied for decades to aid science as a whole takes away the emotive aspects out of my stance. No one likes the idea such experiments to happen, but the reality is there's no other option. Plus the benefits have been astonishing in the last twenty years; thanks to these kinds of scientific developments. On a last note, a friend of mine is offering her body for scientific research after she dies. If more people (animal activists) chose to do this and gave their consent. Testing on animals wouldn't be necessary. At present scientists can only use what's available - usually on a diminishing shoe-string and deliver results on tighter deadlines.

savvyshopper6476 03.05.2012 22:37

It's a subject that will always divide opinion. Personally, I don't agree with vivisection but i respect the views of others that are pro animal testing. It seems a shame that others can't except this is just a review about personal opinion and not one intended to sway the reader either way with facts and statistics. x

MissBookay 03.05.2012 15:49

Whilst I value your opinion Danielse I do believe you maybe could have tried to word things a bit friendlier. I've not dissed you in any way shape or form so is there any need for the arrogance in your comment? Is there any need to rude? Ok so you don't agree with what I have said and I have no problem with that at all but I think before you call someone silly for HAVING AN OPINION and then calling them Ignorant, you should maybe learn something about that person.. better still learn some RESPECT in how you speak to people. it is MY OPINION regardless of how silly you find it and there is absolutely no need for your dire manners.

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