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Ahhh smoking.....for some people it's a choice (yeah right) and for others it's an addiction...

It's fairly easy to say what I think on this one, but the intricacies make it so much more difficult when you factor human rights into the equation.

Firstly, my person opinion is yes, ban smoking in public places, it smells, it's downright rude, it's not nice seeing fag butts littering the streets and it's plain not fair.

You may think I'm being a bit of a hypocrite, seeing as I've just become a non smoker (week and a half without a cigarette -yay!) but even whe I did smoke, I didn't really feel comfortable doing it in public, as I was always aware that there were non smokers around, and not only that, but children, who really should have the right to clean fresh air.

Smokers however do have an inalienable right (unfortunately) to smoke in public, and I find this hypocritical also, I mean, drinking alcohol, though socially acceptable, is banned on our streets, so why not smoking? I'm not entirely sure of the facts, but I believe no one ever died of passive drinking did they?

I'm not going to get all evangelical about it (like most newly stopped ex smokers) because I believe in a persons right to choose, but choose to do it in your own home, or in designated areas, because non smokers on the street don't seem to have the choice do they? Did anybody ask them if they minded breathing in those toxic, cancer causing, smelly, antisocial fumes? No, I didn't think so.

I live in Manchester, where a ban on smoking in public is being seriously considered, now a couple of weeks ago, I'd have been up in arms...'What a cheek!' I'd have thought, but now I don't think it's such a bad idea.

I don't want to take the right to smoke away from those who wish to continue, but why should they take the right to fresh air away from those who *don't*? You may argue that with all the exhaust fumes in the air, what's the point, but I don't ever remember seeing anyone with their lips wrapped round an exhaust pipe, did you?

There should be designated areas for people who choose to smoke, away from the rest of the population, because smoking *is* an addiction, and not one that just goes away unfortunately, (mind you, if *I* can stop smoking....)

I fully agree with a blanket ban in public restaurants and pubs however, even when I smoked, the thought of cigarettes in a restaurant horrified me, and I would never dream of lighting up in a place where people eat.

So, I hope I didn't sound like ranting there, but separate the two factions and you've got the best solution we could have (until *all* people become non smokers that is)

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dvdsprks2 27.06.2007 19:52

Well written and very unbiased point of view from an ex smoker, the only way passive drinking kills is if the idiot drinking to much gets behind the wheel of a car. I like your personal stance on smoking in restaurants. I've had two or three meals ruined by people who light up before, during and after dinner. I've never smoked so don't see the attraction, but each to his own. The reason non smokers have been looking with disdain at smokers recently is the upcoming ban and the fact that they have finally got fed up smelling like an old ashtray after a night out. well done. David

dbirse 04.04.2007 13:45

Very good.

tattiepatchcorner 17.12.2006 14:58

Smoking outside is much less of a health risk to humans and our environment than traffic fumes, and thats without people putting their mouths around the exhaust pipes. if you were to tell me to stop smoking in a pub, fair enough, i'd finish it outside. If you followed me outside and told me to stop i'd tell you to sod off.

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