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I've used eyelash curlers for years - mostly the traditional metal ones from the High Street chemists. Although the look and shape is the same as it's always been, they don't seem to me to work as well as they did years ago. Of course, now they don't have the same tendency to pull your eyelashes out and you can even risk using them after mascara but for all that they're probably kinder to the eyelashes, a bit more oomph and staying power would be good.

After realising that my last pair weren't doing their job any longer, I decided to invest in a more expensive curl. Heated curlers were out as I'd tried two different types in the past and found them to be worse than useless. I'd read about Shu Uemura in magazines and thought I'd give them a go as they're supposed to be the best there is and they even make them in gold!

Shu Uemura isn't a brand I can find in my local town so I decided to try online. To my surprise I found them hard to source even on the internet but eventually bought them from Ebay. A Hong Kong seller shipped them within a week and the cost was £9.95, including post and packing. A bit more expensive than the couple of pounds I usually pay but hopefully they would be worth it and still less than the £17 pounds or so that I believe they cost in the shops. Plain metal would do me though - gold was going a bit too far.

These curlers are made in Japan and apparently Asian women tend to have very straight, difficult to curl eyelashes. My eyelashes are fair and don't curl without a bit of help, although I wouldn't class them as difficult as in the Asian description but if they can handle difficult cases, then I felt they would do a good job for me.

Whilst I was waiting for them to arrive, I discovered a spare silicone pad for my old ones at the bottom of my makeup bag. Usually I have to buy a complete new pair as I've lost the spare pad, so this was good news. What a difference this made - a curl that was good and lasted longer than 5 minutes. I'd forgotten how much better they were when they were new. Why was I bothering spending more money? I honestly began to think that the Shu Uemura couldn't do much better than the result I was getting and even if I had to replace the cheap ones more regularly, the cost would probably still be less than this superduper pair I was awaiting. Oh well, too late now….

***My experience***

The curlers arrived in a white box and look very similar to the ordinary garden variety. Steel legs with finger holes like a pair of scissors but they have more of a slant to them and the silicone pad is black instead of white. The black pad looks much sturdier and after 5 months of using them, it hasn't fallen out once, unlike my cheap pair.

As they arrived when I was at work, I tried them first in the evening after removing my makeup. Now I have never been able to get a good curl without applying mascara straight after - it just doesn't work for me and even if they curl slightly it drops 5 minutes later. After reading the instructions - don't use if your eye is injured or infected, always use a mirror (!) squeeze gently etc. I tried them out, placing the curler at the base of the lashline and squeezing for 5 or 6 seconds each eye. They seem to be able to get all the lashes in one go so that you're not left with uncurled lashes at the sides. Was I impressed? Yep, I got a great result without mascara, better than I've ever had but what really impressed me was that 3 hours later, when I went to brush my teeth, I had to do a double-take in the mirror - I still had a perfect curl!

Before buying these I had read on a makeup website that you should curl your lashes first from the base, then the middle, followed by the tips for a great curl. Well, I've been using them for donkey's years but had never heard this before. So, the following morning, I tried it out and found it works really well, maybe too well actually. My eyelashes were practically touching my brow and it looked as if I had false eyelashes on! Now I have a friend whose natural eyelashes can do this with a bit of help but mine? Never. I can honestly say I have never ever seen my eyelashes looking like this, no matter what mascara I tried and I wouldn't have believed it possible for me. However, my normal morning routine is just one squeeze on each eye for about 5 - 10 seconds to give a great natural curl without being too OTT. I have to say, even this short time gives a better look than any curlers I have ever tried and they still look fully curled at the end of a long day. Try using them slightly slanted to the far corner of the eye - it works best this way for me. The falsies effect, I now keep for when I'm going out and I actually prefer doing the base, middle and base again rather than the tips as when I do the tips, it seems to spoil the shape. I haven't found that my eyelashes are pulled out, nor have I experienced that horrible crimped look that some curlers can give you. Great curled lashes that last all day - what more can you ask for?

***How long do they last?***

The box says with daily use, one silicone pad will last for 3 months and you get a spare pad in the box. I've been using them for 5 months and see no need yet to change the pad - they seem to be working just as well now as when new.


The only drawback I can see is that you can't buy spare silicone pads - you have to buy a new pair of curlers. However, even if I change to my spare soon, that would only work out at a pair a year and I'm hoping to get a lot longer than that. To me they are worth they're weight in gold - well maybe not literally as I don't intend to buy the 24 carat version!

***Are they for everyone?***

If you're naturally endowed with lovely long curly lashes then these are obviously not necessary but if, like me, you need a bit of help then try these. I can't stop raving about them and promise you won't be disappointed!

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lillamarta 02.09.2008 00:55

Looks just like gold ;-). Not a brand I've heard of, glad they wok for you.

bistro 14.04.2008 11:38

I got put off using eyelash curlers when a 'friend' at school offered to do mine for me, she caught my eyelid instead of the lashes and squeezed so hard I yelped. I might just give them another try after reading this. M.xx

genesy 05.12.2007 01:18

Very good review, strange that sometimes we have to buy abroad to get a good product, I bought my yeylash curler in Italy more than fifteen years ago and I am still using them. They are as good as new!

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