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published 13/06/2004 | Fruity_Tart
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Pro Low noise, gets the very last bit of juice out of the fruit, looks brilliant sitting in my kitchen, easy to both use and clean
Cons The automatic cord storage isn't fully automatic, the price could be off-putting
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"My spunky juicer"

Get a glass of this down ya!

Get a glass of this down ya!

I've always wanted to own a Siemens product quite simply for the titter inducing name of the brand, I actually wanted a Smeg fridge for the same reason but it was a new juicer I was in need of and I spotted a gorgeous looking little gadget from none other than Siemens. Of course I had to buy it.

I brought my juicer from one of the many Ex-Catalogue shops in Birmingham and it cost me £45 which was a pretty hefty saving on the rrp of the product which is around the £62 mark. To be honest, even 45 quid is more than I'd have usually been prepared to pay for a juicer which will only extract from citrus fruits as you can get a decent citrus press for around £20 but it was the knock out design of this one that swung the purchase decision for me.

The juicer stands around 25cm high and as it's cylindrical in shape it means I can store it away with the minimum of fuss on any shelf that has a space. My old juicer (a Kenwood) was so bulky that I had to create a space for it in one of the kitchen cupboards because it just wouldn't fit on a shelf and still allow me to store other items on the same space. It was huge.

As you can see from the picture, the majority of this juicer is brushed aluminium and this goes wonderfully with the chrome scheme I'm building up in the kitchen. The trim along the top of the juicer and the pouring spout is a dark blue with a paler blue removable plastic lid for keeping the juicing section clean and dust free when the machine isn't in use. Very stylish looking and when you consider this is part of Siemens 'Porsche' range you can understand why it's so classy looking for what is essentially quite a mundane item.

So, it looks good but how well does it perform? Remarkably well actually. I like a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning and considering my morning starts at around 6am, the first thing I noticed about the juicer is how quiet it is. I can run the juicer at this ungodly hour without worrying about it waking the kids before they're due to get up, the Kenwood juicer was so loud that my neighbour could hear it in his kitchen when I was getting my breakfast juice.

When you place your cut orange on the juicing cone the juicer automatically comes to life and spins around inside your orange extracting every last little bit of juice, take the orange off and it stops. The spiral juicing cone makes the process of juicing an average sized orange very quick, I've become a dab hand at squeezing oranges in this machine and can do both halves of an orange in around 30 seconds. When you take the orange off you can see how dry the inside is and how much juice has been taken from the fruit. The pulp is retained in a mesh area at the bottom of the cone and, after removing your orange, if you give the juicer an extra spin via a button on the side it'll get all the last tiny bits of juice out of the pulp - you'll be surprised how much extra juice this simple action will give you. Some of the pulp does get through into the juice but that's fine with me because I like 'bits' in my orange juice, if you don't like the bits just drain the juice through a sieve and that will give you a nice smooth drink.

This juicer has two speed settings, the fast one is very fast and even the slow one is quite quick! Personally I can't see why you need two speed settings because when I want fresh juice I want it as quick as possible so always opt for the fast setting. I think a pulse function would be much more useful for juicing smaller fruits such as limes which are pretty hard to keep hold of when the cone is whipping around inside them.

You can pour your juice directly from the main compartment of the juicer by way of a small spout which is dribble free (it's not often you hear the word semen and dribble free used together, is it girls?) and can be pushed upwards and clicked into place to avoid the juice dribbling down the spout when you're not pouring. Because of the fairly low height of the juicer, if you want to decant your juice into a bottle or jug to go in the fridge you have to pull the juicer towards the front of the worktop so you can hang the bottle you're pouring into over the side otherwise it won't fit underneath the spout! The automatic cord storage is a bit flimsy for what is otherwise a fantastic machine, you lift up a little flap at the back of the juicer and give the cord a little pull and it'll take itself inside the juicer leaving just the plug sticking out. In theory. In practice this doesn't always happen, most of the time the cord will take itself halfway in and then you have to press the rest through the small hole with your fingers - so fiddly I usually end up just winding the cord around the base of the juicer itself. All removable parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe, obviously don't stick the aluminium bit in because the motor is inside and it'll never work again if you do! I see little point in washing this in the dishwasher (even if I had one!) because the various parts are so easy to clean in the sink with hot water, a rinse under the tap is sufficient to remove the pulp from both the cone and the straining mesh while all that's needed to get rid of the sticky juice is a quick scrub in hot soapy water.

This isn't the cheapest citrus juicer on the market, you can pick a basic model up for less than a tenner in some shops, but with this one you're definitely getting what you pay for. Because the machine is so easy to use you can have fresh juice whenever you fancy it, it works out fairly economical too because it literally bleeds every drop of juice from the orange. I've successfully juiced oranges of various type and size, grapefruit, lemons and limes and I always get the maximum juice extraction leaving me with a mesh full of pulp and an empty shell of fruit skin. Compared to my Kenwood citrus juicer this is a dream to use with no setting up, just remove the plastic lid and you're ready to go. If you decide to purchase this model you'll get a comprehensive instruction manual with a handy trouble shooting section so you can't really go wrong, can you?

You can buy this juicer from good kitchenware shops for around £62 and the cheapest price I've found online is at where you can pick one up for £60.70. Worth every penny.

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  • JeeanA published 30/07/2004
    Sounds good! Yes, I like titter-worthy names too. I bought some (and yes, this is what they're really called) PANTY FANNY tights in Bruges last year for the same reason! I've got a juicer bowl that I've had for the past few years. It was from the Betterwear book, but when/if I get round to upgrading I might look at getting one of these as we have a Littlewoods shop in Sheffield.
  • starsally published 25/06/2004
    I've got a Kenwood smoothie maker which is possibly the noisiest thing I ever had! Fab review. I liked the detail without it being lengthy. I totally get how it works and everything! But to be fair... if it doesn't do carrot juice then I don't want to know.
  • SophieWehr published 25/06/2004
    I wish I had the patience to make more juice... the juicer looks fab, and I like the no dribbling joke! One day when I have my dream kitchen I'll get me one of these here thangs... Soph
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Product Information : Siemens MC 91100

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Citrus Press - 100

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