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Simon's Story - Sarah Davies

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In this mystical approach to the story and teachings of Jesus told from Simon-Peter's viewpoint, Sarah Davies surmises that the awe-inspiring happenings we know as miracles can be explained in terms of aspects of kundalini energy and that this understanding formed a part of the private teachings given to the early followers. Their questioning and frequent inability to grasp these teachings together with inevitable interpersonal conflicts add a challenging human dimension. New light is shed on the crucifixion, the story of which is a central theme in Part Two of the book, "According to Judas". Sarah Davies suggests that the profound, spirited and emotional truths taught by Jesus are as relevant today as they were then. If you have ever questioned the New Testament version and wondered what was missing, then this is the book for you.

Product details

EAN 9780956144409
Type Fiction
Genre Classics
Title Simon's Story
Author Sarah Davies
Edition Paperback
Publisher Insight into Action (IIA)
ISBN 0956144403


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