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published 22/08/2016 | Chippytarka
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I've been so busy recently I didn't fully understand the changes that were going on with this site. I've thoroughly enjoyed it on here and the place has helpedcme so much with my writing skills. Time to say goodbye.......
Pro Good size, cleans face well, gentle on the skin and doesn't strip the skin
Cons Might need to double cleanse if face is very dirty
Length of Use
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"A Face Cleansing Revelation!"

I do love a freebie! I love the idea of trying things out for free before I buy them as it potentially could save me money as it may not be something I would like so could waste my well hard cash, or the flip side is it introduces me to a little gem that I NEED to buy and may never have known it! I got this through as a sample/freebie direct from Simple the company. Not a full sized pack but contains 7 wipes. A pack of 25 is available in various places and prices vary to, but I have recently seen these for under £1.60 in Superdrug.

Why did I get these?

Putting the fact they were free to one side, although this was a massive reason why I DID order these, I was curious to see what they would be like. I wouldn't have bought them to try out if I'm honest as the idea of using wipes to cleanse my face has never appealed to me. But knowing I could try them out without any cost to myself was a no brainer. If they were as rubbish as I thought they would be, then I lost nothing but a few minutes of my time. If they were brilliant or at least good, then I would have learnt something new. So why not try them out?

What are they?

Wipes that are designed to be used on the facial area, that provides a gentle cleanse, removes dirt, impurities and make up, leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth. Designed not to dry the skin out thanks to them containing purified waters and multi vitamins.


Although this pack of wipes isn't the full amount you would get in the standard size, from what I can see the only difference is the amount of wipes and that's it! Packaging seems to be the same in appearance and overall size.

Wipes are housed in a reasonably thin and flat plastic packet. Mostly pale green in colour with the addition of white on it but mainly on the label on the front. The label on the front clearly has the Simple logo on it and the product name. A mention of what it can remove is there, number of wipes, and the fact these don't contain artificial perfume or colour and contains multi vitamins. Where the label is positioned is where you actually get the wipes from when you look closely. You need to pull part of the label off to expose the opening to pull them out, and place it back into the original position to close it.

On the back is a very clear and brief explanation of how to use these, how to keep them in good condition in the packaging and how to dispose of them. What they do and what they don't contain is also included. Lastly, ingredients list is mentioned, company contact details and once opened shelf life is 6 months.


Aqua, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Benzoic Acid, Ceteareth-12, Cetearyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Panthenol, Pantolactone, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl.

How to use?

Gently wipe over the face, including eyelids, lips and neck. Any areas where dirt, residue or make up seems to not be coming off, just hold the wipe over the area for a few seconds then wipe away.

What did I think?

I've already mentioned that facial wipes have never been my thing. There seems to be so many variations in regards to brands these days they pretty much are a part of the norm when it comes to everyday face cleansing. To me the idea of wipes is either something you wipe a baby's dirty bum with ( even these I've never used, stick to plain water and cotton wool ) or clean various things like kitchen surfaces, toilets etc....but not faces! So you can imagine having this inbuilt in my brain made this poor product have to work very very hard.

Packaging wise, now that I own this and it's in my hands, I actually think I quite like it! Colouring isn't what I would call vibrant and eye catching, but what it does is remind me of something. Quite a few years ago I was on a course where the tutor was talking about subliminal messages and marketing of various brands. He used the example of McDonald's. Originally red and yellow in regards to their logos and stores, then they swapped it to green and yellow. Why? To make the brand more wholesome, natural, healthier and somehow more environmentally friendly. Thinking about it it does make sense. Its just a shame I personally never noticed until it was pointed out to me! So the colours on this gives me the impression that this product is kind, gentle, good for my skin and natural...and thats purely on colouring alone! The structure of the packaging is nice, strong and compact. Good idea that it's made of plastic so keeps the contents safe if in the bathroom. Easy to get into or seal when not in use so won't spoil any wipes. Packaging also creates a product that can be shared hygienically between more than one person. As long as the required number of wipes is taken out and not man handled and put back in, it means one person can use it, then another, then another. Great if there are a few people in the household that like and use these at the same time.

The wipe itself is a decent size and they haven't scrimped on that. This wipe covers the whole of my hand, and I have medium sized hands. It means this wipe was easy to use and hold, and covers a larger surface area. The quality of the wipes I was very surprised with. Decent thickness, good strength to it and not the flimsy type of wipe I expected. I pulled and stretched this like no one's business and although the shape of this did change it didn't rip. Very soft and gentle on the skin.

The moistness of these wipes was just right. I wasn't too sure whether these would be too wet or too dry but they got the balance perfectly. As I wiped my face with this it didn't feel soaked and it felt as if it just had enough to it to dampen the skin and remove what was needed off the skin. My skin felt as if it had been lightly swept, and when taken away, a very thin layer of moisture could be felt which was nice.

I didn't know how good these were in regards to removing dirt. I purposely used this for the first time after I had done a work out so would naturally be very hot, sweaty and face probably quite dirty. On top of that I did this at night time which tends to be the time when your face has picked up all manners of pollutants throughout the day. So using this as recommended and after wiping my face and looking into the cleansing wipe, you could see the once whiteness of it had turned a yucky nasty brown colour. Not an attractive moment but very satisfying to see something that was on your face not being on it anymore.

Once face and neck area had been cleansed while using these, I was interested to see how my skin would feel after. It didn't feel dry or irritated, it felt quite normal but clean at the same time. I wasn't yearning to throw on a moisturiser but did feel it needed it. Not because as mentioned it felt dry because it didn't, but because my face now had been cleaned and just needed something on it to plump it up and to hydrate. Look wise my face looked clean as well, no shine visible, totally matt.

Fragrance of these wipes I would say was minimal and neutral. There was no specific scent to it although there was something there but almost non existent. So not offensive or particular. This would be great for those who dont like their facial products to be scented.


When I used this for the first time I was amazed how dirty the wipe became after using it on my face. But what I did do was fold it over onto itself and wiped my face for the second time, only to find more dirt coming off. I don't know whether this was because my face was super super dirty at the time, but I do know when I used the wipe first time around I was extremely thorough and made sure there was a touch of pressure to my hands to make sure I wasn't being too light with it. So in this instance it didn't take away all dirt first time, but might have done if it was my morning cleansing routine or if I wasn't so dirty.

Who would these be perfect for?

Teens or people with no real skin concerns. These are easy to use and cheap and will clean your face. And with people who don't need to cleanse using specific items or ingredients ( most teens are well known for being able to get away with a poor skincare routine and still have beautiful skin ), this might work for them.

On holiday? Going to the gym? Wipes needed on the go? Dare I use the word festivals? These would be perfect. They won't take up too much room in a bag and weigh very little, and more importantly unlike a liquid version, there will be no chance of spillages or evil messes. So if you need a convenient and reasonably quick cleanse then these would be great. Even if it's not for a full on cleanse but more to feel and look more refreshed, or maybe remove make up for whatever reason, these would make a great addition to someone's essentials.

As I've already said within this review, I had to use one wipe twice over my face. There are some skin care ranges and some areas of the world were cleansing more than once in one way or amother is quite normal and part of someone's routine. If someone really wanted to be thorough, and liked the idea of using these wipes but also liked a more traditional method such as a facial wash I can see no issue using the two. Which way I would do it I would have to experiment. I think wipe first would be good to remove things such as make up or grime that's on the surface of the skin and a little deeper. A facial wash or something similar I think would pick up any residue. To see if this really works I would fold the wipe over itself so the side facing you is clean and sweep over the skin. If dirt is still there then the regime isn't quite doing the job. If it's pretty much clean then you're into a winner!

Who would these not be good for?

How effective these would be to take off waterproof make up I have zero idea. It does say on the packaging it can take off waterproof mascara but I know some make up ranges out there are really meant to last so unsure about this one.

The guys. Well, I think most men would probably like the idea of wipes anyway as a good idea as it requires very little time to use them, very simple to use and has no real fragrance to it so completely unisex. Even packaging doesn't scream out a gender...BUT how these would perform on men with facial hair brings up a question mark as I don't know how it would work with all that going on. Plus after a guy has shaved, even with peachy bum like skin, would this be moisturising enough?

Older, fragile or wrinkled skin. Not saying these wouldn't work for these skin types but I can see if someone isn't careful they could use

Would I buy these?

I'm not too sure. Not because these are a bad product because they aren't, but now I'm much more open to the idea of facial wipes for cleansing I would be very interested to try other brands out. What I would say is I'm very happy to use these again though. It's actually a very good and practical idea to clean the face, good size and quality of wipe and cleaned my face well...but not perfectly....but well.

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