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Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland

1 CD(s) - Contemporary R&B - Label: Columbia - Distributor: F-Minor, Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 03/02/2003 - 5099750960424

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Review of "Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland"

published 04/02/2010 | XICripZ
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"Kelly's Gonna Make U Wanna Stay"

The second solo album from the core three Destiny's Child members, "Simply Deep" came as Kelly Rowland's debut album. Coming a few months after Michelle Williams' first break out alone, this one was a much bigger success when you take into account the hits which were included here and just how well the R&B singer was able to establish herself as capable of working without any assistance from her band mates.

1. "Stole"

A great way to start, this was the singer's first solo, solo track as she comes to sing alone and brings forward and emotive piece that is bound to get you from the moment she takes you into the story and you are made to engage with the characters and the story they have behind them. I personally found that the song grew over time and didn't immediately hit me as one that I liked too much, but after a few listens it really does stand out on the record.

**Four Stars**

2. "Dilemma"

Her first single without any Destiny's Child backing, this was a smash-hit of the year. It finds her performing a duet with Nelly (which is why this is also found on the St. Louis rapper's "Nellyville" album too) and coming with a little something to show how easily she can dominate the game with such a seemingly soft and mellow tune that is far too passive for you to expect it to actually make much of an impact upon the game. However this is just what happened, and it made for a big one.

**Four Stars**

3. "Haven't Told You"

Here she comes with a soft tune and one that has her working off some gentle acoustics to show that she’s getting into a whole other scene with this album and wishes to show just how much of Kelly there is to offer when she gets to do thing alone and isn’t restricted by the group’s plans. I have to say that it really wasn’t my thing at all and so I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but I thought it suited the feel of the album.

**Two Stars**

4. "Can't Nobody"

Her first solo club tune, I felt that although this one received quite a lot of attention at the time and was what people wanted to hear, it really wasn't for me and it didn't quite do enough for me to really take that much notice, We see that in it she shows how more Pop is being brought into here work, alongside the R&B which had been there from the start, and it seemed to pull things down a little for me, and so it wasn't quite happening for me, but I can see why others liked it.

**Two Stars**

5. "Love/Hate"

With the writing of the thing contributed to by Brandy (amongst others) we see that here we get a massive tune here as we see that she gets into more of the sort of contemporary material that made the most noise during this time. It is a freaky R&B jam and shows how her style is slightly different to what you get from her when she’s a part of her trio and she comes with stuff which is just as impressive as their group work.

**Five Stars**

6. "Simply Deep"

On this one you get a feature from a young Solange Knowles (sister to Beyoncé) and with this duet we get a chance to see just what potential Solange has as she plays out the sort of role that Beyoncé did as part of Destiny’s Child as she seems to be trying to compete with Kelly vocally. I felt that this thing came together well, but it took me some time to connect with it in the way it ultimately would.

**Four Stars**

7. "Strange Places"

This is a nice one from here and one that I felt did a lot to show that she’s able to do things that many aren’t as she manages to pull me in with the same sort of material that forced me to take notice of her work when she brought “Stole”. It is an emotive one and another thought-provoking one done with a low tempo that anyone can get down to.

**Four Stars**

8. "Obsession"

Here we have a rather classy number and one that is bound to get you two-stepping away as she hits the listeners with a groover that shows how she has set her work away from the often in-your-face approach by Destiny’s Child when it comes to tracks that you expect to here in clubs, as she does one that is directed to much more soft music that won’t force some to despise it from the point when it starts up.

**Four Stars**

9. "Heaven"

On this one we see that she hits us with a seductive tune and one that takes you right into the sort of place everyone wants to be in as they fall in love. We see that she comes with a mellow one and one that forces you to feel as though you are just floating with the thing and you really aren’t able to get your feet on the ground when you connect with it and are able to match it to a current experience you may be going through.

**Five Stars**

10. "Past 12"

Here she hits us with a straight-forward club tune and one that was right on-trend for early 00’s material the jam is a powerful one and a jam that I really couldn’t take myself out of as once it started, you see how she comes with something funky and takes you into her own way of approaching a song of such a type. The thing goes hard and stands as one of the best that I found on the record.

**Five Stars**

11. "Everytime You Walk Out That Door"

She calms the thing down for this and comes out with a track that has her showing a completely different side to her (when compared to where we have been on the last couple of tunes). With this one she sings about how she feels after having parted with her lover and how she finds it unbearable to be without him. I felt that it was a strong one and a great inclusion to the album as she opens-up to listeners.

**Four Stars**

12. "Train On A Track"

Another of the album’s singles, I have to say that this one did the least of all to me when compared to the others. Here she goes for a Pop song and seems to escape the R&B side of things for something that I really had no care for whatsoever. I can’t see why it would be chosen to represent the album and I thought it was one of the weakest offerings that we see on the record and so it pulls it down after he had been doing so well.

**One Star**

13. "Beyond Imagination"

Unfortunately it sounds as though she isn’t really able to pick things up after the last one and keeps thing on a low. I felt that it was a real shame as the thing had been going so well and saw so few weak points and then she comes to leave us on some tunes that I really felt nothing for whatsoever and it put me off at one of the most crucial points at the album (when she leaves her lasting impression on you).

**Two Stars**

I felt that overall, this was a strong album from Kelly and one that showed that she’s good when working alone. She comes with a nice mix of tunes with lots of different approaches brought to the thing. Unfortunately this meant that on some ends, there would be things which would put off people who preferred things at the other end of the spectrum and so it became a little too cluttered.

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  • ScotShelle published 05/02/2010
    Not too keen on Kelly Rowland but a Top Review! Shelle x
  • hillhead published 04/02/2010
    As great a review over here also.
  • JOE.B published 04/02/2010
    I find her a little annoying, but a top review - E :)
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