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Singles, The - Basement Jaxx

1 CD(s) - UK House - Label: XL - Distributor: PIAS UK/Sony DADC - Released: 21/03/2005 - 634904018726

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Review of "Singles, The - Basement Jaxx"

published 31/03/2005 | simoon69
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"Oh My Gosh... They had that many hits?"

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx

Its hard to believe the Basement Jaxx have this collection out. One, I didn’t think they had enough singles. Two, it seems too soon. But here it is and boy is it brilliant. The dance duo who came out of nowhere (well Brixton actually) and took us by storm. You NEED this album… here’s why, track by track.

Opener and first real hit ‘Red Alert’ lets you know exactly what your in for throughout the rest of the album. Upbeat dance/pop (yes it is a bit poppy!) with wicked synths and special audio effects. Even though this song reminds me of an ex I would rather forget I still love this song and cannot believe that it is a whole 6 years old cos it still sounds really fresh. This song shows Basement Jaxx have always been ahead of their game. This is an undate-able classic stormer of a song!

The next song ‘Good Luck’ is my ultimate favourite Basement Jaxx single. This song is the best ever break up song. Don’t get sad and crack on some Celine (‘All By Myself’) get drunk and dance round the house screaming “good luck, good luck, good luck in your new bed, enjoy your nightmares honey, while your resting your head”. This song is angry bitter and brilliant. Superb vocals provided by Lisa Kekaula with growling backing beats to match.

Kele Le Roc provides her R&B diva vocals on summer smash ‘Romeo’. This song has dance written all over it, its all it makes you wanna do. I remember this coming out and hating it think it was repetative tripe. It is indeed repetative but amazingly not annoyingly! I don’t like the video to this I wanted Kele being a diva instead of the Bollywood (bandwagon) video. The song is superb though!

Latest single ‘Oh My Gosh’ is just genius. The vocals aren’t amazing but I think that’s whats so good about it. This is slightly more up to date and electric (Girls Aloud would wet themselves if they had this) without trying to be with it. The lyrics are brilliant “forget the sugar, have a spoonful of me” and the video is THE funniest video I have seen in ages. If you have missed its its in an old peoples home and is just class!

‘Bingo Bango’ is full latino/brazilian flavour which was huge back in 2000. I’m not accusing them of jumping the bandwagon by the way, this shows how adaptable they are. I like the piano bits. This is very dance compared to the last four songs, theres no real vocals over the tune. That’s no bad thing as it’s a brill summer song.

I remember the video to ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ and thinking ‘what the ****?’ lol! Evil mutant monkeys with Basement Jaxx heads – genuisly derranged! This isnt my favourite song I like it and it was a change of style for them as was more housey for a single. The vocals and sound is a lot rawer and more harsh on the ear and it works. Basement Jaxx won’t be pidgeon holed.

When ‘Rendez-Vu’ came out I thought it was Chemical Brothers. I have to say this and next track ‘Jump & Shout’ arent my favourites. The first is very very vocoder heavy with dark beats and then high vocals and high beats but it’s a little repetitive for me. ‘Jump & Shout’ is funky and very kinda carribean dance kinda thing lol! The word I am looking for is… reggae, infused with dance. I do like this one quite a lot actually!

I love and hate ‘Lucky Star’. I love the beats all the Egyptian and arabic sounds with the effects and dirty deep bass. I just don’t like Dizee Rascal. The best bits are the chorus and the ooooh’s and aaaah’s, which don’t feature him at all. But this is still a banging tune and even Dizee cant stop me loving this tune, its stupidly catchy! The funky weird vocal notes about 2.45mins in are fab, it then gets very very very funky.

‘Plug It In’ is a superb song. I really loved this last year, yet again another superb video too. With JC Chasez they could only do something with quite a pop/rnb edge. However there is a rocky riff thrown in there for good measure. I wont pretend to know what they are singing about, or care… I just luuuuuurve this tune. He is the poor mans Justin Timberlake though isnt he and sounds just the same – good choice Jaxx lol!

Unreleased ‘U Don’t Know Me’ takes the rocky edge from the last song but takes it further. It reminds me of the latest Mousse T singles and they were fabulous too. I have a feeling this will be the next single. I do really really like this song. The rock electro works really well and shows another diverse change in sound for the Basement Jaxx. With this and Oh My Gosh being there newest stuff there next albums gonna be amazing!

Basement Jaxx go camp – ish on ‘Do Your Thang’. This has a real kinda 40’s feel to it if you get my jist all jazz and blues beats but not loungey – funked up! This is very kitsch and will appeal to everyone! I didn’t even know this had ever come out or I would have bought it at the time. I’ve just been told it only came out on vinyl so that’s why! It sounds very current considering its two years old but then so does ‘Red Alert’ and that’s 6 years old!

I used to sooooo hate ‘Jus 1 Kiss’ but now I think its sheer brilliance. Its quite bubbly dance if that makes sense. Its very very simple! You can imagine them getting a proper pop diva singing this – instead they went for some bloke. Its probably the poppiest track on the album.

‘Fly Life’ was the very first single Basement Jaxx released. Its not dated too much there is a real nineties feel to it. Its clever mixing reggae, rap and house and shows why they stood out at the time. I don’t love this song its by no means poor and as this is ‘The Singles’ I can see why its included.

Final song comes in the form of ‘Samba Magic’ which you guessed it… is dance music with Samba stamped all over it lol! This cold be Bingo Bango’s sibling only is a tinge more pop. This is pure music no vocals and is a bit of a see what we can do (show offs lol) ending to the whole album. I like this you could dance the night away through the summer to this.

‘The Singles’ is a really essential collection of tunes to have on your CD player or iPod or whatever. I didn’t realise how many hits they had had and how much I liked all the stuff they released. My one issue with it is that genuis single ‘Get Me Off’ wasn’t included as its superb. If you like this don’t be put off buying there albums as there are some major jems on them. ‘Cish Cash’ and ‘U Can’t Stop Me’ are two amazing songs that they have done there are many more. Plus what about the stunningly amazingly brilliant Basement Jaxx remix of '4 My People', that was a tune! Go on buy the back catalogue!

Thanks for reading!

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  • tom_very1st published 07/07/2005
    Nice review. Really great album, love almost all of the tunes on there but i think that the first few tracks are better than the last few. Love red alert and good luck - tom
  • l-m-n-o-p published 30/06/2005
    This was an amazing review of a brilliant album, well done!
  • e.j.kingham published 24/06/2005
    Great review... nice and concise. Loving Oh My Gosh at the moment but previously I've had love affiars with Where yer head at, do your thing and SFM which I can't believe isn't there it's my fav.
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