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published 06/04/2008 | goonies
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Cons Acid in eye, nurse tried to complete treatment before tending to my eye.
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"Go at your own risk! Acid dripped into eye"

Go at your own risk! Acid dripped into my eye and nurse continued with treatment before tending to my eye!!

I went to the East Finchley sk:n clinic expecting great results as I suffer from acne scarring. Before attending my appointment, I was sent an information pack about the clinic and procedures that they do. The information was well presented and it made me feel that it was worth paying more to get treatments through the clinic as there are only doctors or nurses who undertook the treatments.

The first consultation went well and the nurse advised that I should do a course of glycolic acid peels in order to see results. Be aware that they do try to sell products to you, so make sure you know what you need and what you don't want. I went on to make another appointment for the following week to get the peel. What surprised me was that no patch test was ever done to test for sensitivity or adverse reaction to the peels. I have been offered peels by beauty salons before, and they have always done a patch test on my hand to ensure no adverse effects.

When I attended my appointment for the peel, I was quite surprised to enter the treatment room and there was a needle just lying on the desk. The nurse saw it and said something like this shouldn't be here and put it back into a drawer. I was a little apprehensive when I saw that as it felt like I was in a backyard operation. Any clinics with proper procedures would not have an opened needle just lying on the desk.

I asked the nurse if she should be doing a patch test before proceeding in which the reply was "No" as she would only be using a 10% peel (in which she changed her mind later and decided on 20%). As they are going to put acid on my face, I would have thought that it was proper procedure to do a patch test before proceeding. As I have done patch tests before in beauty salons, I wasn't too concerned as I knew I have not had any adverse effects. However, I need to point out that in the information booklet that the clinic sends you, it does state that a patch test should be performed.

Anyway, as my initial consultation went quite smoothly, I was quite excited at the prospect of doing my peels. After filling out a bunch of forms, the nurse told me that she had decided to give me 20% glycolic peel for 1 minute, which I was satisfied with. At no time, did she talk me through the process or tell me what I should expect to feel.

I was then told to lie onto the treatment bed and was surprised that I did not have to take off my top. I guess I was concerned that the acid would get onto my top and ruin it. Anyway, here comes the scary bit! She cleansed my face with facial cotton wool and then just said to me "Are you ready?", which I replied yes. She took a brush then proceeded to apply the acid on my face. I was a little surprised at how runny the acid was as it ran down onto my ear, I was about to tell her when she ran the brush onto my nose, and the acid dripped onto my eye. She swore and then quickly grabbed a cotton wool to wipe my eye. The nurse then asked if it entered my eye, which I told her that I wasn't sure. As she continued, I said that I would rather she washed my eye out. Instead of caring for my well-being, the nurse actually told me to hang on, and continued to brush acid onto the other side of my face. As soon as that was done, she just wiped the whole thing off. I can assure you, the acid probably stayed on my face on a few seconds max. I was very shocked and surprised that she finished applying the acid before tending to my eye.

The nurse then took a bucket of water and a syringe and proceeded to syringe my eye. She did this three times and said that my eye looked fine. She told me that it's never happened to her, but it sometimes acid does get into your eyes. I was shocked and appalled as this sounded like a dodgy establishment as safeguards should have been put in place to protect the client's eyes.

Assuming that she would then reapply the acid, I was surprised that she then just went ahead to spray neutraliser on my face, then moisturiser and spf. I definitely did not go there to get acid in my eye, and also I felt absolutely ripped off when she only applied acid for a few seconds, when she told me she would leave it on for 1 minute.

When I went to pay, I had to pay £69 for a treatment that took 2 minutes at best. Be careful when you make an appointment and they tell you that they need a credit card for the appointment in case you don't show up. They actually take £25 out of your credit card regardless. I was surprised that when I paid for the procedure, the receptionist asked if I would be happy to take the deposit out of the £69, when I did not even expect them to take any money out of my account.

All in all, I was shocked that the nurse was more interested in completing the treatment although it was only applied onto my face for 5 seconds, before treating my eye. I will never, ever go back to any sk:n clinics again and would advise anyone interested to shop around as there are many clinics out there that would do a better job. All I could think about was luckily, I did not ask for any laser treatment as I would definitely be blind by now.

When I left the clinic, I went to the car and told my partner how unhappy I was with the treatment. He told me to go back immediately to complain, which I did. When we went back to the clinic, I told the receptionist and nurse that I was very unhappy with the treatment as I felt she was more interested in completing the treatment than look after my eye. I also questioned how long she applied the acid on for as she pretty much just painted the other side of my face and immediately took it off to tend to my eye. The nurse was very rude and argued with us about questioning her judgement. I asked that the fact that acid dripped into my eye was put into my records, which she said she had put down. I knew she had not done so, as I was in the treatment room with her when she wrote notes on my records, which just detailed that she put spf and moisturiser on my face. When my partner asked to see the records, she went to the back and took quite some time to get back (I cannot be 100% sure, but I think she must have proceeded to put the incident into my records). She took some pictures of my eye for their records. I have asked the manager of the clinic to call me tomorrow as I am now wanting my money back.

I went home and actually washed all my clothes as in her rush, the nurse dripped something onto my top. As I cannot be sure if all acid had been washed off my face and I had to be sure that I wouldn't go blind, I took a very, very long shower to wash my face and eyes.

Be warned: go somewhere else!

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  • ebarnden1 published 16/05/2010
    I'm going for laser hair removal next week at a sk:n clinic and now not so sure it's a good idea. Excellent review!
  • atlantis140 published 10/10/2009
    How awful. I hope you got a good response!
  • KateHurst published 10/06/2009
    Definitely sounds like a place to avoid - and what a scary experience. Not professional at all. Excellent details, though - I think the atmosphere you described sounds anything but comforting and I'm surprised there wasn't another member of staff on hand to assist with problems.
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