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published 29/11/2016 | justarube
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Pro Reasonably priced; strong bass.
Cons Little tight on the head; sound could be crisper.
Sound Quality
Looks & Design
Value for Money

"Trendy Heaphones At A Reasonable Price!"

SkullCandy Uproar Headphones

SkullCandy Uproar Headphones

My Introduction To The Product

This year I have gone through multiple sets of headphones. Some of them have just stopped working and others I have damaged through repetitive use. I recently went shopping to find a pair that could last more than a few months. I have a tight budget for this kind of item, unfortunately, so when I explained this to a shop assistant in Currys I was recommended these SkullCandy Uproar headphones because they were less than £20.

Technical Details

These are wired heaphones which are an upgrade of the Skullcandy Uprock model.

They have an "adjustable headband and soft synthetic leather ear pillows".

They feature "twin 40 mm drivers for high quality sound". The brand claim the sound quality awards "powerful attacking bass" and "natural vocals".

They use "TapTech" technology providing a one touch button on the ear cup for easy control. The button performs like a remote control and allows you to answer calls as well as to pause, skip and play music tracks.

Integrated mic.

Warranty included.

There are no other accessories included in the pack.
How They Look

I was offered a choice of colours in store and these actually come in a large range of shades including brighter options like pink, orange and bright green. You can also find these with unusual patterns on them such as animal prints, graffiti, stripes and safari scenes. I decided the plain blue option suited me best. They are a bright, cerulean blue colour both on the band and ear cups. Towards the end of the band they feature a SkullCandy logo which is the sketch of a skull. It looks rather 'cool' and makes these headphones look like something aimed at young people.

Their Features

The headphones feel relatively lightweight. The band doesn't have a lot of flexibility so when it fits on the head the ear cups grip to the sides of the ear rather snugly. The ear cups have spongy "plush foam" edges which soften the sensation of the grip of the band but I have worn other headphones which provide a little more comfort. After some time wearing these I feel the need to remove them to relieve some of the pressure, especially on the upper part of my ears. This may not be an issue for most people but I use the computer through most of the day so I spend a lot of time wearing the headphones.

The headband is adjustable but it has a clunky movement which requires you to pull hard on the plastic band. I'm always afraid it is going to snap because it makes a terrible clicking noise when expanding the band. However, damage is unlikely to occur since the band is rather robust and thick. The shape and size of the band means the headphones clasp the top of the head. They don't exactly sit on the top of the skull but lie at a slight angle on me.Over time it does feel like the ear cups are slipping a little bit and I feel like they need to be pulled back up onto the head a little bit. When wearing the headphones the ear cups are quite noticeable.

The headphones are wired with a wire leading from the bottom of each ear cup. The connecting point between wire and ear cup is well protected with a plastic sheath. The wire is flat, something I've never seen before in this kind of equipment. The only benefit I can find for the shape of the wire is that is doesn't tangle up or become knotted during use. The wire is long enough to be able to move away from any stationary equipment. I tend to use these with my laptpop computer or tablet and I find there is enough length to allow me to comfortably move around. The length of the cord, measured from under the ear cups, is around 50 inches.

The headphone jack is straight with no bend in the design. It sticks out rigidly from the port at a length of about 1 inch.

The headphones have an integrated microphone which is located on the left ear cup and which can be seen as a small 'hole' in the bottom of the cup. This design is much more practical than the attached mic models and means you can handle the headphones much more without the mic being affected.
How They Perform

I've previously been using a pair of Sony headphones. I went through a few pairs of Sony models this year because I had trouble with muffled audio. The first thing I noticed about these SkullCandy headphones is that they provide a very intense, surround sound experience in which it feels like the sound is all around you and not just targeted through these small ear cups. They offer an immense bass sound although it's heavy and saturating rather than completely succinct. I have to compare it to other models I have used and I would say that for the price the sound of music is good but not perfect. In terms of instrument voices in music tracks I would state that the cleaner, crisper voices are a little underwhelming. I think that for modern music genres these will provide a good experience but for more complex compositions some quality may be lost.

The headphones do allow voices to sound clear and not muffled or distorted. As far as noise reduction and minimizing sound from outside they are reasonable but certainly don't block out all noises from outside. The volume needs to be turned up for greater noise isolation.

The Taptech is an aspect I haven't needed to use much but the technology is not complicated to understand and the Taptech allows you to operate quickly and easily. The Taptech works on smart devices as follows:

Press button once to answer/end calls or to play/pause music.
Push twice to forward the track or three times to go back.

The microphone on the headphones works well in indoor settings and picks up sound well despite seeming to be located at a place far from the position of the mouth!

I have not had any difficulties hearing anything clearly with these headphones. I was having an issue with my previous headphones on my tablet as I could not hear anything at the volume I would have liked but as soon as I plugged these in they allowed me to hear everything I needed to hear. I would advise checking compatibility with your device prior to purchasing though since on the Amazon review site there are some customer reviews which complain that the headphones don't work with certain gaming devices.
Price and Availability

I paid £17 for these from Currys and I feel this price is very acceptable. These may be slightly cheaper on sites like Amazon.

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