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Slimming. What a fun topic. Something, which we all HATE, having to do, but adore the results. Something, which we want to be easy. Something, which we want to involve all the chocolate, ice cream, and burgers n chips, we desire. Unfortunately, it’s never like this, and diets tend ... Read review

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Community Level 5drunkenabb...


Slim Fast or Broke Fast

AdvantagesTaste OK, are quite filling

DisadvantagesPrice is ridiculous, don't taste amazing

"...with the rest of the Slim Fast range, in that it carries the logo, and some nutritional info on the front of the packet. There is also a picture of a bowl of soup, looking rather delicious, with loads of herbs, chunks and mushrooms and huge croutons. The box also carries the Knorr logo (yup, those people who did the “They’ve got the K-know how” adverts), as the chefs at Knorr created the recipe. The soups come in a box, which has ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Fruity_Tart


Slim Fast Seasoned Chicken Soup - very nice

AdvantagesTastes really nice, filling


" 2nd op on different Slim Fast products, I tried their Seasoned Chicken Soup with Sweetcorn & Croutons yesterday and its NICE! It comes in a trendy 'thin pyramid' shaped box boldly emblazoned (swallowed a dictionary this morning!) with (what else) the Slim Fast logo - you've got to give it to Slim Fast, their marketing is blatant! The actual box is great. It shows the Knorr logo on the bottom right hand corner, as this particular soup was 'Created ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Aquarian


Fast Soup for Slimming

AdvantagesEasy to make

DisadvantagesNot to cheap to buy

"After all the over indulgence at the christmas holiday's I decided to try and lose a bit more weight. I have been going to the gym but have eaten lots of the wrong foods over christmas. Today I went out and bought two packets of Slimfast soups, these cost me 2.99 each at Safeways. The flavours are Seasoned chicken with sweetcorn and croutons and Garden vegetable with peppers and croutons. Sound tasty don't they? These soups come in cardboard ..." Read review

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Community Level 3scribbelle


slimfast soup - I'd rather starve

Advantagesvery few calories

Disadvantagestastes absolutely revolting

"I was quite excited when I saw the tv ad for new slimfast soup. I had tried the milkshakes and liked them, but the thought of something savoury available as well made the prospect of dieting much less daunting. As soon as I went to do my weekly shopping at ASDA, I made a bee line for the "slimming" section - and sure enough they had begun to stock the new SLIMFAST soups. At the time there were four flavours available- Wild mushroom with croutons,creamy ..." Read review

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What a disappointment

AdvantagesGreat expectations

DisadvantagesHave a taste bud bypass first

"...For the first three reasons, Slim fast seems a good thing, for the fourth, you're going to get poorer before you lose any weight. Now Slim fast soup sounded like a great idea. I used the milkshakes in the past and wanted to again, but the thought of another period of nothing but suspicious tasting milkshake filled me with dread. WAIT! There's hope - they do a soup. Having paid the extortionate price asked for (£5 for 3 or there abouts), I ..." Read review

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Long Name Soup
Type Soup
Manufacturer Slim Fast
Type for Subname Slimming Food


Listed on Ciao since 08/10/2001

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