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published 14/09/2005 | mrsmopples
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Pro quick weight loss, easily available
Cons not satisfying, tastes too processed. weight does not keep off.
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"So windy I almost took off."

Another day, another diet …….
I have probably tried just about every diet under the sun. I haven't always been on the cuddly side, it's only after the children that the weight sticks like glue.

I am currently on the Slimming World diet and I' m doing quite well. Unfortunately I am at the slowing down stage where you only seem to loose a pound on week or stay the same. I will not admit to having that extra vodka last week.

So to give myself a boost and try to encourage a quicker weight loss, I thought I would invest in a few slim fast products (please don't grass me up to my slimming leader). I bought enough for two weeks at quite a considerable cost.

As I have just finished my two-week stint I thought I would share my experiences with you. The over view of slim fast is that a woman should be eating 1200-1400 calories, and a man should have 1400 calories minimum.

A Slim Fast meal replacement, be it milkshake or two bars is around 200-250 calories with all the vitamins your body needs when on a diet. You then swap two of your regular meals in a day with meal replacements, and then have a healthy 600-calorie meal for dinner. They also recommend having 2 or 3 snacks of around 100 calories a time.

I opted for fruit but just remember to not overdo that either, one apple for example is 50 calories and a banana around 100 calories. Don't get too complacent and think its safe to eat half a dozen bananas and a couple of Granny Smiths. I found it helpful to store the days fruit allowance in a two separate containers and keep it in the fridge ready for when the hunger hits, and yes believe me it does.

Slim fast shakes comes in ready available cans or milk shake powder in drums that you mix yourself. The D.I.Y. powder costs anything from £5 up to £6.75 depending on where you buy it. My local Vantage chemist always has it on offer of £4.99 where as Boots will charge the full amount. This will last you just about five days and you have to buy a shaker separate which is around £2. An old clean SMA tin with the lid works just as well.

The milk shake cans are from 0.99p to around £1.50 depending again where you buy it from. You consume a whole tin for one replacement meal. Word of advice, keep them chilled, as they taste like Carnation milk otherwise. Serve with ice and the change in taste is quite considerable and they are very enjoyable .

These 325 ml cans aren't too obtrusive to store in the fridge and are handy to take out with you. Just shake it, break the ring pull and drink.

Now the flavours ……..
Here are the ones I tried. Chocolate - really yummy, wanted more.
Strawberry - quite sweet but still delish.
Banana - this needs to be chilled otherwise its like drinking Nestle milk. Not one of the best as its so sickly.
Coffee - yuk!
Vanilla - a strong vanilla flavour, I enjoyed this.

The powder I chose was chocolate. This was so hard to shake that I must have lost days calories just shaking the lumps out. After drinking the chocolate stuck around the edges of the glass like tar and even a 60-degree blast in the dishwasher didn't shift it first time. Makes you wonder what it is doing to your insides doesn't it?

However, it did taste so delicious that I was actually tempted to add a scoop of Walls Vanilla, but then that would defeat the object somewhat. The powder tastes so different from the cans, both are very pleasant. I

t left me with a slight after taste which was not very pleasant. It reminded me of a metallic taste, similar to the one you have in your mouth when pregnant! I also invested in the meal replacement bars. I bought the chocolate again . I bet you can see where all my problems are now, begins with C and ends with E.

You eat two bars as a meal allegedly and this should last you to your next meal.

The first bite …….I
t took me twenty minutes just to chomp on the first mouthful. I did a great impression of a bulldog chewing a wasp. It tasted like rubber, where was that chocolate fix? Fingers crossed my fillings can hold up, I was too worried I would loose them to eat the second bar. This I rate as a miserable 1/10 ? Yuk! At £3.68 for 6 bars it is expensive and tastes revolting. The remaining five bars will be deposited in the bin, not even the birds would eat this.

However as a treat I chose the 99 calorie chocolate caramel bars. They are the same price and once again, you get six bars in a box. These certainly tickled my tonsils and found it hard to say no to anymore. Really tasty and just so easy to eat, you'll not be disappointed with this. The chocolate muesli bars resembled nothing I can compare to. Once again watch your fillings, not very edible or tasty for my liking. The toffee bars = Yuk! No resemblance of toffee here, just the essence of cardboard. Enough said.
For £3.49 you can buy three packets of soups, which also act as a meal replacement. I was tempted to make a few dumplings and add some crusty bread to my lunch, but thought better of it. The soup has croutons but nothing to my standard. There were no more than 6 in my wild mushroom bowl. Talk about mean. The soups you make up yourself and its very easy, just follow the instructions on the rear of the packets.

Flavours are: Chicken and sweet corn quite pleasant but watery. Wild Mushroom awful colour when made, looks like something the cat brought up. Hope that didn't put you off and sorry for being graphic. Garden Vegetable - Like this one, but not filling enough. Not overloaded with vegetables which are processed anyway, but as a quick pick me up for lunch, it does the trick. Tomato - I hate tomatoes with abubundance. It goes beyond dislike of the taste, I am actually scared of the things and refused to buy this one so cannot comment. Even for the sake of Ciao I was not prepared to put myself through this one.

Lastly I bought a pasta meal. The pasta Florentine with broccoli and spinach. Same price as the soups and you have to prepare them yourself. It's quite easy though. Either add the pasta to 200 ml of boiling water and stir. Cover bowl and let it stand for three minutes. Add the sauce packet finally and stir. Or place the contents in a microwave for around three minutes.

After wards let it stand for a few minutes again and then devour. . I served my pasta with a fat free salad and it was quite substantial as my evening meal. This gets a thumbs up rating for me, very nice and more filling than the soups. THE VITAMINS: Slim fast claim they have added all the necessary vitamins required for dieting. This ranges from: Vitamins A, D, E, C, B12, Folic acid, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Iron and copper. If you take an extra supplement as normal then just be careful you don't overdo it.

DO's AND Don'ts

Do drink lots of water, Yes it makes you run to the loo every few minutes but you're skin will appreciate you for it and it fools your brain into thinking your not that hungry.

Don't use the slim fast plan if you have any health concerns; see your GP first for advice. Don't use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do eat your full allowance.

Don't cut back. You will not achieve a bigger weight loss. I have been down that road and the weight always creeps back on.

TO SUM UP: Slim Fast have come a long way since they developed just the milk shake powder and the food they offer is quite varied, though a bit over processed.

My conclusion at the end of the two weeks is that I lost 6 pounds at a cost of £39.40. It's a tasty range but is no way filling unless you are use to eating one stick of celery a day. The milkshake alone will give you nothing but wind. At one point I was ready for lift off. You need some food inside otherwise you will spontaneously combust.

It's good, it works but for long term, don't think I can do it. I will return to my slimming diet plan and continue to loose little but often. I enjoy my roast dinners too much to have to out up with slim fast for too long. Thanks for reading.

P.S: I have just found out you can buy a complete 7-day diet plan at a price of £36.95 with full step-by-step instructions. Wilkinson's are very reasonable to buy from. Remember diet clubs work out cheaper and knowing you will always have to face up to your weight gain by your leader is enough to keep you on that straight and narrow. Now where's that vodka and coke I just poured out .......

Handy sites to visit: - the main site which is packed full of information and even a free online diet club. A great variation of recipes to liven up your slim fast diet and you can even work out your BMI if you are that brave. Slim Fast Snack Bars -

www.auravita.comBuy Slim Fast products at Auravita. Free UK delivery over £30. Postal delivery available
worldwide. - but it now price loads cheaper than the rip off larger chemists in the high - answers any questions you might have

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  • gaunts published 09/03/2007
    nothing beats a good bit of exercise!...very helpful review.
  • vickyc77 published 27/02/2007
    i found your reviw most helpful. Today is my first on the slimfast plan, i will see how it works for the next 2 weeks, it is very expensive.
  • mystikchick17 published 29/07/2006
    "The milkshake alone will give you nothing but wind. At one point I was ready for lift off. You need some food inside otherwise you will spontaneously combust." hhahahahha what a great sentence. great review! ~maya
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