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Small Kitchen Appliances

Are you searching for a small kitchen appliance? Here you can find the best bread maker, toaster, juicer and food processor by leading manufacturers such as Tefal, Kenwood, Moulinex, Morphy and many others. These are the essential everyday kitchen appliances that everyone uses so make sure you are getting the best deal ... more

Small Kitchen Appliances »

Morphy Richards (98)
Kenwood (69)
Russell Hobbs (133)
Breville (129)
Dualit (121)
Tefal (40)
Sandwich Toasters
Breville (43)
George Foreman (72)
Russell Hobbs (10)
Kenwood (16)
Philips (23)
Magimix (8)
Food Processors
Kenwood (87)
Philips (17)
Magimix (55)
Kenwood (106)
Russell Hobbs (42)
Philips (65)
Tefal (13)
Kenwood (11)
Russell Hobbs (13)
Kitchen Machines
KitchenAid (32)
Kenwood (69)
Bosch (24)
Hand Mixers
Kenwood (21)
Russell Hobbs (12)
Philips (6)
Deep Fat Fryers
Tefal (45)
Delonghi (30)
Breville (26)
Tefal (25)
Morphy Richards (12)
Russell Hobbs (8)
Rice Cookers
Tefal (12)
Kenwood (4)
Breville (7)
Bread Makers
Morphy Richards (27)
Panasonic (13)
Kenwood (10)
Health Grills
George Foreman (20)
Weber (4)
Tefal (9)
Fondue Sets
Le Creuset (1)
Chasseur (1)
Firestar (2)
Pasta Machines
Electric Carving Knives
Wahl (2)
Kenwood (3)
Russell Hobbs (2)
Can Openers
Russell Hobbs (2)
Kenwood (4)
Lifemax (1)
Ice Cream Makers
Magimix (8)
Cuisinart (4)
Kenwood (3)
Yoghurt Makers
Other Kitchen Gadgets
Slow Cookers

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The wife's on a diet so I'm all hot and steamy!!

04.08.2017 Review of Russell Hobbs 21140

"== Russell Hobbs Tiered Steamer == === Model Number 21140 === God help me, the wife is on a health trip!! Away has gone the deep fat fryer (oven wedges all the way now!) and out has come the steamer!! She is insistent that each get our five portions of ..."

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This May Leave You Feeling 'Melon'choly =(

01.08.2017 Review of Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer

"As the title may have inferred, I'm less than impressed. I'm always trying to be healthier; it isn't so much about losing weight as feeling as healthy as possible and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I've got a lot of health problems which have wreaked ..."

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Steaming perfection - for seven years.

29.07.2017 Review of Morphy Richards 48781

"== Morphy Richards Intellisteam == === 48781 === === Introduction === I can’t believe that this trusty kitchen appliance of mine is now over seven years old, been used virtually daily and is still going strong. In December 2011. I got through to the f ..."

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One egg or two madam?

27.07.2017 (28.07.2017) Review of Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer

"== Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer == Can you guess what I am talking about? Delia Smith has published two recipes on it; chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli, says if you can't do it, then you shouldn't be cooking at all, and the renowned Mrs Beeton clai ..."

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