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Small Man in a Book - Rob Brydon

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... Presumably due to this, his biography entitled 'Small Man In A Book' (subtitled 'How I Very Slowly Became An Overnight Success') was suggested as a recommended item. At the time I was nearly finished reading another celebrity biography which I've also reviewed, so I thought it'd be good to ... Read review
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Robs bumpy ride to the top, in book form Review with images

AdvantagesSome amusing anecdotes, lots of detail about his early work, generally interesting, relatable

DisadvantagesA bit bland at times/not quite as engaging as other biogs, no mention of more recent projects

"...been involved in, including a small role in the cult British gangster move Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. He talks about travelling to Ealing studios to meet with Guy Ritchie and discuss his potential small role in the film and his awe in being in such an iconic studio, given the well loved comedians who had worked there. I thought it was quite well written and indeed I could imagine him reading it. Its a fairly diverting read and has some ..." Read review

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ISBN 0718158091
EAN 9780718158095
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Biography
Title Small Man in a Book
Author Rob Brydon
Release Date 13.10.2011
Publisher Michael Joseph
Edition Hardcover
Original Release Year 2011


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