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Review of "Smarties"

published 24/04/2003 | Fruity_Tart
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Pro Taste, you get loads in a tube
Cons None I can think of - the kids nick them!
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"They're smart and always know the answer"

These are the best! You can either tip the tube into your mouth and suck (or chew) loads of them together or you can eat them one at a time and make a tube last for AGES! Whichever way you deide, they're just ace. :o) What am I waffling about, the sweet of your youth of course, Nestle Smarties.


The Smarties tube is cardboard and around 5 inches long and is predominantly dark blue in colour. Nearly covering the front of the tube is the word SMARTIES in huge white letters bordered in brown. Above the 'S' you've got a red oval with the word Nestle in white. Surrounding the word Smarties is a multitude of flying saucer shaped objects in a rainbow of bright colours. We know these saucers are pics of Smarties and there's loads of them printed on the front of this tube. A really bright looking, chaotic tube which is perfect for summing up the actual Smarties and it's basically a bit of 'kiddie marketing', ie, manufacturers making the packaging look as fun and inviting for children as possible. Turn the tube around and you've got all the boring adult info. :o) In white there's the Nestle logo (one of many it seems), the one showing a bird feeding 2 baby birds in a nest and at each side of this logo it says 'Good Food, Good Life', which means nothing as far as a tube of Smarties goes cos however scrummy they are, they can by no stretch of the imagination be called 'Good Food'. Other information on the back of this tube is the nutritional info (100g Smarties is 459 cals and 16.4g fat - which again, means nothing because the weight of the Smarties is nowhere to be seen on the tube and I don't fancy weighing my chocs!), ingredients, a contact address and the standard 'recyclable' icon. The top of the tube is a plastic flip off lid with a letter imprinted on the back (mine today is an orange lid printed with the letter 'D'. I've never seen the point of these letters on the Smartie lids to be honest, but they've been using them since I can remember so there must have been a reason originally. Bearing in mind that Smarties are aimed at children it seems slightly irresponsible to encourage them to collect the lids for the letters as they can obviously be a choking hazard!


The only thing I smell when I open the tube is a faint smell of very sweet chocolate, and that's it! When I tip them out of the tube the first thing I notice is they come in a myriad of colours; the pack I've just finished was made up of 13 blue, 8 orange, 5 pink, 7 red, 6 brown (including one very dark brown), 3 green and 3 purple - a total of 45 Smarties in a pack. Do you remember life before blue Smarties? I do, but I don't remember when they were introduced, one day I brought a packet of Smarties and there were suddenly blue Smarties in there. 'Hmmm, a nice idea' I remember thinking but now the blue ones seem to be taking over! Today was the first time I've ever counted the exact amount of different colour Smarties but in the past I've noticed that blue Smarties have suddenly started multiplying so you get more blue than anything! Not that this is a problem really as all the colours (except orange) taste exactly the same, so does it matter whether you get blue dye or purple on your tongue?

Anyway, I'm waffling. The Smarties. :o) They're small (ney, tiny) saucer shaped milk chocolates with a sugar shell. It's the sugar shell that has the colour and the chocolate itself is plain brown (well, what other colour would chocolate be?). The chocolate is good quality as you'd expect from Nestle, lovely and creamy when you let it dissolve on your tongue. I must say, my favourite way of eating Smarties is one at a time, sucking at the sugar shell until the melted chocolate bursts through.... Mmmmmm The only colour Smartie which tastes any different to the rest of the pack are the orange ones and these taste of well, orange! Most other people like these the bast and rant and rave about how stingy Nestle are to only put a few orange ones in but personally, I prefer the normal choc ones to the orange cos they taste of rather synthetic orange.

The only thing I can think of to liken Smarties to is M&M's, but there's no comparison. Smarties win for me hands down every time because the chocolate tastes 'purer' than the sickly tasting chocolate of the M&M's.


Of course! You can buy Smarties just about anywhere that sells chocs and sweets and they cost between 35p - 40p. You can also buy 'Giant Smarties' which are erm... well, giant smarties which come in a bag and 'Mini Smarties' which are tiny, weeny Smarties which come in a pyramid and cost 15p (my kids love these). Around Easter time you'll also get Smarties Easter Eggs (the egg of choice it seems as my 2 kids ended up with 4 Smarties eggs each this year!) and at Christmas you'll come across 'Smartie Tubes' which is basically a huge tube of Smarties which WILL make the kids sick with a toy on the top that will be broken into pieces before the days out AND you get to pay around £3 for the experience! Smarties have also brought out a range of biscuits but I can't comment on these as I've not seen any yet. :o) AND of course, the new Smarties bar, but that's another op. :o) To be honest, I'd rather have a standard tube of Smarties that an 'arty farty' variation on them - lets face it, fads come and go but Smarties will ALWAYS have the answer!

You can contact Nestle at: Nestle Consumer Services, PO Box 203, York, YO91 1XY or you can call them free on 0800 000030. Check out their (rather boring) website at

Thanks for reading. :o)

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  • borneo2007 published 17/05/2006
    These are sooooo addictive :>
  • herby30 published 21/04/2004
    Give some of these to my nephew and watch him pinging off the walls, especially the blue ones ;o)
  • Alex6655321 published 19/05/2003
    I once collected the whole alphabet in Smartie lids - I was so proud. Sad thing is it was only last year. Alex xxx
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