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Fruit Ninja helps pass the time!

16.02.2017 Review of Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application)

"Fruit Ninja is a fun and interactive game. I love to use it when I need to pass time and relive boredom. My 9 year old daughter and I play together, trying to beat each others score. My family does a lot of traveling. I find that playing a game li ..."

Read full review by shalmikos

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05.02.2017 Review of Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application)

"...The first time I played this game I thought it was boring but it turned out to be super addictive.Parents need to know that Fruit Ninja has a lot more to do with fruit than it does ninjas. Your finger is ostensibly your sword, but you never see any depict ..."

Read full review by farahlosa

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

You wanna be a Viking?

26.01.2017 Review of Vikings (iPhone Application)

"Vikings is yet another one of the many free applications roaming around in the interweb for both android and apple based phones. Completely free to download, it does ‘offer’ in-game purchases, but so far I haven’t found these to be necessary in order to g ..."

Read full review by Secre

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

fruit ninja app

25.01.2017 Review of Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application)

"There's something beautifully simple about FRUIT NINJA. Gorgeously rendered fruit gets tossed up in the air before you, and you swat at it to slice it up before it hits the ground. It's the perfect way to release your anger and feel like an Iron Chef at ..."

Read full review by yodog2000

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