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... Design & Quality Sony's MDR XD100 headphones have been available for many years although the higher priced MDR XD200 model phased out the product, only for the XD100 to make a reappearance in our UK recession years, possibly as another money-spinner or overstock. Sony would like to ... Read review

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The Packaging Is Better Than The Production of Sound! Review with images

AdvantagesNice looking, easy to height adjust, closed type, cheap price.

DisadvantagesNaff sound, the plastic begins to squeak, poor quality issues, leaks sound.

"...as another money-spinner or overstock. Sony would like to think that they have licked Panasonic in their sights, but the XD100 on appearance is a bit more stylish and looks well made from its thick band and silver details. Classy is the word that I would best use to describe these headphones. Designed in matt black with a "targa" type headband between the phones themselves, the cups independently swing down via hinges that have been built in. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sparx22


Decent stereo headphones for home

AdvantagesPrice, durability and length of cable (long)

DisadvantagesBulky, loose, lows sound average

"...a second thought (them being Sony an all). I really didn't like them at first because they made my guitar sound horrible, but now I suspect that something was wrong with my amp, as it sounds great with mp3 players and computers. === Sound Quality === Pretty good. Of course, being stereo headphones, they are supposed to represent loudspeakers, and so the sound pans from left to right very obviously. Though I enjoy that, some people don't, so take ..." Read review

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Neat Headphones :)

AdvantagesCheap, quality sound, comfortable

DisadvantagesCable can be too long, no way to adjust volume on head set.

"...problems. I decided to purchase Sony MDRXD100 headphones from Amazon.co.uk for three reasons. Firstly, the brand is well established and I have had no problems with their electronics in the past. Secondly, there were a lot of positive reviews to read through and finally, the price was brilliant... I paid a mere £11.89. -DESIGN- Sony say that the headphones have a 'ear-conscious' design, which I would strongly agree with. These are considerably ..." Read review

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Community Level 4coopsta133


Sony MDR-XD 100

AdvantagesPrice, comfort

Disadvantagesno surround sound, cable too long ? ad/disad

"I purchased these Sony MDR-XD 100 for just under 15£ at an in store retailer. The reason I chose these for purchase was A) The price and B) The brand (Sony) was known to be reliable. I am overall satisfied with the product as I feel I got my values' worth in it. Here are some specs for the headphones: Weight: 175g Connector: 1x headphone jack (green slot on pc) Sound output: Stereo 40mm driver unit Ferrite magnet for good bass and treble Frequency: ..." Read review

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Community Level 1salvatierr...



AdvantagesPrice, confortable


"...in a headphones distributor. This sony model is the but economic of the whole series.Your sound qualitad is good very.Your price in Spain is of 18 EUROS. !calculate!!. They have a good relationship quality-price, good results are obtained with everything type of music, specially pop, rock. Your speakers have 40mm, diameter. Your impedance is of 70 Ohms.Your answer in frecuencia:12 -22.000Hz.And your sensibility is of: 100dB.Son very comfortable. They ..." Read review

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Product details

EAN 4901780900367, 0870862002814, 0027242648944
Manufacturer Sony
Neckband No, Yes
Type Headphones, Traditional Headphone
Dolby PL / AC3 without Dolby PL / AC3, with Dolby PL / AC5
Signal Connection Wired
Earclip No, Yes
Noise Cancellation without Noise Reduction, with Noise Reduction
Weight in Grams 175


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