Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

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Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

The SIXAXIS Wireless Controller for PLAYSTATION3 employs a high-precision, motion sensitive, six axis system, which detects natural hand movements for...

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published 07/08/2007 | stegasaurus_sam
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Pro Better design improved buttons
Cons Herhaps too light for aggressive gamers
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"so many axis so little time?"

ps3 controller

ps3 controller


The sixaxis oh dear wii now ps3 can do the interactive thing too not looking good is it! The original ps3 controller was much different to the one released with the beastie machine itself know only as ps3 unless you call it anything else? Anyhow the first controller design as pictured at the bottom of the screen is boomerang shaped and silver. This odd design was subject to yet more criticism from ps3 on lookers Sony later stated that the original controller "was very clearly designed as a design concept, and was never intended to be the final controller, despite what everybody said about it." – as quoted by Fahey, Rob 2006-05-12. I believe this origanal design was packed in because of the criticism. Sony was right to do so as who wants to play on a console that they arent comfortable controlling. Next this design was replaced with an upgraded version of the dual shock 2 ps2 controller which is ofcourse wireless announced at E3 2006.


The new controller has come under much scrutiny from ps2 rumble fans they miss having there wrists shaken off from much loved explosions during San Andreas or equally violent games. Don’t get me wrong I was a big fan of this quirky feature, however the controller now offers much deeper interaction with the game not just one level of feedback from a rumble but many as the controller now needs to be moved and even steered around the next gen – console.
The controller has a USB mini port that couples with the USB port of the ps3. This is for connecting to the ps3. The user can use the cable provided with the system to plug in the sixaxis for wired playing or charging up the wireless controller. Initially the cable is used to install the controller, which is merely plugging in and pressing the PS button. Only one cable is provided with the ps3 however that is all that is needed. Fully charged the controller can last for 30 hours of game play. Also the ps3 can have up to 7 wireless blue tooth controllers. A major feature of the controller is the ability to sense both rotational orientation and translational acceleration along all three dimensional axes. In other words shake it about a bit and the controller knows your doing it Good Stuff! This feature raised much controversy cas it was’nt soon after wii had announced they were having interactive sensing controllers. This was a late announcement of the ps3 sixaxis features and some think that it was developed in a hurry to become the top console.

Another feature of this fine tuned controller is the increased analog dualshock sensitivity. The old dualshock was 8-bit precision whereas the new controller now has 10- bit precision. Arguably the best change in the new controller is the R2 and L2 buttons which noe have an increased range of depression and feel a lot more like a trigger. When playing games this comes in handy as it now feels like your squeezing that trigger and shooting a gun. Some games have used this increased range of depression to great use and depending on how hard you squeeze the trigger your character will do the same. In place of the old “Analog” button there is now a circular button with the PS logo. This button can be used to turn the ps3 on or off. As well as exit dvd movies or when held down can exit the game being played and return to the ps3 home menu. Handy feature especially for lazy p s3 owners such as myself.
When held against the light the controller reveals the inner workings of it. This is due to the material of the controller ( translucent plastic)
Removal of vibration

This is said to have been done because it would interfere with the motion sensing technology of the sixaxis. Rumours suggest that a controller is being made to do both features. Personally I do not think it is necessary as I got bored of my hands vibrating at the blowing up of the smallest car on San Andreas. I much prefer having to shake aliens of the very screen during resistance fall of man. Or even using the sixaxis to have to steer the car in some racing games great idea sony.

My thoughts: hats of to sony with the great new contoller, although it looks the same as the old dual shock this controller feels better lighter and more precision about it. If the design aint broke don’t change it and they didn’t.

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Product Information : Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

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The SIXAXIS Wireless Controller for PLAYSTATION3 employs a high-precision, motion sensitive, six axis system, which detects natural hand movements for intuitive real-time interactive play. With the adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology, the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller allows up to 7 players to play at the same time, without attaching any other external devices. In addition, by simply inserting a USB cable into the Wireless Controller, users can seamlessly switch from wireless to wired connection and automatically charge its battery while the Wireless Controller is in use. When fully charged, the Wireless Controller's battery life lasts up to 30 hours before recharging is necessary.

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Product Description: Sony SIXAXIS - game pad - wireless, wired

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Features: Motion sensor

Controls: 2 thumb sticks

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, wired

Product Type: Game pad


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