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The PSP Go will be able to store downloadable media on 16 GB of internal flash memory (no UMD drive). Also supports Bluetooth and wireless connectivi...

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published 16/07/2010 | PureDark
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"The Perfect Time to Buy"

The PSP Go is the latest model of Sony's handheld range and makes a lot of notable changes. I've just purchased mine and all in all I'm really quite pleased! The PSP Go has had some bad press so I'm going to try and clear its good name. I'm going to focus on the exciting aspects rather than the dull 'battery life' and 'brightness' stuff. The other reviews cover all of that!

The thing that put me off of the original PSPs was the size of the darn things. I don't care if Sony call the newer models 'Slim and Lite' they still look 'Wide and Clunky'. So I'm glad to see that they have produced a true portable console and added a cool sliding mechanism as well. The console looks far better than the earlier models not just because of it's size but because of everything about it! The shoulder buttons are finished with a chrome effect and all the sliders/buttons on the outside of the console are metallic and slick. It looks like something Tony Stark from Iron Man would use.
I went with the piano black model because let's face it, who wants a white PSP? If you're not convinced I urge you to go and try one in the shops, it looks and feels premium.

Upon booting up the PSP you're presented with a familiar 'XMB' interface which if you've used any Sony product with a screen recently you'll instantly recognise. PS3 owners will be pleased to see that everything is pretty much the same on the PSP as it is on their console. From the home screen you can scroll from left to right and up to down to quickly and easily navigate through your content. Speaking of content, you can fit quite a lot on it considering it has a huge 16gb of internal memory, well this is actually more like 14gb when you factor in the built in software. This can be expanded by an M2 card of up to 16gb which will effectively double your storage. I personally won't bother with it since I already have an MP3 player and I won't want hundreds of games on there at the same time. How many games can you possibly play at once anyway?

As well as playing games (more on that later) you can listen to music, watch films, chat over the internet for free with Skype, browse the internet, chat with PSN friends etc. As Sony always says, the game is just the beginning. The PSP really is designed to be an all in one entertainment device and it does it really well. It's large screen and standard headphone jack make it perfect for entertainment. If you own a PS3 you can also synch your PSP to stream content over the internet which is pretty snazzy. Some PS3 games allow you to use the PSP to unlock extra features. In Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines you can synch up to your PS3 to unlock new items in Assassin's Creed 2. I also hear the upcoming Grant Turismo 5 game on PS3 will allow you to use your PSP as a rear view mirror!

Now then, this is a games console at heart so let's talk gaming. You've seen the half sized boxes in the shops with PSP games in them right? Well forget about them because the PSP Go does not have a UMD drive to play them. This is a good thing because it means no more clunky disks to carry around and you can download games whenever you want via the internet. Gaming is moving away from being a product to being a service and Sony is leading the way. If you have a PS3 or a PSP then you will most likely sign up to the Playstation Network or PSN as they call it. PSN allows you to connect with friends (some you know and some you meet in games), share trophies you've earned in games on your facebook page and most importantly to download content such as games, videos, themes etc. The playstation store offers loads and loads of games, more than you could ever play in a lifetime (Accurate?) . You can download full PSP blockbuster titles such as Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (31.99) or God of War: Chains of Olympus (14.99), you can download classic PS1 titles like Medieval or Final Fantasy IV (usually around 3.99 with larger games being around 8) or you can download 'Minis' which are small bite sized and usually addictive games (3.49 each). The store is updated with new content each week and features a special offers section for discounted games which is good news!

What has yet to be mentioned in the reviews is the arrival of Playstation Plus which is a new premium subscription service which looks very promising. Certainly PS3 owners should buy an annual subscription of £40 but I'd advise those with just PSPs to wait awhile and see what content they add before you invest but it's likely to be worth it. Essentially it's a premium club for PSN members to be a part of. You will get exclusive free games, PS1 classics and Minis, full game trials to decide before you buy, early access to demos and beta tests and regular discounts in the PSN store. I've already made my money back but that's mainly on PS3 content so it isn't so relevant to this review. It's worth looking out for though. -HINT- for a slightly cheaper subscription buy a couple of cheaper PSN vouchers, it makes the subscription cost around £35, this also works for games and anything bought from PSN.

The most important thing which drove me to buy a PSP Go is a limited time offer that Sony is doing. If you buy a PSP Go (older PSPs do not count) which has not had a user register a PSN account on it then you qualify. This means in theory you could get one second hand for around £170 but I'd advise against it because I've found a decent deal elsewhere which I'll share later but also because you cannot guarantee whether the previous owner registered a PSN account or not. Moral of the story = Buy New! So what is the offer? Well if you buy a PSP and register yourself a PSN account and then download the special PSP Go promotion theme (a theme is a jazzy wallpaper for your PSP homescreen) you will receive a special email. The email contains a PSN voucher code for 10 game worth over £200 if you were to buy them from the PSN store. They're good games too and include, littlebigplanet, wipeout and assassin's creed. This is true value especially with the deal that I got. Shopto are offering a brand new PSP Go for £174.85 with a £20 PSN voucher!! It's mad so essentially you get a PSP Go for under £155 and £20 to spend on games on top of the 10 free games you get from Sony. The 10 free games offer is only valid until midnight on the 30th of September 2010 so get in there quick!

You're paying for the best handheld console on the market in terms of innovation, graphics, gameplay and features. The graphics and gameplay beat the DS and Iphone hands down. You'll be playing real games as well as the casual games you can find on other platforms. If this review hasn't convinced you then nothing will!

Thanks for reading!

Any questions or comments you know what to do …. Keep them to yourself!! Haha Of course feel free to comment :D

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Comments on this review

  • PureDark published 17/07/2010
    Thanks for the comments guys. Sorry you didn't enjoy it LaurenceP.
  • LawrenceP published 16/07/2010
    This review actually says nothing about the console itself, more of a "what you can do with it" affair. What is the battery time, what type of media files does it support, how long does it take to charge, is the battery replaceable, what size is the screen, are games dowloaded to your PC, then to the console, can games be downloded to the console over wifi? The list goes on. God of war is currently selling for £8.99 for the PSP so as far as I can see, PSPGO users are being ripped off due to Sony's unrivaled pricing. I'll stick with my PSP and save lots of money.
  • azana published 16/07/2010
    as said on the other side anxiously awaiting one activation email for the games here - been told it can take up to 30 days, which I didn't release on purchase stupidly.....
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The PSP Go will be able to store downloadable media on 16 GB of internal flash memory (no UMD drive). Also supports Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and be 15% lighter and 43% smaller than the original PSP-3000 (43% lighter and 56% smaller than the PSP-1000).

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