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ps3 you got me!


blu - ray player, HD player & console in one !


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Having tried the xbox 360 for 5 months, finding it cr*p & getting my money back-due to numerous faults- I bought a ps3....

If the wii hadn't been out of stock everywhere within 35 miles of where I live, I would have got that- merely because I wanted a new console, I needed the excitement, and the ps3 was way out of my budget.

Thank the lords the wii was out of stock!

WOW! Yes, I was super excited- we hate to be out of the technology loop when it comes to consoles- and although I was in denial- I really wanted a ps3 deep down- I was just angry at the price being too high for me- but having a lovely mum- whom got it on M&S credit (I'm paying for it though), I got it anyway.

Getting the ps3 from m&s has one great advantage- the package might be limited- but- it comes with a two year warrenty. Always helpful.
It was in a box, in another box- so after removing the plain box- we discovered that M&S has advertised it wrongly- they say it comes with one wired controller- when in fact it is the sixaxis- with its charger cable, a composit lead-with a scart adaptor, ethernet cable, power supply cable, 60gb harddrive - wi-fi and a media card reader (built in- some apparently may not have these) & It also came with a game- Motorstorm- which considering I hate 'HATE' sports type games- is a fantastic game- who's intro blew me away- and sad as it may be- (not sure whether it was the music-surround sound being up so loud) I had tears in my eyes! The graphics- are utterly superb- the best I have seen. The sound quality with surround sound- using an optical lead- utterly excellent.
We also bought with some vouchers, Genji- a rpg a little like final fantasy v, an extra controller and an HDMI cable- as they don't supply that. HDMI is what you want to use- to get the best quality on an HD tv.
Due to our tv not being full HD, the 1080i setting is not great- we have been using 720p to play games- and its awsume.

Genji, is a great game- as this isn't a game review- and a console review- all I will say is- great graphics, great sound- although some of the sounds are abit anoying at times- there was a very slight glitch- where a charactors leg went through somthing- but such a sound console- I wasn't bothered by it.

The console runs much quieter than the xbox 360, and the fans are on the sides- which makes much more sense. The design is so far forward in the way of futuristic- it makes the 360 look like somthing from 50 years ago. It's sleek, so so shiney, very slightly see through in places, the discs load without a 'draw'- which I had worried about- but it seems very efficeint. The on, off, eject, are all touch controlled- rather than actual buttons that press in and out, my broadband was detected- without the need for a cable or the purchase of a divice to plug into the ps3, the controller/s are so light- and although they look like the ps2's, they- when you really look- are made much better.
Firstly they are wireless, and the accurasey is spot on- they charge during game play- 60mins aprox, with the cable supplied with my package, on end in the controller one end in a usb slot on the front of the ps3- and the charge seems to last and last, I think I've done about 10 hours game play- and my daughter has done about that too- and we've not had to charge either controller again yet.
Secondly- as I said- they are light, which makes them a plessure to use. Also- they look like the ps2 controllers, however they are made better- they have finger grips- and I haven't had sweaty finger syndrome yet! (I think I play for way too long)
Thirdly, they are motion sensitive- maybe the real reason for the delay in the ps3's release? ;-) Maybe a little copying of the wii? But at least they are in the loop of technology, and although the two games I have do not show maybe the full potential - we are assured we will be shown big time! In the driving game we have, you can steer with movement, extremely hard to master (It might just be my lack of skill)- but fun. In the rpg I have, you can use it to do flips in the air- and both allow this feature to be turned on or off- which is very useful- especially when I was climbing a ledge and passed the controller to my husband- at which point I fell about 60 ft! The passing of the controller had used the sensitive motion detection! LOL! Well, it was funny the first two times, but after climbing and jumping A LOT- the third time called for motion to be turned off!

I am very very impressed with the online features too, for many reasons.
First and foremost, they are 100% free! Always good, and for joining (becoming the master account person- basically giving my details to allow online play) We were sent a blu-ray disc of the film casino royale with a thank you note absolutly free! Can anyone better that? I don't think so!
The console has anoption on the start menu, to check for updates- which we do almost daily- so far there have been two- you can't play during this time- as it usually has to restart the console so the updates take effect. The updates do various things, update ps2 games to enable them to be played, things like that.
There will be a 'home' feature available around september, again for free. I saw a talk and demonstration on a games review show- and it looked really cool. It is basically what it says- you can create your own 'home', it will be a place you can decorate, put up pictures on the wall- like favourite game shots, or even pictures you have taken of anything- which you can put in via one of the card slots, and these appear on the wall in a frame! You can then take online gaming friends into your 'home' and chat with them! I think that is really original and will make a more friendly environment for online gaming- they have to be invited by the way- so don't worry that anyone can walk in your home! There is a lot more to it- but that is the basic idea of it.
You can download demo's, there are quite a lot actually- I tried out lemmings, which was fun. To be able to demo a game before going and buying it- is great.
You can buy full games, movies, and I think music too.
There is an operating system available to download for free, to make the ps3 more pc like- but I am too cautious at the moment to do it.
Online reviews say it takes too much power from the ps3, and as my ps3 is working so good- I don't want to risk slowing it down- or if there is any chance of corrupting the hard drive- game saves, virus'?
There isn't enough information about my questions to chance it yet, but if and when- I will update this review to include that.

So, we have free online gaming, free demo's to test out games, and free updates to keep your console updated. To buy full games or whatever- I assume you enter your credit/debit card details and keep them on file for future purchases- I don't have a credit or debit card- so I've not tried that.

Then you have your Blu-ray player, the only thing about this is:
we have a HD 1080i tv, which means it's not 'full' HD- full HD is 1080p. The 'i' stands for interlaced, which is two halves of an image being placed or 'interlaced' together on the screen- this can cause flickering, which we find very noticable. The 'p' stands for progressive, which is the entire image at once on screen- apparently this doesn't show flicker, and gives the top quality of HD.
The casino Royale blu-ray disc we have does two formats, 1080p or apparently in 'standard' but we are yet to watch it!
I find it hard to beleive all the people like me, who bought an HD ready tv, will find we can't really use it for things like blu-ray and maybe ps3 games in the near future- and will need to buy a full HD tv! That would just be bad business sense! And, I don't want a blo*dy 37 inch lcd tv in my small front room, and that is the smallest possible size for them to make full HD. My 32 inch tv is just fine thank you!
Anyway- back on the subject, value for money- you are getting a fantastic console- a blu-ray player- which based on internet reviews of purely blu-ray players, the ps3 comes top, plus you can buy a converter and it will also be a HD player.

The amount of gadgets the ps3 will produce will no doubt blow us away.

And the up and coming games to be released between now and december, are outstanding...Resident evil 5, singstar, clive barkers jericho, alone in the dark, ffxiii and hellboy to name but a few.

A huge thumbs up on this, so very glad I got it.


To think I originally swore I'd never buy a ps3, because of the price- and I rarely change my mind. I am so glad I did.

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Eazy_Rider 08.02.2009 20:01

Great review, thanks :)

kiss_me2070 05.10.2008 22:02

great review, x

Miskah 21.07.2007 22:07

Excellent review... very detailed. ♥ßeth.

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