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"Is THIS a Kind of Magic?"

SoundMagic E10 in red

SoundMagic E10 in red

I love music and have my iPod with me all the time, the official Apple earphones are horrible things so I won't use them and instead choose to spend a little more and buy whatever earphones people are talking about at the time. I bought the SoundMAGIC E10 earphones after reading an article online comparing different brands of in-ear earphones, the one quote that swayed me was from a singer (I can't remember who now!!) who said they had been best for him even though they were much cheaper than the ones he had been using previously. £30 a pair isn't cheap for the rest of us (how the other half live!) but I trusted the article enough to order myself a pair as I'd broken mine again and was having to use my boyfriends, this didn't please him as I break earphones so often he was frightened this was going to happen to his!

SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones

There is a bit of science behind these earphones because they're designed to sit inside your ear and create a seal, it's the design of the buds that is important because they house some clever gadgetry that will enhance vocals and music plus they also promise to keep noise pollution to a minimum however loud you like to listen to your music. I don't like to have it loud when I'm using headphones of any sort because it makes my head ache (loud music is best on the stereo with some big bass speakers) so am never worried about how much noise is leaking out to annoy other people but recently I have noticed that sometimes the sound is distorted when I'm listening to heavy music on cheap earphones, it was this that made me order these as it sounded like a good solution to a problem that has been plaguing me for a while.

These earphones look good, mine are red with black trim. The red metal has been given a shiny brushed metallic finish and the red plastic cable looks good against it, in photos of the earphones the cable looks quite cheap but when you look at a pair you'll see the plastic is a good solid colour and it doesn't look tacky at all. They've printed L and R on the headphones in white and I don't like that because you can see it when I've got my hair up, the letters aren't necessary and spoil the red and black design slightly in my opinion.


I think these earphones are very comfortable, the way the bud rests on the inside of my ear instead of the weight hanging off the cable stops that stretched feeling I sometimes get if I've been wearing my earphones for a long time. The buds feel cool and I always have the feeling that they're moulding themselves to the shape of my inner ear, I've never once felt uncomfortable while I'm wearing them and they stay in one position too. I wear them in all sorts of environments including being stationery at my desk, while walking and jogging and also in the gym when I'm working out. I'm thinking back and I remember only one occasion when an earphone has dropped out of my ear and that was my fault as I was wearing heavy chain earrings and one had somehow tangled with the cable to pull the earphone out, I lost my earring that night because I was concentrating on getting the bud back into my ear that I didn't notice it had been pulled out!


I was a bit underwhelmed by the sound quality, music sounds good through the earphones but the marketing information made these sound like they would be the equivalent of having a Bose system in your ear. I've noticed a difference in the sound but only compared to using earphones that were half the price, the sharpness of some music genres is enhanced and in others the bass and treble are heavier but I don't think I'd have been able to tell if I hadn't been using such cheap earphones previously.

I sometimes listen to audio books while I'm working and there I can see (or hear!) a difference because the sound effects sound much sharper behind the voice of the narrator, meaning I can get a much fuller picture of the scene as the story is being played out. I think these earphones would be good for listening to childrens audio books too because they have more sound effects, but the buds would be too big for most kids ears so it wouldn't work so well.


The cable is good, it's longer than on other earphones by a few centimetres so is good for when I'm jogging or using the exercise equipment at the gym. There's a small clip on the cable so that I can shorten them by clipping the cable to my clothes, also as usual the cable is significantly longer on the right earphone so that I can place the cable around the back of my neck if I'm in a situation where it's not prudent to have the cable at the front of my body for whatever reason. I don't do this often but sometimes will have my iPod on while I'm using the office equipment, my manager is fine with this but health and safety say I shouldn't have a cable dangling at the front of my body when using the shredder or front feeding fax machine. In those incidences I'll drape the cable around my neck and I'm free to get on with my work while still being able to listen to my music.

DISASTER This refers to the fact that a week ago my SoundMAGIC E10 earphones broke in a way that means they're not repairable. The casing that holds the ear buds has split in half to reveal the metal and small wires underneath, music still flows through the earphones but the way they've broken means I can't put them in my ears now because they either drop out or I'm scared a piece of the metal is going to break off and fall into my ear. I was upset about this as the earphones have been the best I've used in a long time and now I've had to go back to cheaper versions and I can tell the difference in both comfort and sound quality. I've looked it up on the internet and apparently this is something that happens quite regularly to these earphones, lots of people have said they've complained to the manufacturer but have had no reply so I won't bother because I hate to be ignored.


Yes and no. Yes because they're so comfortable to wear and they do make the sound clearer even if the difference isn't as great as SoundMAGIC say, the quality shines through more in the fact that I can't even feel the ear buds in my ears when I'm listening to my music and the cool touch metal casings don't get warm even when I've been wearing them for long periods of time. The reason I say no is because of the fact that mine have broken so completely (I have been careful with them!!) in a quite a short space of time and that this seems to be a problem that regularly occurs with them with the manufacturer making no attempt to put it right so customers are continuing to be disappointed.

My opinion is that £30 is a lot of money for earphones when there are very good ones available for half the price or less, I know that there are brands available that cost a lot more than this but I don't have the experience of these to make a comparison but I personally expected these to last a lot longer than they have.

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  • 41ggo published 05/08/2013
    Here's that well deserved E! :)
  • dawnymarie published 05/08/2013
    A shame these seem to have a flaw experienced by others too - excellent review x
  • GodfatherOfSoul published 04/08/2013
    Excellent review, full of user experience :)
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