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Sourz Apple Sweet & Sour Liqueur

15% - Bright green American liqueur with a surprisingly convincing sweet-and-sour appley flavour. Can be served neat as a shooter or blended with a v...

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Review of "Sourz Apple Sweet & Sour Liqueur"

published 17/12/2001 | Daysleeper
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Pro scrumptious yumminess is a bottle that gets you pist!
Cons GREEN is usually evil!
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"Sour iz yummy"

I'm just back from Dublin - flew in three hours ago, have been up since five thirty so be prepared for more than the usual nonsense. Haven't written in a bit but having been to the Guinness factory and drinking a fair bit of the stuff over the last 72hours (indeed i still believe i could be drunk)i thought me enough of an expert to write a review on the Black magic. That said i came on Ciao, flicked over to the alcohol page and lost all enthusiasm for Irelands signature alcohol. No - i don't know why either. But instead this stuff caught my eye, and whilst i know nowt about it, i feel i'm gonna share my lack of knowledge with the world. if all else fails, my enthusiasm should prevail. here's hoping.

Now fundamentally I'm against all things green (except leprauchauns - but thats cause they have irish accents -grr- and they're lucky and i'd be a fool to not be loving the luck of the irish, yeh?). Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, peas...ew,ew,ew,ew,EVIL!!! My philosophy on life is to stay away from the green stuff and smile loads - but then rules were meant to be broken right? and in my opinion it is MORE than just to bend the rules for the del-sticky-iciousness that is the very very green (drum roll pwease)-Sourz Apple sours.

It was infact the vibrant colour of this drink under the strobe lighting of my favourite pub that first appealed to me. My mammy always says i'm on the Autistic spectrum so i guess that'd make sense. bright lights and pretty colours(again, i gotta work on my political correctness, i gonna get meself shot). its a brilliant, loud and obnoxious green - kinda like the green all sweeties are - that toxic looking colour that turns your tongue into something from the bottom of the swamp. So, yeh, basically we've established that its green and whilst usually thats wrong n evil, this time it works fantabulously! Sourz have created a miracle! Pats on back all round!

So there i am with my glad rags on slurring to the ever so cute barman (i'm hoping its a man, you never can tell these days) to pour me some of that toxic nonsense while i dabble into my unknown. £1.80 later - its expensive for a shooter, the green stuff is sitting dubiously infront of me. I'm not as sure as i was originally, it looks kind of thick and sticky - cough mediciny texture, clings to your throat as it slides down. Thought maybe i should stick with my Goldschlagger - can't go wrong with pistness and gold i fink. But the deed was done and as i raise my glass warily to my mouth...



mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! yummy! scrumdiddlydumptious even! Apples, apples, lots of apples. so sweet and full of flavour it makes your mouth water. smells so good , not the least alcoholic - just pure unadulterated yumminess! Transports you back to the days of real sweets, before Mars took over the world. It smells so good! sooooo good!

Smilier than i was three seconds before, i knock the green goo back. and it tasted exactly the way it smelled. How many things can you claim that about?! its fruity and sweet and like drinking melted down boiled sweeties of days gone past.

Gone all too quickly i head back to the bar. On hangover recollection this is probably the drinks only downfall (except maybe the calorie count - i don't know, but i don't imagine its good!)- its too smooth and easy to drink. There is no alcoholic 'kick', no body juddering or screwed up 'eugchs' that many people experience after a shot of Goldsch or aftershock - Sugary and syrupy and not the least alcoholic - the only 'kick' from this is the sour tang that hits you at the end. Do you remember the days when sour sweets where actually sour? When EYE POPPERS for example really did make your eyes POP!? Well Sourz have captured that kick, the sour shiver thats lost now in our lieing sweetie world (sour cola bottles are sooo far from sour now! grr!) Its a delicious drink for us Oldsters that won't grow up. Its young, fresh, easy and delicious! Kinda like my good self! (wait...thats not very complimentary??!!!)

okay - dull stuff: Its imported from the States (bless those American genius') and comes in 70cl bottles - dunno what that means but its a substantial quantity - too much and it does get sickly! Its quite expensive for a bottle, and like all shots its pretty pricey in the pub as well - but yumminess must come at a price. Not the easiest to get a hold of - but if you ask Santa nicely, he's a good ol' soul! And it's only 15% alcoholic - which is good for the liver (well, in comparison anywayz)! Woohoo!

I think thats all - not bad for a Guinnes review, but i kept it in the irish spirit - its green afterall! but not evil!

Scrumptious yumminess in a bottle that gets you Pist!

Who said heaven wasn't a bottle on earth??!!

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  • Glorificus1 published 26/05/2002
    oh i think i shall have to give this a go
  • purebitch published 01/04/2002
    Sounds great, wouldn't mind trying this. Thanks for the info.
  • 29th_Candidate published 28/03/2002
    Oh yes, one more thought: Have you ever tried "Midori Melon Liqueur?" You will forget all about your "Sourz." Look me up in the states-- we'll have a "Green Goo Ingest-Fest."
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15% - Bright green American liqueur with a surprisingly convincing sweet-and-sour appley flavour. Can be served neat as a shooter or blended with a variety of mixers for a wide range of cocktails.

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