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Specsavers’ contact lenses are a convenient and great value alternative to glasses, and advances in technology mean they are now more comfortable than...

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published 06/05/2012 | stacie17
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"I just dont have a glasses face!"

Specsavers lenses

It was 9 years ago now when I first went to Specsavers to get my eyes checked as I was having difficulty seeing the board at school. When I had my eyes tested they said that I needed glasses, which wasn’t much of a surprise to me, after trying on lots of glasses, I realised that I just didn’t have that ‘glasses face’, and no glasses seemed to suit me, so I decided to try out contact lenses instead.

I must have been around 16 when I first started wearing contact lenses, and Specsavers were really good to me, they sat me down and showed me how lenses go in and out, how to clean them and all the necessary advice. The lady showed me a couple of different ways to hold your eyes open to make it easy to insert the lense, this is really just personal preference. Surprisingly the lenses went in really easily, and became really easy to take them out again.
Monthly Lenses

I started off with Specsavers monthly lenses which enables you to wear them up to 12 hours a day, preferably 6 days a week. This was fine with me as I usually only wear them during the day. The lenses were comfortable and it is true when people say you don’t even realise you are wearing them. (Just don’t forget to take them out!) I had these lenses on a monthly direct debit so when they arrived in the post, it would come with the solution and the case to keep them in.
The solution is really good, as if you do feel they are getting a little dry or uncomfortable in your eye, then its really good to take them out and give them a little squirt of solution and put them back in again, and your eyes will feel refreshed. I think the price worked out around £30 for 3 months worth of lenses, plus solution, which seems a reasonable price.
I was using these lenses for a good 6 years with no problems at all, and I was extremely happy with the service which I had from Specsavers.

However a couple of years ago, I found that as I was wearing my contact lenses, my eyes were becoming more and more dry and uncomfortable when I had the lenses in, and it was always a relief to take them out. It can ruin your day when your eyes just don’t feel right. I decided to go book an appointment with specsavers to see if there was any problems with my eyes.
I explained how my eyes felt when wearing to the optician and they checked over my prescription, and checked my eyes. They decided to change the type of lense which I was wearing. I am now using a Specsavers easy vision contact lense, which allows more moisture and air into the eye, leading it to not becoming as dry. I could really tell the difference with this lense and it felt so much better, it also allowed me to wear them for a little longer up to 14 hours a day. The solution with this lense, is just as good and it definitely serves it purpose. These are more expensive than the other contact lense I had, as the solution costs £7.50 for a standard sized bottle. I am willing to pay this for the comfort which I get, also the solution does last me a while, so I don’t need to buy a solution every month.

The aftercare with specsavers is really good, I have a standard eye check up, along with a specific contact lense check up every two years. It was at one of these check ups, where they noticed that I had little white spots on one of my eyes. Even though this required me to go back and forth to the opticians every week for about 3 or 4 weeks, seeing all the different opticians, it showed that specsavers did care about their customers. This did turn out to be nothing in the end, but at least they took the time to make sure that it was nothing. This wasn’t caused by wearing contact lenses, but it was the contact lense check up which identified it.

Daily Lenses

I am a holiday person and I have been on lots of holidays abroad over the years. I used to wear my monthly lenses only at night time, and resentfully wore my glasses in the day. As when wearing monthly lenses you shouldn’t go swimming in them as this can damage the lense. I decided to try out the Specsavers easy vision daily lenses when I was on holiday, as this would allow me to wear them in the day but then I could throw them away at the end of the day, and start with a fresh pair the next day. I think these do work out fairly expensive at around £30 for 30 lenses, but as I only buy them a couple of times a year, I don’t mind paying it.
The daily lenses come in a box with 15 lenses in each box, the lenses are individually stored in a little pouch type container which has a small amount of solution in to keep them from drying out. They are practically the same as the monthly lense but you throw them away at the end of each day.

Extra Information

I have been undecided whether to include the next piece of information which I recently found out, but as this is an unbiased review, then it could be a useful piece of information. I found out from another website that Specsavers lenses are actually other brands of lenses which are just re-branded as Specsavers. This is the same for other companies such as Boots, who also rebrand some of their lenses as Boots own brands. There is nothing wrong with this, although if you buy the lenses as the original brand then they can be cheaper than the Specsavers brand. There is a search tool where you can see the prices of the Specsavers lenses to the original brand. The monthly specsavers lense did work out more expensive than the original brand, however the daily lenses were the same price.
I will not be buying the original brand of monthly lenses even though they are cheaper, as I think the aftercare service which you get with Specsavers is much more important than saving a few pounds (and I do like a bragain, don’t get me wrong).

If you are thinking about getting contact lenses, I would definitely recommend specsavers, also I think they have an offer on at the moment that if you have contact lenses from here then you can get a free pair of glasses worth £45! Go on, see if you’ve got a ‘glasses face!’

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  • JasonJRogers published 22/03/2016
    Well reviewed:)
  • RICHADA published 10/07/2012
    Fortunately I have a "glasses face"! R.
  • Anti_W published 12/05/2012
    Excellent review, I use Specsavers but they gave me Focus Dailies (maybe those are the rebranded Specsavers lenses you mentionned).
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Specsavers’ contact lenses are a convenient and great value alternative to glasses, and advances in technology mean they are now more comfortable than ever. Whatever your lifestyle, we have a contact lens to suit you. Choose from: daily, two-weekly or monthly disposables; all day-all night lenses you can even sleep in; varifocal monthly disposables; toric daily or monthly disposable lenses, which are suitable for astigmatism; and even coloured lenses which can change your appearance.

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