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... Some nice balanced reporting there, then? There’s also the issue of whether of not we should call them “Speed Cameras” or not. The tabloids reported that the Department for Transport spent over £1million coming up with a name which was more user friendly – “Safety Cameras”. Our local ... Read review

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Think Differently Review with images

AdvantagesCan reduce accidents and Improve Road Safety

DisadvantagesThere are fundamental problems with the manner in which they are used

"...your preconceptions of the whole speed camera issue. The reason why I ask this is that many people (from reading the reviews on here) have completed entrenched views one way or the other, and comments like “all speed cameras should be banned” or “if you don’t speed, you won’t get caught” aren’t particularly constructive. What I want to do is try and look at this argument in balanced way and suggest some proposals which balance the needs of everyone. ..." Read review

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Smile you're on Candid Camera!

AdvantagesGlowing yellow GATSO helps you anticipate dodgy junctions and action spots in the dark....

DisadvantagesRemoves the judgement and fairness of the traffic cop from the equation and replaces it with chance

"...my very contraversial opinion on speed cameras and more generally speed and driving etiquette. I used to drive 1,000 miles a week. If you didn't know you'd have guessed by the time you'd finished reading this. I apologise if my opinion seems vehement, the last thing I want to do is upset anyone, but I also I want to express my views openly and honestly because this is an issue I feel strongly about. SPEED CAMERAS To a certain extent my views ..." Read review

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Speed is making a killing!! Review with images

AdvantagesMakes money for the council to top off their pensions

DisadvantagesRipping off those who will pay

"...then motorists will no doubt speed through them. The council say they no longer need to be turned on as the accident rate has dropped in those locations, which begs the question why they were still turned on up until this week. What five would you turn off if you just lost a million bucks? I would turn off the least profitable ones. We pressume those are the five under-performers. ONE in three drivers are caught each year by a parking warden or ..." Read review

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And You Don`t Know Where You Got Done?

AdvantagesCan help to reduce accidents and injuries.

DisadvantagesCan be used more as a source of finance.

"...all was revealed. The original static speed cameras in the UK were all manufactured by a company called "Gatso" and were all rear-facing cameras. This meant that they captured the image of the speeding car as it drove AWAY. Although radar and road markings were used to record the speed of the vehicle and it`s registration number, the identity of the driver would remain an unknown factor. This is a major problem for the most widespread speed camera ..." Read review

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Speed limits saves lives

AdvantagesMake people think about their speed

DisadvantagesBad publicity

"...who will merrily break the speed limit on almost a daily basis. Speed limits and traffic calming measures, although annoying, are there for a reason. It has nothing to do with how good a driver you are, the fact is that if you drive even 5mph over the limit in a 30mph zone then the braking distance is considerably more. Children, the elderly and other vulnerable people cannot legislate for the fact that you're late for work/are applying your make-up/changing ..." Read review

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