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published 15/04/2014 | DiegoAlatriste
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Pro Speedo quality, good for non professionals.
Cons Not very comfortable for long serious workouts
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Value for money

"Swimming fins"

Ok , here we go, first of all why do you need fins?
One of the benefits they can offer is improved flexibility of an ankle. Also it helps you to swim faster and keep the stream line position of the body while swimming. Most of the fins will do this job.
First you need to get fins that are comfortable for you. So all you can do is to try it and hope it's good for you. Because fins fells different on dry land than in water. Size of the fins is important too, you don't want them feel loose , for me tight is better.
These fins come in many sizes. Like shoes but a bit different, shoes go 7,8,9,10 fins go 7-8 , 9-10 so you need to put this on otherwise it's a kind of luck to get comfort fins without trying.

What about walking with fins - NO! First it's not safe , because it has no sole so no tracion, fins are very slippery on the tile. They are made for men to be a fish and fishes does not walk :D So no way to walk with them :D unless you like cracked skull :D you can put them on in water easily with a little practice.

What about kids using fins.
There is some kind of fins for kids, but not by this brand or I do not know about it. No matter for kids or adults TRAINING fins must be small , not the long ones for diving or under water swim. Training with fins for kids could be a challenge because fins can easily overload leg muscles and stop the progress. Some coaches does not recommend fins for kids. Because for kids technique is the most important thing. In my own opinion they can use it but with moderate intensity to avoid injury. If not for sports but for fun, all way in. Kids can do it.

How much faster I will swim with fins?
Answer, much faster, but your leg muscles must work much harder , because of the resistance created by fins. Fins add you lots of speed, so you can swim more miles at workout and train leg muscles harder. Legs are the engine of swimming. So if you look serious at your swimming workouts and drills fins must be you best friend. But do not over do it. When you take them off and swim without fins you gonna feel like slowest swimmer in the planet after swimming last lap with fins. So combine swimming with fins and without them.
Load on leg muscles - good for training fins. 4 of 5

Swimming styles;
You can work all the the swimming styles excepting breaststroke. For breaststroke is special fins. Fins are very helpful when you need to "polish" upper body technique too.

How often to use.
Every workout , every day, or twice a day. But for special drills. Do not swim with fins all the time. Fins are help for drill but the drill must be the DRILL.
You need to combine fins into your swimming workout. Swimming all the time with fins is not a good idea. Because you muscles have a " memory" so you need to teach you body to use fins as help to your drill. But make your legs work best without fins.

What you should know about fins.
there are many types of fins so you need to find ones you like the most. In most cases they all are the same. Unless you are professional swimmer. But in my personal opinion all the fins do their job , they make you FISH.
There are some WARNINGS if you feel some discomfort in ankle , or ligaments even a knee, if you feel pain STOP the workout and monitor , improve step by step, do not over do it. Swimming need patience and a lots time. After an injury you can rehab but to be honest with you all the time 9 of 10 it means game over. So be careful and listen to your body. It's gonna tell you everything. If you use them properly, fins make you swim faster and longer event without the fins, after some time. If you do it properly and honestly fins make your leg muscles BURRRRRRN!

Fits good to your swimming bag, size a bit bigger than slippers.

Pros: improved leg muscles strength , stamina and ankle flexibility. Improved swimming speed without fins, more miles cover at workout. helps to develop straight line body position, helps to resolve heavy legs problem. Works ABS muscles very very good. Trains you core muscles good.

Cons: main cons of the fins is that you will allways want to swim with them. But you must beat that. For reasons I have told you above.
A bit heavy.
If it's not comfortable enough you can get kinda a blisters because of friction.

don't buy fancy fins for olympic athletes ;] try to find something middle for a price like 10-15 pounds at it will do the job for you very well if they fits you good. Most of the time fins fits good and the problems starts only with long hard workouts. On ebay was just a 13 pounds for these fins.

In my own experience, this speedo product is not one of the best they can offer, because at some points fins starts to cut the skin. But they do the job not bad at all. These fins are good in pool for non serious swimmers, but not very comfortable in long hard workouts for me.

From the point of PRO view.
Weight is good and shape is not bad but could be a bit wider ends for freestyle drills. Now I'm using Biofuse by speedo fins and like them much more. But Biofuse are bit bigger and heavier.

Material is rubber and plastics, as normal by speedo quality is good.

Durable? Yes. they can serve all the life for you. But some times , rarely rubber sock can tear.

As the last word , fins are great stuff , fun ,doesn't recuires a lots of technique and helps you feel that awesome feeling when you slide water like a fish. If you like swimming but never tried fins it time to do it.

Hope it helps.

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    Thank you
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    Muchly improved on content.
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    Marge I hope I answered your questions. Updated review. Thank you.
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