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published 07/08/2011 | vialdana
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Pro If you can get close to them I'm sure it might work if you're not attacked first.
Cons If you're Arachnophobic then this won't be a tool for you.
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"Arachnophobic's Nightmare"

As someone with true arachnophobia I’m already having difficulties writing this review, so please forgive me if I avoid certain words! I hate all things 8 legged and freak out whenever there is one in the house, and kinda freak out if one gets near me in the garden too, although there I’m more likely to scream and run inside as I’m aware that I’m in their domain rather than the other way round. I can’t even deal with a magazine with a picture of a ssss… nope can’t say it… on the front – it has to be covered up with post it notes before I can even open the magazine.

Some years back someone who was trying to be kind bought me one of these catcher devices. I can see their theory, I’d be able to deal with the things myself if I didn’t have to touch them. Yeah, it IS a nice theory, but the practice turned out quite differently. A few years later I encountered another type... I’m afraid that met with a similar fate but let me describe the two types first. The first works on suction:

Suction Version
It is basically like a long handle (maybe 2ft long) that’s a tube with a button at one end and some suction at the other. Point the one end at the insect (I know they’re not, but I still don’t want to mention what they really are), press the button, and its sucked into the tube. There’s then a cover you can put over the end to stop it coming back out.

So… can you see the problems yet? – Let me list them for you.

1 – You have to get within 2ft of the nasty 8 legged thing.

2 – It gets sucked into a tube that comes up near your hand errrugghh

3 – You have a cover to put over the open end which means getting near where it might come out and attack you!

Bristle Version
The second sort I’ve encountered has a similar length handle, a trigger switch at your end and some bristle bits at the other end. Press the trigger with it over the errr yeah you know what, and it catches it in the bristles. You carry it like this outside, press the trigger again and it releases it.

Ok problems…

1 – Ya still gonna have to get within 2ft of it!

2 – Its not contained so it might escape eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

3 – Do these things ever sit still enough to be crept up on and surrounded like this?

The second one came with a plastic 8 legged thingy which was not very realistic but still made me shudder.

My experience with the first sort was tested once. My husband was out, I had workmen on the roof fixing things, and there an arachnid came into the room to terrorise me! The power was off so my trusty vacuum cleaner was useless to me (I normally suck em up with this and leave it running for a good 10 minutes to make sure it’s not just dizzy but dead dead dead!). Arrrg what to do. Grab the catcher out of the cupboard in the kitchen where it had lived for some while with the ironing board (another thing I don’t use much), and attempt to creep up on the nasty creature. Stand as far away as possible, reach out and press the button, throw the whole lot instantly across the room because when the button was pressed the nasty zoooomed towards me! It did! It really did! Errrrgggghhhh. Panic and scream and hope a workman comes running (One came, but sauntering not running, and he did take the thing out for me and informed me it was dead coz I’d thrown the catcher so hard and the catcher was broken and the git laughed at me too!). A large cuppa, feet firmly off the ground and with bug-o-vision all the rest of the day and I felt a bit better.

My second experience wasn’t a lot better – Staying in a caravan, my husband gone for a walk, and me in a panic because an eight legged thing had got into this horribly small space with me. I couldn’t get to the catcher that was kept there (this was the second sort with bristles) because that huge monster was blocking my path. I climbed up onto the seat, I screamed, my husband came running from god knows where, opened the door, instantly sized up the situation, grabbed the catcher, suckered up the horrible monster and attempted to take it outside, dropped it by the door, I screamed again, he grabbed at it, failed, and then stomped it.

So, my expert arachnophobic opinion is – these don’t work… you have to get much to close to them, they’re too flimsy, they let the nasty evil eight legged things get waaay to near you and give them a chance to attack you properly, and they aren’t designed to be handled by people with a phobia. If you’re a phobic and have managed to read this, then you’re very brave! Congratulations! If however as I expect, most people who are reading this don’t have a problem with sss..parrrrrggghhh nope sorry you know whats…. Then please, remember this tale of woe and never give one to an arachnophobic friend, they can’t help it, the fear is very very real and they need you, the strong, the hunters of our society to deal with these evil and fearsome creatures for them.

(I wrote this in word, and am now going to post it and cross my fingers that there are no pictures of satans evil spawn on the page… if there are, I may have to abandon my mission of getting this message across to you… here goessss….)

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  • TheTravellingShowAndTellMan published 16/08/2011
    Awesome idea - I prefer the pick them up and take em outside approach, but if one was made 10feet long, would that help!!!
  • brittle1906 published 10/08/2011
    I have no problem with spiders but this device sounds pretty useless. Now can someone come up with one for flying ants, those are my nightmare!
  • louisechackett published 10/08/2011
    Totally agree...couldn't use one of these. I freak out too much!
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