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Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Xbox 360)

Genre: Action/Adventure - Beat 'em up - Publisher: Activision - Age Rating: 12+

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Review of "Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Xbox 360)"

published 19/08/2017 | kojak123
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Sad day. Does anyone know which company own the rights to Ciao, or if the site itself is for sale? Seems it could be quite profitable but it feels as though it's been run into the ground.
Pro Runs fantastically well, and the story is brilliant fun.
Cons 8 hours playthrough is a bit short. Boring generic baddies.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Spiderman V's Time travel. Edge of Time (xbox 360)"

Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Xbox 360)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Xbox 360)

Spiderman Edge of Time

xbox 360 version

Spiderman has been on home gaming consoles since 1982 first seen on the old Atari 2600. He's always been hot property, but it was only really with the improvement of 3d free roaming capabilities in the early 2000's that the superhero came into his own.
Spiderman 2 released on the 6th generation consoles in 2004 was a masterclass in what was possible for the franchise; a (semi) faithful recreation of Manhattan with no levels or silly stipulations about how to unlock sections of the city, just a go-anywhere, do-anything open world environment with an engaging story mode at its core.
Spiderman: the Movie from 2002 came close to realising spideys potential but it just missed the mark with a few silly ideas. Landing on the ground, for example, ended in death.

The xbox 360 - and PS3 and Wii, just to be inclusive - have had some really good efforts at Spiderman games in recent years. While Activision were still the "go-to" firm for Marvel games they and their subsidiary Beenox, a small Canadian programming firm bought out by Activision a few years back, turned out five Spiderman games in six years. That might sound a little like churning, and you'd be well within your rights to question the quality, but in my opinion all of them have been very playable stand-alone games.

The Amazing Spiderman from 2012 was the standard movie cash-in from the rebooted film series, but before that we were treated to Spiderman: Friend or Foe in 2007, Spiderman: Web of Shadows in 2008, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions in 2010 and Spiderman: Edge of Time in 2011.

My favourite game in terms of story was definitely Shattered Dimensions, where they cleverly found a way to bring four versions of Spiderman (there have been so many alternate versions in the comics over the last sixty-some years!) into the same game, splitting it into chapters where each Spiderman has a part to play in the overall story.
My favourite game for playability however is Edge of Time, which is the game I'm reviewing today.

This game is almost a sequel to Shattered Dimensions but instead of featuring 4 different Spiderman variations we have just two; the classic "Peter Parker" Spiderman and the futuristic Spiderman 2099, a very interesting variation created when Marvel decided in the mid 1990's to imagine their superheroes recreated in a dystopian society 100 years in the future.


The player is launched straight into the action in this one. The moment the title screen disappears a cinematic cut-scene kicks off with Spiderman battling old adversary Eddie Brock as the new man-made symbiote Anti Venom. It soon becomes clear that Eddie Brock is not actually in control of the beast and is being manipulated into attacking Spiderman by some unseen force. As Anti Venom starts to take the upper hand in the battle the scene is cut into by Miguel O'Hara as Spiderman 2099 who somehow has access to a portal to the past and is already on his way to save Peter Parker. Unfortunately he arrives too late, Spiderman is dead.

Following this pretty shocking intro sequence we skip back a little way to see what brought the events about - kicking off with Spidey 2099 which gives the quite cool comic-book style pop-up Previously - in the future....
We slowly reveal that this is a story of corporate greed. In the future a company named Alchemax is the planets biggest manufacturer of... pretty much everything! The split timeline is introduced as one of Alchemax's leading scientists has mastered time travel and decided to use his gift to jump back a century to crush their present competition in their infancy. i.e. he is plotting to destroy their future competitors in the business world in our own time, before they have gained any real power, thus giving Alchemax 100% of the market in 2099.

It works. Alchemax becomes an all powerful behemoth which basically owns and controls New York (and probably reaches much further, though for this story we're tied to NYC). Fortunately, Peter Parker is still alive in the past and still has his Spiderman powers - though in this new world he works for Alchemax rather than taking pictures for the local newspaper. Miguel o'Hara also keeps his powers in 2099, since he was trapped in the time portal while the transformation happened he is the only one unaffected and still aware that the world has been altered.

Between the two Spidermen we are left to investigate past, present and future for a way to repair the time portal and stop Alchemax becoming the powerhouse it was never supposed to be. Along the way we battle new and old enemies, and in a really cool twist the two swap time-lines for a short while, leaving Spiderman 2099 to fight some of the better known modern day villains and pitting Peter Parker against some of the future reality characters.

To give too much more away would defeat the object of playing the game. It's a really engaging story though, and actually quite fun jumping between the two lead characters. There is one memorable scene right at the end with both Spidermen fighting their boss characters simultaneously which is brilliant fun!


The game engine used here is a custom programmed model designed and coded by Beenox themselves. It was created for the Spiderman series so I suppose it was no surprise that Activision contracted them to produce every Spidey game they have licensed. In terms of fluidity it is second to none. Not remotely jerky, laggy or with any struggles to load, it runs beautifully.
Graphically it's good but not exceptional. I love the voice acting and the animations to go along with it, but the fight scenes especially just don't pop out of the screen the way they should, it's all very flat and (dare I say) boring. Mind you the colours are spot on, the dull dreary dystopian 2099 is recreated flawlessly and the more vibrant "Amazing Spiderman" universe equally so.

The controls are smooth but I can find them overly complicated as well.
The analogue sticks perform the usual function of looking around (camera panning) and moving your principle character which should be second nature to most console gamers.
Every one of the four main buttons performs a function in combat, but the shoulder buttons are also essential for web-slinging and swinging around as well. There is also another button for "special function" which is either super speed or the ability to project a hologram depending which timeline you're playing.
On top of that the Select button brings up a "leveling up" menu where extra abilities and upgrades can be purchased using points collected in the game.

Yes, it's easy to learn, but once again if you take a break from this and stick a new game in the x-box disc slot, you'll need to re-learn the controls all over again. I would have appreciated a more user-friendly approach to the combat system and maybe do away with the leveling system - it's easy to have that as an integral part of the game rather than making you pick and choose what to upgrade - I reckon it steers everyone to upgrade the same attributes anyway.

Enemies are a bit boring I have to say. In both realities it seems enemies spawn wherever they feel like, and instead of having a handful of interesting baddies to tackle we are usually just thrown in with a dozen or so generic henchmen to fight with our limited array of moves. It often becomes a button bashing hack 'n slash style offering as we do away with these adversaries with not much skill, especially in the first half of the game.
Bosses offer something more varied, but alas there are only four decent boss battles in the whole game with two coming right at the very end. (There are five boss fights if you count the initial encounter with Anti Venom, but since that one has pre-determined outcome it doesn't count).

Side missions are plentiful but very, very difficult. Usually involving a time trial of some sort - i.e. collect 100 tokens in 30 seconds or something similar. I've given up bothering with them as they just frustrate me. It's not so much skill as repetition, practising the same little section over and over to learn the positions of everything you need to collect.

Game playability

While the controls can be a bit frustrating I actually thing this is one of the more rewarding Spiderman games to play. The story is quite unusual, and unravelling it all - especially from dual timelines - is a really great gaming experience.
Combat is only so-so, but that's merely one aspect of the game, getting around is the real fun, they have almost turned navigating the building into a puzzle as we take to the floor, walls, ceilings, vents and ducts to get around and hunt for our next objective.

Comedy plays a big part in this game, they make light fun of the player controlling Spiderman as the two versions on our screens argue with each other about the best path to take ("If you want a Spiderman who'll do what you want, go play a video game!") and there are TONS of quite amusing references such as a dig at turning Spiderman into a musical (they already did - it rightly flopped!)

Play-through time on this is pretty short. Stick to the story mode and you'll smash this in 8-10 hours, I know plenty of people who clocked it on release day. Add in the extras and you can easily double that, but for me the story mode is all I'm bothered about on this one.
Not much re-play value either I'm afraid, there are no alternate paths to take, the game is pretty linear so it's not like you'll have a new experience every time you play.

My Opinion

As a big Marvel geek I generally check out the comic-book related video game releases. They used to be pretty awful, particularly movie tie-ins, but these days they seem to have stepped up a notch and are showing some respect for the following their characters and material have.
This game is a great example of that. Not based on any of the comics, this is a storyboard put together JUST for this game, and while it's a bit "out there" it is actually a solid, coherent story.

If you're after an easy pick-up-and-play Spiderman game then this may not be it. Despite its short completion time it's quite a pain to master the controls. The best game to get in that case would be The Amazing Spiderman (1 or 2) where you have the classic control layout and the ability to wander around New York saving helpless residents.

This one is for the comic fans who fancy a change from the norm. The fact that it's set in quite a claustrophobic environment (inside a single skyscraper) was a very bold move and will put some of the casual gamers off but it adds a new element to regular players of the franchise.

I rate this around a 7/10, and since Ciao then have tied me to either 3 or 4 stars I have opted for the lower of the two.

It's a great game, but the longevity counts strongly against it and the fact that there is basically no replay value means this one is probably not destined to become a classic.

6/10. Worth a look but I'd borrow rather than buy it.

Thanks. Kev

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