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Pro Great design, good look, very good quality t shirt
Cons Sizing is a touch too small
Value for Money

"A Super T Shirt!"

My son has settled very well onto school life. No longer the cheeky little toddler in nursery, he now comes home with homework, multiple books to read per week and spelling tests. Slight shock to the system but one we have all managed to get our heads around, adapt well and push forward. One thing that has been super easy is getting used to uniforms Monday to Friday. Alot less buying of ordinary clothes on my part. But when I do buy something for him to wear outside school I like it to be fun, stands out and eye catching. This t shirt I felt fitted the bill, and was bought from Argos when on sale for £2.99.

Why did I buy this?

This wasn’t a planned purchase. I was actually looking at afew items for my daughter. At the time the summer holidays hadn’t kicked in and she needed some clothes for nursery. My eyes stumbled upon this t shirt in the clearance/price drop section online. The character grabbed me as my son still is a fan, the overall look was eye catching and the price even more so. Had to be a bargain!

How does it look?

The structure, style and cut of this t shirt is very simple. It’s a short sleeved t shirt with a rounded neck line.

The main colouring of this is a bright almost pillar box red colour.

On the front of this t shirt, laying central and taking up a good two third of it, is a picture. This picture is very much a comic strip style recreation. It’s almost square like in shape but sectioned off into three parts, all of which are rectangular. The main part of the picture is of the character Spiderman. This spreads itself over the whole area. As you would expect, face covered with mask, which is red with black web like line detailing on it. This follows through over the torso with a simple spider symbol on the chest, with the majority of the costume being blue in colour (bar the boots which pretty much mirrors the colouring and look of the mask). Spiderman is in a mid flight position but you can see him almost head front facing on. His hand has released a web, which is basically a very thick grey line pointing to the top right hand of the t shirt. One leg is bent almost crouching on something like a ledge, with the other extended out.

Behind the main image of Spiderman, you can see that there are other scenes. Most of which is covered by Spiderman himself, but you can get a glimpse of each from the three sections. The top section you can just about make out some buildings. Quite basic in look, brown/beige I’m colouring, and what you can see looks like the top of the buildings. You can also see another picture of Spiderman, but less detailed than the one on top of him and alot less clear of course. Top left hand corner of this section is the words SPIDER POWER, in bold, bright red writing very much comic book style, with a yellow comic strip style shape around it.

Middle section again shows another picture of Spiderman, much smaller though and again hidden mostly by the main picture. He looks as if he could either be travelling down a building or somehow being connected to the side of one. You can just about see some basic people shapes far away from him, and also looking at him from what looks like some form of windows. Over the corner this section another phrase, coloured and appears the same as the first, but saying THWIP.

Last selection another picture of Spiderman. He’s in a crouched position looking head on. Behind him you can see the tops of buildings and the street below. Covering most of this image are the following sentences which are in white speech bubbles...WHATEVER THE CASE....THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!

You can tell this picture is some form of ironed on transfer because its smooth and almost silky, and has a shiny appearance compared to the actual t shirt itself.

The back of this t shirt is completely plain and void of any detail, pictures etc.

100% cotton. Wash at 49 degrees. Wash and iron inside out.

What does my son think?

I didn’t buy this as a present so there was no big reveal. I just felt it was about time he had a new t shirt and perfect time to wear it was during the summer holidays. I gave his sister a new top to wear and I handed him this. When he saw it he was quite excited and started to sing the theme tune from the cartoon series he used to watch. He then proceeded to run around for a minute of two pretending to web shoot. He then asked if he could wear it that day as we were going out, and I said yes.

My son, unlike his sister, isn’t that obsessed with clothes. But he genuinely likes this top. He recognised the character straight away. He loves the picture on the front and overall was pleased with it.

What do I think?

Price and look of this t shirt drew me in. I didn’t see it in the flesh but online. Used the click and collect service and then saw it in the flesh. Firstly, it looked exactly how it did online in real life which is always a good thing, so I knew what I was getting. And the price I felt was super cheap and a great bargain. Spiderman is one of those brands that has been going on for years and years, and probably will continue for much more. Of course, different versions appear which keeps clothing, toys etc fresh and new in regards to appearance and style, but it still is a branded product. They can be bought at good prices thanks to supermarkets these days, but are quite mass produced. This, thanks to the sale, meant its price was comparable to something non branded and a little more different compared to its counterparts. So price of course fantastic.

The look of this t shirt is a winner! The vibrant red is in your face and there is no hiding from it. To me it not only ties in with the character perfectly, but also makes the picture on the front really pop, rather than be stuck on a boring white, black or grey background. I can’t say I have ever really looked at a proper comic in my life! But this picture definitely conjures up that type of feel. It’s vey cartoon like with its black quite thick outlines, bold and bright colouring of the character, the large lettering of the words in their various bubbles. There a sense of fun with this. Child appropriate I would say because of all the points I have mentioned and quite child like because it looks not only as if its been lifted from an actual comic, but potentially from a cartoon.

My daughter is normally the one who gets comments about what she’s wearing. Whether its her glittery shoes, striking leggings or Frozen tops. But my son has been noticed wearing this top by other people. It’s been commented how nice the top is, and how good it looks on him. It’s something a touch different from what he normally wears, and very much is a ‘look at me' item!

I like how busy the picture is on the front, and the fact that the character is shown on it multiple times, with various different backdrops behind him, yet they all physically overlap. It shows a character that is busy, always on the move and trying to save someone or stop some bad thing from happening. It’s hard to make a picture come to life but this manages it very well!

The quality of the t shirt itself is a good one. It doesn’t feel rough to touch in fact the opposite. It has a decent thickness to it and is still lightweight. It’s put together well with stitching not obvious, and all stitching from what I can see being the same colour as the actual t shirt makes it look well finished.

The length of this t shirt I am happy with, when my son is wearing it. It’s not too short or too long. He seems very comfortable wearing it and doesn’t appear to be restricted in anyway. The overall fit though I will mention a little further on into the review.

My son is at the age where dressing himself is not an issue. He is old enough to do these types of things with complete independence. This t shirt is easy enough for him to put on and take off, as the neckline provides him with enough space to get his slightly large head in and out if it. I do wish though this area was elasticated, so it would provide more give, but not a necessity.

On a fashion point, this works well in my son's wardrobe. He pretty much lives in jogging bottoms and t shirts anyway, and all of his jogging bottoms tend to be black, navy, dark grey or grey. This t shirt goes with all of these. It’s not a hard item to match up as the style fits in perfectly with his casual wardrobe. The red matches the dark colours of his jogging bottoms plus whatever he wears on his bottom half tends to be plain in regards to patterns, so the whole emphasis is on the t shirt and nothing else.

Thankfully this isn’t my daughter’s, so I can wash this at normal everyday temperatures, which is normally 40 degrees. This washes beautifully. The colour hasn’t run from it onto anything else. It hasn’t bled into the picture on the front and the t shirt is still shaped the same, same size etc. But more importantly the picture on the front is perfect! If I’m honest the t shirt itself looks just as it did when first bought, and its been worn and washed at least a handful of times. No crinkling of the picture, no bits have fallen off, no warping or anything. Still shiny and glossy in look and feel so very happy.

Dries quickly when washed and left to hang to dry, and ironing is easy on a low to mid temperature with the t shirt being inside out to protect the picture.


The sizing seems abit off to me. My son appears to be quite average for his age when you look at his height. And you wouldn’t think much when looking at his body shape. He is a strong slim boy. But his body type is stocky and I suspect will continue to be so. You pick him up, if that’s at all possible, and you feel like you are lifting lead. So despite appearances, tops that are made for his age are too fitting. Plus I like his fit to be on the baggy side, but not too much. I bought age wise 2 sizes up from his actual age, which I normally do with any top. That normally gives him the fit I want which is a slight looseness from the body, and alittle extra length at the bottom. Not only does this provide perfect fit but enough room to grow into. This top is much smaller. At a push one size up if not the right fit for his actual age. The length is there but you can see how it will soon cling onto his body, more so stomach and chest area.

Would I buy this again?

Yes I would! I love this top! It’s well made, great quality and has a striking look. For me, this is one of the best Spiderman t shirt my son has ever owned. It’s memorable, bright and striking which I love. The price of course is a no brainer and fantastic value, but even if sold for twice that amount or even a touch more I would say its worth it. What I would say though is you may need to adjust your idea of what the best size is for the child in question. If you normally go up one size, maybe best to go up by 2 as an example, and so on. Other than that, a great t shirt!

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