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Splendid Hotel, Nice

Splendid Hotel Nice is a deluxe class hotel located in the city center of Nice and is six kiometers from the Nice Airport. The hotel is noted for it\\...

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Review of "Splendid Hotel, Nice"

published 04/07/2007 | avacarrdo
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Pro Great location, clean and comfy rooms, Pool!
Cons Weird showers, no sea views
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"Hotel Perfectly Adequate"

I’ve just returned from a holiday in Nice, where there’s approximately 300 days of sunshine a year, there are French women sunbathing topless on the beach, and you can dunk your baguette in your coffee and just sit back and watch the world go by. I went to Nice to meet up with my boyfriend after he’d been at conferences, and so we decided to have a short holiday there. I spent weeks trying to find the perfect accommodation, looking on hundreds of websites, trying to balance out cost issues, as well as trying to find somewhere in a good location, and that had good reviews by other travelers. I finally, FINALLY made a decision and booked the Hotel Splendid through hotelclub.com five days before I left.


The Hôtel Splendid is a 4-star hotel located on the Boulevard Victor-Hugo in the centre of Nice, a few minute’s walk away from both the main train station and the Boulevard des Anglais. There are 128 rooms within the 8-storey building subdivided into “Harmony”, “Deluxe” or “Suite” rooms, each with varying degrees of luxury. The hotel has conference facilities, WiFi, internet access in the lobby (You have to pay though). On the top floor is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a bar and separate restaurant. There’s also a beauty salon and hairdressers next to the lobby area.


I have to say that the location of the hotel is fantastic. The Boulevard Victor Hugo is a reasonably quiet residential and small-business street that runs parallel to the Boulevard des Anglais, about three short blocks back from the sea. If you turn left on exiting the hotel, then the train station is a ten minute amble away, perfect to jump on a train and go to Monte-Carlo for lunch, as we did! Although the street is pretty quiet, you can often hear motorbikes whizzing up and down the streets at pretty much any time of the day or night. You can hear the traffic even if you sleep with the windows closed, but this really didn’t bother us too much as we’re used to city noise. It’s certainly not enough noise to wake you up from sleep, but if you’re particularly sensitive to noise at night, then you might want to bear this in mind.


As you enter the hotel, you pass a cute little water feature as well as some blackboards highlighting some of the dishes being served at the restaurant. There’s a nice big check-in counter, and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. I had printed out a confirmation slip, and the staff just checked it and handed me my key, and that was it! It was fantastic not to have to faff around waiting to sign papers and swipe credit cards. You do that at check out, and it’s speedy and professional (The concierge will also look after your bags if you check out early and have a day to kill before you go home). Check in time is 1PM, check-out is at noon, although you can negotiate to check out later for a fee if you want.

In the lobby there’s also a number of chairs to sit and relax in, as well as the conference rooms, payphones, a hairdressing salon and the beauty salon. There’s also a computer with internet access; we didn’t use it, but I think you ask the staff and they’ll give you a password and then charge you for it at the end of your session. There are two lifts going up to the rooms, as well as a spiral staircase, which might be worth using if your room is on a lower floor, as the lifts sometimes take forever to arrive. They are also TINY. They carry a maximum of five people, but the most I ever saw in the lift was four adults looking somewhat squashed and uncomfortable! If you have a lot of luggage, you might have to send people up one at a time with some of it. Thankfully, we just had an overnight bag, but it was a bit of a squish nonetheless!


I had requested a non-smoking room, and so we were given a room on the 7th floor, one of about four non-smoking floors. Our room was on the top floor, as above us was only the pool, restaurant and bar. It was a really nice little room. It had a writing desk and chair, an easy chair and small table, a suitcase stand, double bed with bedside tables attached, minibar, TV and built in cupboard, as well as a balcony with two chairs. Everything was very clean, including the sheets, towels and carpet. It was on the small side, but it didn’t feel cramped at all and there was room to move around the room without bashing into things. The décor was nice, with a green and blue patterned carpet, nice wood paneling and red and blue stripy curtains. I wouldn’t have given it first prize in an interior decorating competition, but neither was I kept awake at night by hideous colour schemes on the walls!

The TV had about twenty channels. The majority of them were in French, but there were also channels in German, Italian, Mandarin and English. We watched mostly BBC and CNN, flicking it on most mornings to find out what the hell was going on back in England! The minibar had the usual combination of mini bottles of booze, as well as some bottled water. I couldn’t find a price list, so I’m not sure how much they would all cost. There was lots of writing paper, and hotel information in the room, as well as information on the internet (either in the lobby, or you could pay for WiFi in your room). There was an individual aircon that was remote-control operated. This was fantastic, as we had the power to control how cold or otherwise we wanted the room (Much better than those hotels where you are at the mercy of centralized airconditioning!)

I’m quite fussy about beds in hotels, as I get backache quite often. The bed itself was pretty comfortable, even with two of us sleeping on it, it didn’t sag too much, which seems to be a hazard of staying in lower-quality hotels. There were two pillows on the bed, but I found two more in the cupboard, along with another blanket. The first night I slept on the pillows but woke up the next morning with an incredibly painful neck! I must have slept in a funny position and developed a pinched nerve or something, because I was in agony the next day, and, to a lesser extent, the day after! For the next two nights, I just slept on the bed without a pillow, and that was much better. I’ve mentioned this just as a warning to people who might suffer from back/neck problems, but I don’t know how much of the problem was due to the bad quality of the pillows, and how much was just due to me sleeping in a weird position. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a huge problem overall, but it did mar my enjoyment of the hotel a bit.

The ensuite bathroom had the cutest little floor tiles, pink roses! There was a toilet, a bidet, a stool and a bath with a shower head inside, as well as towels and the usual collection of toiletries. If you wanted to have a wash, you could pull a lever and have the water run out of the bath taps, or out of the shower head that was connected to them by a hose. Unfortunately, there was no hook to hang the shower head up to, so you had to hold the shower head yourself, which was a bit annoying, especially when I was trying to wash my hair one handed! I guess the stool was there so that you could sit on it and wash yourself sitting down, but I didn’t bother. It was also really hard to get the water temperature right for the shower; it seemed to always be too cold or too hot. Thankfully, because it was so hot I didn’t mind jumping under a cold shower, but this could become really irritating in winter. The feature I absolutely loved about the bathroom was the sliding windows located above the bath which opened up onto the balcony. As we were up so high and there were no buildings any higher around, I had plenty of baths with the windows wide open; from which I could see the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds slowly meandering by. Bliss!


The hotel was really well equipped with lots of amenities to make our break really relaxing. Here’s a quick rundown:

Up on the roof of the hotel is the pool, sun loungers and jacuzzi. The pool itself is small, probably about 10 metres long and 5/6 metres wide, so it’s not really for the serious swimmer, but it was nice to splash around in. It’s got a fence around it, and the pool itself is quite deeply recessed into the surrounding decking, so you have to climb down a ladder to reach the water. Late in the day the pool water does get a bit warm due to the sun, but it’s still refreshing. There’s also a small jacuzzi on the rooftop, that can probably seat about 4 adults, if you’re all in the mood to get cozy. It’s located right next to some sun loungers, and so every time we went up there I was worried that the sound of the motor would disturb the sunbathers, but nobody seemed to mind. Most of them looked asleep, anyway.

There’s a bar next to the pool with good views over the city. You can pay in cash or charge things to your room. My boyfriend had a cup of coffee for €2.50 but he said you’d get better value coffee at the cafes down on street level.

There’s also a restaurant “Chez Hugo” up there, again with great views over the city and surrounding hillside (You can’t quite see the sea from up there!) It serves Mediterranean food for breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast costs €16 per person, and you are given the option of requesting it when you check in, but I declined, because I am a cheapskate. We didn’t eat at the restaurant at all, but from the reviews I read on Trip Advisor, the food is quite good and reasonably priced. If anybody does end up staying there, do let me know what it was like!

Downstairs in the lobby is the beauty salon. This offers a wide range of therapies such as facials (€55-80), massages (€50-80) using Decléor products. In the room is a coupon giving you a 10% discount on any Decléor product if you’ve had a treatment at the Spa, so this could be good value if you’re a fan of Decléor. You can also take advantage of the spa even if you’re not staying at the hotel; a treatment includes use of the pool and Jacuzzi as well.


We had a very pleasant stay in Nice, which was in part due to staying at the Hôtel Splendid. It was clean and comfortable, and the room was really nice. We didn’t spend much time in the room as we were busy eating our way across Nice, but we did spend one evening just hanging out, swimming and watching French TV and I certainly didn’t feel claustrophobic, or frustrated, or eager to get out of there. It does seem a bit soulless, but I think that’s a problem with most hotels in Nice- there are so many mainstream, middle-of-the-road places that it’s hard to find something quirky and unusual. This place is slap-bang mainstream, but it has everything that you need, and no unpleasant surprises. The staff were really friendly and had tons of tourist information at their fingertips, so it makes for a very easy stay at the Hotel. Recommended as a “safe” choice for those who don’t have the time, energy or money to look into more adventurous accommodation!


The sign on the door of our room charged €220 per night for a standard room; we paid €135 by booking on hotelclub.com which was probably the cheapest of all websites that I checked out (expedia, lastminute, etc. etc.) It was one of the few hotels that had rooms left 5 days before we wanted to check in, so availability doesn’t seem to be a problem, although at the height of summer you might want to be more organised that I am!

More information can be found at www.splendid-nice.com or by contacting the hotel directly: 50 Boulevard Victor-Hugo 06000 Nice, France Tel: +33 4 93 16 41 00 Fax: +33 4 93 14 42 70

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  • martinwi published 06/04/2008
    A great review full of information and well written. 300 days of sun sounds great & all the French women are topless... gosh its sounding fault free!! So good & well written, it worthy of an E.
  • RICHADA published 21/01/2008
    Borderline Exceptional this one.....all it actually would have taken to get an E from me would have been some photographs. When it comes to hotel reviews I really do think that pictures are worth a 1000 words, I aqlways like to "see before I buy" when it comesto a hotel room. Calling a place the Hotel Splendid is a bit chancy too, although I suppose we have some pretty "Grand" dumps here in the UK! Richard.
  • Badger_Boy published 20/10/2007
    Nothing to fault and answered everything I would or indeed need to know about the hotel.
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