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Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the 5th most popular breed of dog in the UK, which is also it’s place of origin (Staffordshire, UK) It is the only breed to have the words 'totally reliable' in its breed standard. The breed came into existence around about the 17th century. The breed came from crosses between the old English bulldog and various types of terriers, and was bred for the then popular sports of bull-baiting, ratting and dog fighting. After the sports were banned, the dog was bred as a companion. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 1935. These dogs were renowned for their courage and tenacity and despite their ferocity in the pit (whilst fighting) were excellent companions and good with children. They are sometimes referred to as ‘Nanny Dogs’.


The breed has a reputation of being good with children, and very loyal and affectionate towards its owners. It can however be aggressive towards other dogs, or animals outside of the family and be difficult to housebreak. As a puppy the Staffordshire bull terrier tends to chew quite a bit. This breed is obedient and very people friendly. The bred is thought to be very intelligent and responsive to training, though are very strong-willed! They can be quite vocal, and full of stamina, not quick to pick a fight, but more than able to defend themselves if necessary. They can, and a lot do, retain their puppy character throughout their lives, making them quite a handful. They have a great sense of humour, are boisterous, but great fun to be around. They can be very destructive if they are left alone at home for long periods of time, Staffordshire Bull Terriers need to be occupied.


The general height and weight for a fully-grown Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

Bitch – 14-16 inches 24-34lbs
Dog – 14-16 inches 28-37lbs

Typical colours include, Brindle, blue, black, red, fawn, white; or any of these with white. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has very short and smooth hair. The dog is wide set, and has powerful muscles, and very pronounced cheek muscles, strong jaw and tight lips. Their head is short, with a broad skull. They have dark round eyes that look straight ahead, and medium-sized ears that are rose or half-pricked. The actual body is strong but compact, with a short neck and broad fore chest.

The coat is very easy to maintain, with it being so short. It requires little brushing, but using a stiff brush removes any loose hair. Staffordshire Bull Terriers should be only washed when necessary, they should be washed properly once every few weeks, if necessary they can be rubbed down with a damp cloth and some suitable dog shampoo. The dog needs to be walked daily, usually about 3 times. It should get about 2 hours exercise each day, they do enjoy their exercise, and need to be given enough so that their boisterousness in the house is kept to a minimum. The dog is quite easy to train, although you need to be very firm, praise and treats help the dog to understand what is required. Some dogs may need to be muzzled when out for walks, as they don’t always get on with other dogs, it is important that this is done, otherwise the dog could end up being put down.

Some Staffordshire Bull Terriers are prone to problems with their eyes, cataracts, over heating and breathing problems, it’s important to make regular appointments at the vets, and keep up to date with all inoculation. It’s advisable to have your pet insured. If your dog is ill, lost or stolen then the insurance will pay for any bills incurred. Staffordshire Bull Terriers usually live between 10 and 15 years.

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier needs a good strong lead. I personally don’t agree with Choker collars, but it may be necessary for some dogs to wear them, I find A thick strong lead and a harness are the best way to control my dogs. The dogs are very strong and you need to be in control of them at all times. A good leather harness will cost you in the region of £50-£100.

This type of dog loves to play, so toys, balls and anything fun is a must. They also need a decent sized bone to help with the removal of plaque from their teeth. The dog will need to be trained to return a toy, as sometimes they don’t want to play, and will run away and chew the toy!

Staffordshire Bull Terriers love to be in the water, they love to swim, and chase balls in the water.

I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Archie and Carson. They’re both 25 months old, and are pedigrees. I paid £200 for Archie and £240 for Carson. I’ve had Archie since he was 6 weeks old, and Carson since she was 5 months. They’re gorgeous dogs, and are so affectionate. Both are really playful and boisterous. Archie is all black with a slight white chest and a white devil streak on his forehead, and Carson is black and white.

Both are pretty obedient, and will listen when shouted at. They both have problems with other dogs, especially Carson; she hates other dogs, and is very protective of Archie. They’re both strong-willed and have minds of their own. They love playing will a ball, although Carson prefers to eat it! Carson loves the water, once she’s in, she won’t come out, Archie isn’t so keen, and he’d rather have a paddle at the edge. They both love to chew!! Carson has a thing about sponges and toilet rolls, leave any in her sight, and they’ll be in bits in seconds. They have loads of balls, and toys, but there’s nothing they love better than fighting over scruffy old football.

Both my dogs are really good with people, and love attention, especially Archie. He’s a loveable little rogue and everyone seems to love him.
Both my dogs are fed on Iams, and natural food like mince, neither of them like dog food from tins and are really fussy. There’s nothing they like better than a pigs ear though – urgh!

Both my dogs have had their injections and have regular visits to the vets, Archie has had a skin condition before, where he went all scaly, but he’s fully recovered now, and Carson almost died (and so did I when I saw the Vet bill!) when another dog we had attacked her, but she’s fully recovered too, and only has a tiny scar as a reminder.

Both dogs re ok in the car, Archie just lies down and goes to sleep, and Carson quickly follows. I’m pleased I haven’t got dogs that get carsick, it would be horrible!

I’ve got two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and I’ve also had to Staffordshire Bull Terrier crosses, I love the breed. They’re so much fun, and entertaining. I would recommend getting one to anybody, although I think it’s best if you’re getting more than one, to get them when they’re both young, so they can get used to one another. I’ve found it difficult getting new dogs when you already have an older, well-established dog.

I want a litter of puppies off my dogs soon, Staffordshire Bull Terriers usuall have an average litter of 4 -6, a nice looking dog will usually sell for £200-£500, and a bitch for usally a bit more, depending on the bone structure and head size, and colour.

The dogs are good with kids, and love to go for a nice long walk. They’re only suitable for those people who can give them the time and love they need, thy need lots of time, and it’s not fair if you don’t have that.

I wouldn’t change mine for the world!

I hope I’ve covered everything, feel free to ask me anything else, if there’s anything you want to know.

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  • smcccc published 22/09/2005
    Nice review..
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    Your review was fantastic, I learnt several things about my dog(Bobby) that I didn't know before, Well done. Naomi
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    I'd love one of these dogs! Great op. Cheers, Dean
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