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Stagg Chilli, Classic Con Carne

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Review of "Stagg Chilli, Classic Con Carne"

published 12/04/2008 | toepunt10
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Pro Tates great, fairly cheap and cooks in minutes
Cons Can be painful the day after
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"Stagg Chilli, an enema in a can!!"

Stagg Chilli is without a doubt the single greatest thing I have ever eaten from a can. Nothing else can ever compare to the glorious taste sensation that is Stagg Chilli dynamite hot. The classic Stagg Chilli is more or less the same, but is more suited to people that fear spicy foods and don't appreciate the subtle burning sensation that hot food gives you. I would recommend both varieties, but in my honest opinion the dynamite hot is infinitely better and should only be avoided if you feel you cannot handle extreme spiciness. Eating a bowl of the dynamite hot chilli will inevitably cause your nose to run uncontrollably, will have you running back and forth to the tap and will almost certainly leave you with a sting ring the next day. But goddamn it's worth it!!

My friend is a big fan of the chilli, but finds that it disagrees with him for the next few days. Many a time he has been caught out in the middle of doing something and has had to sprint for the nearest toilet so that he can unleash his bowels on an unsuspecting toilet bowl. I seem to recall a time where Stagg Chilli resulted in a public toilet being covered in faecal matter; it was a scene so horrific that if you were ever to see it you would gouge your eyes out. You have been warned about the power of Stagg dynamite chilli, so eat with caution and be aware that it is not the faint hearted. If scientists were ever to harness its power then they could make a bomb far more powerful than anything humanity has seen before.

Stagg Chilli is widely available in a number of supermarkets and is generally found in isles full of tins. In terms of price, it is fairly pricey, often setting you back around the 1.50 mark. But this isn't that expensive when you consider that it is essentially a meal in a can. An ideal product for the lazy student of today who hasn't got the time to cook, but still wants something appetizing. From reading other reviews, I have seen that Stagg Chilli is only 5% fat, which is a lot better than most ready meals and is sure to be healthier than other canned meals. Its main ingredients are beef and an assortment of beans, combined with plenty of capsicum for that spicy edge. Consistency is similar to most other chilis, with it being fairly thick and not being full of liquid, like other canned foods can be.

So if you like chilli, have a tolerance to spicy foods and wont be more than 10 metres from a toilet the day after, then Stagg Chilli is definitely for you. If you go through life without trying this glorious chilli then it you will never feel fulfilled and will always want something more to fill the void in your life. So sort your life out and get down to your local supermarket and pick yourself up a can of Stagg Chilli dynamite hot. Prepare yourself for a taste sensation and the inevitable ring stinger that will follow!

Ye be warned!

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  • koshkha published 21/04/2008
    I missed the controversial title but I still think this isn't a great review - for a start, we learn more about what it's like on the way out, than on the way in. Other than 'hot' you don't tell us what it tastes like or even what it's made from (is it beef? I'm guessing probably yes, but what else is in there - any vegetables, lots of other stuff?)
  • MarcoG published 18/04/2008
    Now THAT is a good title :)
  • toepunt10 published 18/04/2008
    The word fag has multiple meanings and many of them would have made sense in the context. I think you should consider the context, as the word itself is not offensive, but is when it is used in a derogatory manner. I was using it in a lighthearted way and would have continued to fight to keep my title as it was. Ciao however decided to change the title, most likely due to the fact that people took offence. I thought ciao was meant to be an open forum to review products, have a laugh and generally exercise our god given right to free speech. Many tyrannous regimes started by censoring literature and we all know how Hitler's Germany turned out.
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