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Stan - Eminem & Dido (Single)

Single Track from Dido, Eminem - Genre: Hip Hop/Rap - Release Year: 2000

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Review of "Stan - Eminem & Dido (Single)"

published 18/08/2011 | charlsayslol
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Pro Great lyrics, rhyme and backing track; generally a great track
Cons None in particular, but there is swearing
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Marshall Mathers LP cover

Marshall Mathers LP cover

As a teenager I used to absolutely adore Eminem and listened to his music all the time as well as having a few posters of his likeness on my wall and once going to a massive gig he did. Over the past few years, however, I haven’t found myself listening to him anywhere near as much as I used to, and while this is partly because I haven’t been as keen on his newer stuff, it’s also because my tastes have changed slightly and rap is no longer my music of choice. That said, when I do listen to him again I do enjoy his music almost as much as if not actually as much as I used to several years ago. I’ve recently gotten back into listening into what was probably my second favourite of his albums after The Eminem Show, which is The Marshall Mathers LP. While there are many great songs on this album, it is ‘Stan’ alone that I shall be reviewing today.


I doubt that there are many people in the Western world who have not heard of Eminem, such has been his fame and notoriety over the past ten years or so. He is famous not only for being one of the first and most prevalent white American rappers to achieve commercial success, but also for being a very talented lyricist and for releasing many chart topping raps over the space of only a few years. He is also a very controversial figure, with many people including public figures blaming him for corrupting youth and for being an extreme negative influence. His music is in the rap genre and unsurprisingly there is swearing as well as drug and sex references abound, but my parents allowed me to listen to it when I was about twelve years old onwards and I’m now a normal, nonviolent adult so it doesn’t do much harm to listen to him. That said, many of his songs do have some violent, unseemly or brutal lyrics, and so would not be appropriate for young children.


Stan was one of the few songs/raps released as a single from The Marshall Mathers LP and is probably one of the best known of Eminem’s works. It is, however, not a rap typical of the hip hop genre and was particularly unusual at the time of its release early last decade for being a relatively sad and thoughtful song as opposed to the tendency for loud and fast rap. This is certainly not a rap that would go down well in a club, due to it’s backing/chorus being from the slow and rather sombre song, ‘Thank You’ by Dido, rather than being quick, dance music. Stan is definitely a rap to enjoy for the lyrics and the rhythm rather than for one to dance to, but then this is true of a lot of Eminem’s earlier work, very little of which would have been suitable for clubs.

Stan is a rap in four parts: the first three are letters or recorded tapes from Eminem’s biggest fan, Stan, to his idol, and the last is Eminem’s reply to Stan. Eminem himself raps both for his part and for Stan’s but it’s in no way confusing as to whether he’s talking from the point of view of himself or the character of Stan at any one time. Stan starts by telling Eminem about his life, including his pregnant girlfriend as well as asking his favourite artist about his work and saying how much he loves his music, and it is clear that this is not the first of such letters he has sent. The next two pieces of correspondence change somewhat in tone before finally we hear Eminem’s reply, all the while with the instrumental of ‘Thank You’ playing in the background.
Lyrics and Rhyme

The lyrics are, as in all of Eminem’s greatest raps, exceptional. The story is told simply but effectively with an effective and sustained rhythm, which flows perfectly. All of the lines of ‘Stan’ rhyme, as raps are wont to do, but none of the rhymes feel contrived or as if he has forced words into a sentence in order to create a rhyme: everything sounds completely natural and the fact that they often rhyme seems to be a happy coincidence rather than something that was intentionally done. I feel that the way that he writes is much more poetic than the majority of rappers with commercial success and in ‘Stan’ is this even clearer than in the rest of his work. They lyrics are fairly simple but are cleverly done. There are none that particularly stand out as favourites as I enjoy the whole song and none would sound particularly brilliant written here out of context, so I won’t give any quotes for this song.

Overall Opinion

This is one of my favourite Eminem songs and is one that I remember listening to on a more regular basis than others. The song is quite sad but is thoughtfully and brilliantly done and is much more relaxed than a lot of rap music. The only really criticism I could make of the song is that in seems that in many ways Eminem used this song to try to improve his image in a way, as it made him come across as caring more about his fans than is probably the reality. Since he is speaking through the mouth of Stan he can also speak positively about his own music without being openly vain, but I still find parts of this song a bit too self-congratulatory at times, despite being a great fan of Eminem myself.

In conclusion, this is a great song, which I’d recommend highly. If you’re not a particular fan of Eminem or rap in general but like this song then it would be a great track to download on its own, but since the rest of The Marshall Mathers LP is also fantastic, I would recommend buying the entire album as opposed to just buying this one track. Either way, it’s up to you, and this track itself is certainly well worth paying 59p to download it on iTunes. I would recommend this track to adult and teenage listeners, although some of the lyrics would be inappropriate for younger children.

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  • LadyValkyrie published 29/08/2011
    Love Eminem and love this song, nice to hear your enthusiasm!
  • SallsMumof2 published 23/08/2011
    I'm not a rap fan BUT used to really like Eminem in the early days - great track too :-)
  • CGholy published 21/08/2011
    Stan made me like Dido's song, Thank You even more.
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Product Information : Stan - Eminem & Dido (Single)

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Single Track from Dido, Eminem - Genre: Hip Hop/Rap - Release Year: 2000

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Artist(s): Eminem; Dido

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