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published 06/10/2008 | littlexen
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"Cheap and Trashy, just how I like it!"

Like all girls I love my celebrity gossip magazines and spend an absolute fortune buying them. I like everything from Hello and Ok to Heat, Closer and Star. Why do I buy them? Well the lives of celebrities' interests me and I love to read the ins and outs of who is up to what with whom and so on. They are also very easy to read and keep me occupied on my journey too and from work, in the bath or during my lunch break when I just want to leave the real world behind and disappear into a world of fairytales and fantasies. I am not that big a fan of reading books and novels, they just don't interest me, so whilst other people are happy to spend a few pound on a book, I prefer to spend the same amount on some magazines.

Star magazine can best be described as a weekly celeb filled magazine which costs £1 and is available in most supermarkets and newspaper shops. It consists of around 120 pages which are full to the brim with tit for tat stories on everyone from the very exclusive 'A' list right down to the not so exclusive 'Z' list complete with shenanigans and tales of woe and is very similar to Heat magazine except for the difference in price.

The one thing I like about Star Magazine is the way in which it is written and that is of a trashy nature, unintelligent language, lots of pictures and very similar in style to your below average tabloid newspaper such as The Daily Star of whom this magazine has the same publisher.

This week I was treated to two magazines for 99p and for that money I got eye catching headlines such as "Posh - I run 20 miles a week" and "Angelina and Brad in crisis talks" well for anyone who loves celebs as much as I do, I quickly handed my money over to the cashier and headed out of the shop to the bus stop ready to get my latest celeb fix. As with most magazines inside the front cover is the general index of what you are likely to find within the magazine. Within Star magazine there are eight different categories:

Breaking News - This section covers mostly the topics and headlines found on the front of the magazine with a few more stories added in for example this time an extra story features Rachel Stevens, formerly of S Club 7 and how she has dropped from a dress size 10 to a tiny super skinny size 6.

The Big Picture - Again more celeb filled stories which Star don't feel warrant front page headlines but are still big stories which sell the magazine and this week we can read about Cruz Beckham banging his head complete with accompanying pictures. Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel being caught in a steamy snog and the very gorgeous Brad Pitt dressed from head to toe in yellow clothing looking like a banana (yet incredibly yummy).

Celebs exposed - This section of the magazine is somewhere celebrities would be embarrassed to find themselves featured. Similar to Heat, Star drags out some dodgy looking pictures to 'expose' stars. This week sees Lisa Snowden and her 14 year old modelling poses, Celebs seen out with boobs hanging out, knickers and worse on show and those dressed in the oddest of clothes.

Star Fashion - This is my favourite part of the magazine I have to admit where I get 13 pages of Fashion and Beauty with tips telling me where I can buy the clothes that are featured at high street prices and as someone who loves fashion and beauty I am almost always tempted to buy everything I see. So here you will see everything from 'This weeks must have items' which can be anything from shoes and bags to coats and hats and usually there is a picture of a Celebrity wearing one of those items.

Hollywood Star - This is the second magazine which is free inside Star and it mainly features all the top stories from the US and the celebrity culture over there. Over 13 pages you are likely to read stories about Katie Holmes and Posh and why they have really fallen out and which couples are dating and which ones have split up as well as rated or slated which will show some A listers looking fantastic in the most beautiful clothes imaginable and some who quite frankly should be ashamed of themselves and are seen in something resembling a potato sack which the likes of you and me still could not afford to buy.

Star bodies - Within this section we are informed usually about the latest Celeb Diet with hints and tips about how to get a body like someone, this week to happens to be the TV Presenter Donna Air and her tips on how to stay slim. There are also pictures past and present of Celebs who recently gave birth and now have the audacity to fit back into their size 8 attire.

Star TV - Here you will find the TV listings section for the week ahead, TV previews with information and storylines from the soaps and an interview with TV Presenter Gethin Jones this week.

Plus - This part of the magazine features articles which are slightly more serious such as a write up about Crete and why we should all go there on holiday, the letters pages in which the letter of the week (or email) will win some Tigi products, Film, DVD, Book and Music reviews all of which are rated out of 5 stars by Star magazine and finally Starscopes which to you and I are the horoscopes and there is always a featured celebrity whom this week happens to be Simon Cowell who is 49 this year.

Like all magazines this one is filled to the brim with advertisements from many leading companies such as Muller Yoghurts, Tesco, Ford, O2 and Asda to name a few buy I have never found there to be lots of junk mail leaflets slotted inside which fall out as soon as you open the pages which is in my view brilliant because I hate having to constantly pick these things up from the floor in my attempts not to litter the place.
For anyone who hasn't read Star magazine before and are still unsure as to whether or not to purchase it can look on the Star website which is and looks wise the website is very similar to that of the magazine and at the top right hand side of the screen you should be able to view this weeks front cover and by clicking on it you will be given an insight as to what is featured within the magazine itself.

I know these magazines are not the choice of many, but I happen to really enjoy reading them, it is the cheap escapism for me combined with information and celebrity gossip from eye catching headlines which encourage me to spend 99p of my own money. As a previous avid reader of Heat, I do admit I prefer Star magazine, it is much trashier, easier to read and holds no information back to leave you guessing between stories. An easy, fun read and for me I love it!

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  • Novabug published 14/11/2010
    Don't give two hoots about celebrities, so that dooms these mags for me. :)
  • Ruby.xo published 21/08/2009
    E from me! Totally agree with you - I LOVE magazines like this, too. Great review! xxxxx
  • rockchick2k7 published 29/04/2009
    Brilliant review, Not the magazine for me though, think I will stick to Kerrang! Thanks. Stacey xx
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