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fab cleaner which can be used on numerous different surfaces

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★★ Stardrops ★★

Many people may not have heard of Stardrops cleaning solution before or even spotted it in the shops, Stardrops is a cleaning solution which has been around for over 70 years and is still widely used by many people. The best thing about Stardrops is the fact that it is really cheaply priced and you can buy a 600ml bottle for as little as 70 pence. Many people may think that cheaper cleaning products aren't really good and don't do what they're intended to do, myself included. I've lost count of the number of times I've been drawn in by the tiny price tag and bought a cheap bleach, toilet cleaner or floor cleaner only to be greatly disappointed by the results achieved after using the products. I have been using Stardrops for nearly 8 years now and in this time I have used it on numerous different surfaces in my home and the results are amazing, I cant think of one fault with this product what so ever. So this is hard evidence that some cheaper products are really good and give you an excellent result which is better than some of the big name brands such as Flash or Domestos.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this review Stardrops is supplied in a see through plastic bottle which has a yellow plastic flip top lid. I like the fact that the bottle is made from see through plastic because you can easily see how much of the product you are using and how much is remaining inside the bottle. A few years ago Stardrops was sold in glass bottles, but I haven't seen these ones in the shops for quite sometime now so they may have possibly stopped selling the glass bottles. On the back of the bottle there is a label which tells you what sort of surfaces Stardrops can be used on, directions on how to use it, safety information and a small list of ingredients. The packaging on a whole is very simplistically designed and not very eye catching or appealing so it doesn't really stand out on a shelf in the supermarket, most people probably walk past it and don't even consider buying it and testing it out because of the lack of creativity and design. The Stardrops solution inside the bottle is a lovely yellow colour, the Stardrops solution isn't really thick in consistency like bleach or Fairy Liquid it has a consistency similar to that of double cream.

Stardrops is described as being an all round cleaner; and it really is as it can be used on a wide range of different surfaces in many different rooms in the home. It can be used neat on some surfaces and diluted with some water on others. If you are diluting it in water then it is recommended that you use one tablespoon of Stardrops to every 8 pints of water, it doesn't sound like a lot of Stardrops but this solution is concentrated so less is more in this case, However if you cant be bothered measuring out 8 pints of water and one tablespoon of Stardrops just do what I do and squeeze some Stardrops into a bucket or basin containing some water. One thing which is quite good about diluting it in water is the fact that it produces a bit of a lather, I find this a good thing as it cleans the laminated flooring quite well and it also removes stubborn stains with ease. The kids are forever spilling things on the floor, some of which are sticky so Stardrops is really good at eradicating the sticky mess as well as cleaning. When the flooring has dried there is no evidence of a soapy residue left and the floors also look clean and shiny. The fragrance from the Stardrops is also really fresh and vibrant and not at all overpowering; it has a lovely fresh Lemon fragrance which seems to linger in the rooms for up to an hour after the cleaning has been done.

One of the best things about Stardrops is the fat that you can use it to clean carpets, rugs and settees etc. I have a lovely cream rug in my living room which had a nasty chocolate milk stain right in the middle of it. I just diluted some Stardrops in water and cleaned the rug with it, the chocolate milk stain was removed and my rug looked brand new again. The best thing is that it didn't even get discoloured nor was the pile affected or damaged. If you do decide to use Stardrops on carpeting or settees you should test it out on an inconspicuous area first of all just to make sure that it wont discolour or damage the surface. One material which Stardrops cant be used on is Velvet, I don't have anything velvet in the house so this doesn't really effect me.

It might also surprise you to discover that Stardrops can also be used to clean glass, mirrors and china! I don't have any china ornaments around my home so I cant comment on how effective it is at cleaning these however I do have lots of glass tables and mirrored wardrobes in all of the bedrooms in the house. When I am using it to clean glass or mirrors just add some Stardrops to some water like I do for cleaning the floors, and use a cloth to clean the surfaces and remove the dirt. I then use a dry micro fibre cloth to remove any excess water and shine the surfaces. I think that Stardrops is far more effective at cleaning glass and mirrors that some glass cleaners are because there are minimal streaks and the surfaces always look extremely shiny; that is until one of the kids decided to put hand prints all over the wardrobes or one of the dogs sticks its nose on the window.

If you have any greasy or stubborn burnt on marks in your kitchen then Stardrops can be used neat on a cloth to remove these marks; just make sure that you wipe over the area with a damp cloth afterwards so as you can remove any excess solution. I usually use Flash All Purpose to remove any greasy marks however if I run out of it I use Stardrops and it cuts through the grease and removes the marks easily. I also use it neat on a cloth to clean the doors on my kitchen cupboards, the doors in my house, window ledges, skirting boards, dado rails, computer desks, keyboard, mouse, telephone and tiles in the bathroom all of which always end up really fresh, clean and dust free and best of all none of the surfaces get damaged or discoloured when using it on them.

Another good use for Stardrops is for cleaning the cat litter tray, I don't use it neat for this purpose I dilute it in some water before hand and make sure that I thoroughly rinse it out afterwards. You can also put a diluted solution of Stardrops in a spray bottle and use it as a surface cleaner if you wish; when I do this I usually add one part Stardrops to three parts water and only use it on the kitchen worktops and in the bathroom if I run out of Flash cleaning solution.

As well as Stardrops you can also purchase the following products from the Star range ~
Startips ~ Which is a pink coloured disinfectant which has a floral smell
Starpine ~ which is a dark green coloured disinfectant which has a Pine fragrance similar to that of Flash All Purpose Pine
Star clean : which is a white coloured liquid which is similar to Stardrops the only difference being is that it is a lot stronger and it contains ammonia.

More information on Stardrops or any of the other Star branded products can be obtained from www.thorntonross.com

Or by writing to

Sundrops Ltd.

I think that Stardrops is an excellent multi purpose cleaner which really does shift dirt and grime easily and effectively. Most importantly it is a very cheaply priced product. I highly recommend trying Stardrops as you wont be disappointed by the results, it also saves you from purchasing lots of different household cleaners as this cleans just about anything and everything.

product, it is advised that you do wear rubber gloves when you are using Stardrops; however I never do this and have never suffered from dry, cracked or irritated skn on my hands. Everyone's skin is different however and your skin may react differently to Stardrops. You should also wash your hands thoroughly after using this procuct.

Stardrops is available in 600ml bottles which cost between 0.70-1 depending on where you purchase it from. I have bought Stardrops from Tesco, Asda and Semi-Chem on numerous occasions over the years.

Thanks for reading
:o) Lisa x


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lorna_call 31.07.2008 15:01

I love Stardrops and totally agree with what you have said.

Catw0man 16.05.2008 23:05

Superb review - an E from me :o) I've heard about this product before but never tried it - must look out for it.

Borg 15.05.2008 23:47

Very detailed E review!!

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