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published 28/01/2012 | kayleaf
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Pro An easy read, good stand alone novel as well as a sequel, some character progression
Cons Wasn't as well put together as the first, too similar plot line
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"Stealing some stuff from Apple"

One think I did enjoy about the prequel, Finding Sky, was the references to popular culture and how it made the world Joss Stirling had created more real. This carries on in Stealing Phoenix, the second in her Savant book saga. It isn't quite a direct sequel, considering the events don't follow Zed Benedict and Sky Bright however it does follow one of the other brothers and his soulfinder. I was intrigued to read this as not many authors continue their books with different leads and it was enjoyable to read from someone else's perspective.

The Story
Meet Phee, a theif, set on a mission to steal from none other than Ives Benedict, the second youngest of the Benedict brothers. She's a scrappy, fiesty theif that never went to school and he's a genius, with perfect grades, good looks and amazing powers. They meet under drastic circumstances with Phee trying to steal his bag that contains the latest products from Apple for her boss The Seer. For Phee, stealing is the way to survive, it keeps her within the community, gives her a roof over her head and some company although no one in the community can truly be trusted. Ives then makes a plan with his family to get Phee out of the community for good, hence the title, Stealing Phoenix.

The Charactes
Phoenix Corrigan tells the story as it unfolds before her eyes, dipping into the past of her experiences within the community and then finally meeting her way out to escape through Ives Benedict who just so happens to be her soulfinder. She's a trickster and with her ability to freeze other peoples memories, almost freezing time, she makes a living as a petty theif. She is not well educated and is used to being beat up by two older members in the community Dragon and Unicorn. She comes across as quite mature, being forced to make decisions on her feet yet she's quite reckless which can also make her seem confused. She has a temper which displays itself frequently throughout the book. She also comes across as quite cautious and very self aware which comes in handy when making for the next escape route.

Ives on the other hand is intelligent and the complete opposite to Phee. He is never reckless, always thinks before he acts but he also lives cautiously, keeping to his studies and helping his family out with the Savant Net. I really enjoyed getting to know this brother a bit more as not much is said about him in Finding Sky. In fact I would have thought Stirling to have continued the story with a tale of Xav Benedict as he was a more frequent presence in Finding Sky than Ives. This brother is much more romantic, soft hearted and described frequently by Zed Benedict as a metrosexual however Stirling really makes him grow into himself through the book, under Phee's influence he drives on the side of recklessness for a little and we see a darker side to him.

It was also enjoyable to read through someone else's words about Sky Bright and Zed. It showed Sky's growing confidence and stability through the book. There were also a few drop ins from the other Benedicts yet they didn't seem to play as active a role in this book than Finding Sky.

Stirling exposes petty crimes that probably happen all the time in London and around the UK. Through Phee she is showing the world that you can have as bad an upbringing as possible and still turn out okay with the right people. Peer pressure is a key theme, as well as influencing people as Ives and Phee both trigger a change in each others attitudes. Love is also a huge thing throughout this book and even though Stirling has made this thing of Soulfinders and love at first sight it just doesn't seem realistic to fall for someone in such a small space of time, unlike Sky and Zed were the book took place over months and even at the end you weren't sure exactly were Sky stood. The problems always seem to be with the women in these stories, having suffered abuse or a life they didn't want which is one thing I don't like about it. I hate the idea of it centering around cave men and that women are the weaker sex. I'm no femminst, and whilst Phee does stand her ground and doesn't want to let Ives do everything for her, it would be nice to read a story where the girl doesn't need rescuing.

Last Thoughts
I did enjoy reading Stealing Pheonix but it didn't seem quite so complete to me. It was a very fast plot and only took place over a few days which made the whole love thing seem a little unreal to me. I liked the characters although I couldn't help but feel if the book had taken place over more time we would have stratched the surface a bit more and found out more about them and what they thought and felt. It was enjoyable to read about past characters and bring up some nostalgia from Finding Sky. It's a book I would reccommend for those that enjoy reading about paranormal romances as it is, really, a soppy love story about a girl that meets a boy, falls in love and so on. The themes do give it a bit of depth but it just felt to samey for me and far too similar to Finding Sky. You don't need to read the first to understand this book because it's all pretty self explanatory and works very well as a stand alone novel.

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