Steve Earle

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Great singer, very emotional, very powerful.
May be too emotional for some (*)
Enlivens the soul-which is always a bonus
He doesn't do many gigs in England (*)
Great folk singer
She can be a little nervous in live performances (*)
She yodels, plays a damn fine piece of harp, but isn't actually a weirdo
She yodels, she plays a damn fine piece of harp? (*)
Shear Brilliance
If ya don't like Country, then you have never hurd Hank Williums Jn or his son then u may not like this the first time you here it (*)
Upbeat, Melodious and Pure.
Don't go near if you don't like the fiddle. (*)
Great easy listening
Some songs sound the same! (*)
Sang many great songs
Went into retirement (*)
Eclectic, eccentric, warm and satisfying
Too gorgeous for the musically ugly (*)
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