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First Stories for Thinking - Robert Fisher

First Stories for Thinking - Robert Fisher

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Stories for Thinking

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EAN 9781898255093
Type Fiction
Genre Children's
Publisher Nash Pollock Publishing
Title Stories for Thinking
Author Robert Fisher


Listed on Ciao since 29/09/2008

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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Great Dystopian novel
Some mild character and storyline flaws (*)
Shows how much fun it can be to play with friends in the snow.
None (*)
skillfully created world which is completely captivating for the reader.
big hints in the plot which an adult reader could find spoils the plot for them (*)
comicly funny scenarios, positive message, intro to poetic cadences, simple early vocab, phonics
unwary adults unaware of the poetic meter may stumble horrifically when reading (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (S)
A lovely book to discuss beach ecology with young children
Previous experience of rock pools ideally required! (*)
Different take on werewolves
Not too keen on Grace to begin with (*)
A lovely bedtime story to help your little one drift off peacefully.
none! (*)
Reassuring for children, depth to story, humour
Will consolidate core vocabulary. (*)
Simplistically written, for teens and yet equally as readable for all ages, lovely characters you can almost picture in your mind.
None! (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (F)
A great interactive book for young children
Try not to lose the bee! (*)
Amazing story, sensory appeal is extraordinary, illustrations are great, characters relatable
it can appear a little to real at times, which leads to disappointment when the book ends (*)
An endearing picture book
Absolutely nothing! (*)
funny, engaging for little boys particularly, superb illustrations, educational
underpants humour won't appeal to everyone (*)
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