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... We were running late and to my horror we got to the coach stop and I realised I hadn't got my wrist bands with me!! I popped into a small chemist nearby and they didn't have wristbands in so I grabbed a pack of Stugeron 15 at their recommendation. I had to have something. Stugeron 15 are ... Read review

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Stugeron Tablets 15 [Personal Care]

Stugeron Tablets 15 [Personal Care]

Stugeron Travel Sickness Tablets are used in the prevention of travel sickness for the ... more

whole family. Stugeron tablets have a long lasting
effect making it an ideal treatment for journeys
whether travelling by car, boat or plane.Pack
Size15 TabletsWarningsStugeron Travel Sickness
Tablets: May cause drowsiness, if affected do not
drive or operate machinery and avoid alcohol.You
should carefully read all product packaging and
labels prior to use

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Stugeron 15mg Travel Tablets

Stugeron 15mg Travel Tablets

Stugeron contains the active ingredient, cinnarizine, an antihistamine that is highly ... more

effective in preventing and treating travel
sickness whatever your mode of transport.It has a
double action and works:1. On the balance organs
in the inner ear to reduce sensitivity to motion
thus preventing the mismatch of sensory
confusion.2. On the vomiting centre in the brain
to stop nausea. By decreasing the response to
motion, Stugeron can prevent many of the symptoms
associated with travel sickness. It can stop the
vomiting mechanism, thus helping to stop you
feeling sick as well as actually being sick!
What's more, with very low incidences of
drowsiness or dizziness, Stugeron is more likely,
than many other travel sickness remedies, to leave
you feeling alert and ready to enjoy the day's

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Stugeron 15

AdvantagesPrevents travel sickness

DisadvantagesCauses drowsiness

"...I grabbed a pack of Stugeron 15 at their recommendation. I had to have something. Stugeron 15 are travel sickness tablets that contain 15mg of active ingredient Cinnarizine per tablet. They cost me £2.75 for a pack of 15. The pack They come in a small box which is blue and white and has Stugeron 15 written in large white letters along the top. The front of the box shows pictures of a plane, car and boat. The box also states that Stugeron ..." Read review

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Bon Voyage

AdvantagesReally works to stop travel sickness

DisadvantagesMay not work for everyone

"...settle myself. A friend recommended Stugeron 15 to me a good many years back. I had been taking other travel sickness tablets but they were a bit hit and miss, so I bought a packet of these to try. The box is blue and white with a picture of a boat, plane and car on the front so telling you what they are recommended for. The active ingredients are 15mg Cinnarizine and the inactive ingredients are lactose monohydrate and sucrose. They are not ..." Read review

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Stugeron 15 was a god-send when needed.

AdvantagesGood value, worked pretty well, don't need to be taken often.

DisadvantagesNot 100% effective for me.

"...No, it's not pleasant. So when Stugeron 15 was recommended to me for a for an up and coming ferry trip, I decided it was a good idea to go prepared. I must admit I couldn't understand why I'd never taken a motion sickness remedy before. Value-wise, they cost about £2.50 for 15 which I thought was great. They lasted a long time and, to be honest, I would have payed far more for the promise of some relief. Stugeron 15 is supplied in a pack of ..." Read review

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Community Level 4laura2310


Driving home for Christmas...

AdvantagesReally work!

DisadvantagesHave to take it at a certain time.

" I have always bought Traveleeze travel sickness tablets as they are the only brand that I've found that young children can take; as my son is now six, I don't have to worry about this as much and can buy other brands when Traveleeze aren't available. Stugeron 15 is the brand that my mother usually goes for so I was happy to try them and was confident that they would work. Stugeron 15 come in packs of 15 and cost around £2.79. I did wonder ..." Read review

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Allows me to travel with ease.

AdvantagesI can travel without fear of sickness!


"...these tablets I began purchasing Stugeron to combat this problem. I picked up my pack of tablets in Boots, they cost me £2.99 for 15 tablets, working out to around £0.19 pence, which I am happy to pay to make my journeys better. Each tablets contains 15mg of cinnarizine, which I guess is the active ingredient which combats the sickness. The thing I like most about these tablets is that they can be chewed or swallowed which is great if you don't have ..." Read review

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Whenever possible, Stugeron 15 should be taken after food to reduce the possibility of stomach irritation. The tablets may be sucked, chewed or swallowed whole with water.

Product details

Long Name 15 Tablets
Type Motion Sickness Relief
Manufacturer Stugeron
Type for Subname Travel Healthcare
Sub Type Tablet


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