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Review of "Subway"

published 26/02/2008 | lilyellowfish
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What is Subway

Subway is a fast food chain which provides large, filled sandwiches made there and then infront of you. You go into the store and order exactly what you want. You choose from a selection of 4 breads and whether you want a 6 inch (which is half a sub) or a footlong (full sub). You can also choose whether you would prefer a wrap or even if you would just like a salad. There is a large variety of fillings, you choose whether you have and what salad fillings you have, sauce and whether you would like salt and pepper. You can also choose whether you want cheese and you want it toasted. You can choose double cheese or double meats but there is an extra cost to this. You can purchase a meal deal which includes your sandwich, a drink and a cookie or crisps.

The first Subway

Subway was co-founded by Fred DeLuca, a 17-year-old college freshman, and Dr. Peter Buck. The first outlet opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut on August 28, 1965 and was called Pete's Super Submarines. Subway proved very popular and now there are 28,867 stores worldwide in 86 countries, with 1168 of those in UK and Ireland. Cheese Steak, Meatball Marinara and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subs are the most popular with customers.

Choice of bread and fillings

First of all you get to the counter, and you can clearly see all the choice you have, with large menu boards behind. You go to the front and then move along all the different fillings in order, as does the person behind you. It is kind of like being in a canteen and going along a line and choosing what you want, then there is a till at the end.

When you first walk up to the counter you choose the bread you would like your sandwich to be, you have a choice from Wheat, Honey Oat, Italian and Italian Herb and Cheese. I usually go for Italian Herb and Cheese where my boyfriend always goes for honey oat. If I choose a breakfast Sub I choose Italian, this is your bog standard plain white Sub, which goes with a breakfast well, I wouldn't really feel like herbs in the morning. All bread is cooked freshly all throughout the day, sometimes your lucky enough to get bread that has just come out the oven, so it's deliciously soft and warm. There are several large ovens that are clearly visible to the customers behind the counter where they are constantly cooking new bread, so you know it's fresh. Once you have choosen the bread you would like you choose whether you have a 6 inch sub or a footlong. If you choose 6 inch, they just cut a footlong in half and progress with that. If you don't fancy a Sub you can also choose whether you would like a wrap or even a salad.

You then go on to choose which filling you would like, there is a large selection of fillings. Subway have a menu of a variety of fillings already put together such as Chicken and Bacon Ranch, Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki and Subway Club. You can choose from these or you can make your own choice completely from scratch. Subway offer a large variety of fillings including chicken, pepporoni, selection of italian meats, bacon, beef, turkey, meatballs, steak, vegetable patty, ham and tuna.

Once you have choosen the filling you are offered cheese and whether you would like the Sub toasted. I usually opt for this choice, as I think it makes the sandwich alot tastier, especially with the lovely melted cheese. I also usually choose double cheese with adds 20p extra onto your bill. There is now a selection of cheese you can choose from, but unless you state which one you want you will just get the standard. The other options are low fat cheese and a mix of montery jack and cheddar.

You then move on to the salad toppings and sauce. There is a large choice including tomato, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, green peppers, olives, jalapeno peppers, sweetcorn and pickles. My choice of these options always changes to what filling I choose, what I mostly choose is lettuce, green pepper and sweetcorn, it gives the sandwich a nice fresh crunch to it. After you have choosen the salad, you choose a sauce, or two! I always have mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. You can also choose from Sweet Chili, Sweet Onion, Light Mayo, Ketchup, Chipotle South Western, Ranch, Ceasar, Honey & Mustard. You can also choose whether you have salt and/or pepper.

Once you have choosen your sandwich they wrap it up for you and this is when you choose whether you would like a meal deal. Subway offer a range of fizzy drinks, such as Coke and Fanta where you pay for at the till and the go to a machine located closely and fill up a cup, you are entitled to one free refill as well. There are also a selection of bottled drinks such as Oasis, Water, Milkshakes but unfortunately these are not included in a Meal Deal. Once you have chosen a drink you can choose whether you have a Cookie, Donut, Muffin or a packet of crisps. This is all then placed into a Subway bag for you ready to take away or eat in. Some Subways offer a large area of seating but some only have one of two seats, depending on this is the decider whether I eat in or not.

How healthy is it?

Subway is a healthier version of a fast food chain, it is not soaked in fat or deep fried like McDonalds, Burger King or KFC but it is not quite as healthy as it seems, although Subway do provide low calorie Subs if you're watching your weight.

Alot of the meats including ham and turkey are made from reformed meat which is a little worrying, which they inform you of with a little * at the bottom of the menus which is hard to read.

The Subs which Subway offer that contain 6g of fat or less include:
Sweet Onion Teryaki
Turkey Breast
Turkey Breast and Ham
Subway Club
Chicken Breast
Veggie Delite

Nutritional Information for all products can be found on this link -

The look of the sandwiches seems healthy, theres nothing in them that you would automatically assume to be really unhealthy or fatty, but unfortunately that is not the case. Some of the subs such as chicken and bacon ranch, which is one of my favourites contains 489 calories per 6 inch sub which is really quite worrying as that is 1/4 of the daily allowance for women in just one sandwich, let alone if you get a meal deal. And if you had a footlong that would equate to 978 calories for the sandwich, which is half of the daily allowance for women! It also contains 20.9g of fat, which is a significant amount. Alot of the calories in a Subway are the sauces, some of them containing up to 200 calories per serving, so just watch out for those. Subway do provide low fat sauces as well, but again you have to be careful of added sugars with low fat sauces.

One good thing is that a Subway sandwich helps you on your way to your 5 a day, if you choose to have salad. The Veggie Delite salad counts as TWO of the recommended five daily servings of fruit and veg is good.

A useful fact obtained from the Subway website - "The Subway chain's "Under 6" line of sandwiches has been promoted in the US and Canada through a series of television commercials and public appearances featuring Jared Fogle, a college student, who lost 17.5 stone eating nothing but Subway sandwiches for a year. Jared currently has a huge following in the US and Canada... known as Jared's Army, all of whom have lost substantial weight by incorporating the low-fat, full taste line of Subway sandwiches into their diet. This is of particular relevance to the UK in light of the British Medical Association (BMA) estimating that one million children under 16 are obese."


Since looking on the Subway website to do this review, I have since found out that Subway are promoting Halal meats. Subway have said that ll the meat they use has been prepared according to the rules of Halal and has been certified by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.

Eat Fresh

Subway prides itself on its 'Eat Fresh' slogan and yes it is fresh, if you go earlier in the day as all food is put out at the beginning of the day, but if you go at the end of the day, its not quite so fresh and you especially tell in the salad section where the lettuce starts to look slightly brown and limp, so I usually exclude this from my sandwiches.

Sub of the Day

Subway has a special menu for £1.99 for a 6 inch Sub called the Sub of the Day, on each day of the week there is a different Sub of the Day, these are as follows:

Monday - Turkey & Ham
Tuesday - Meatball Marinara
Wednesday - Turkey Breast
Thursday - Italian BMT
Friday - Classic Tuna
Saturday - Beef
Sunday - Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki


Like most fast food resturants Subway also provides a breakfast menu available until 11am. I first tried one of these with a voucher I recieved from them entitling me to a footlong breakfast sub and coffee for £1.99, so as I was staying in a hotel nearby with no resturant I thought I would give it a try. I was impressed, it was packed full and very tasty, but unfortunately it wasn't quite as good as a McDonalds Breakfast. In the Subway Breakfast Sub was bacon, sausage and a freerange egg, you can also add salad, any sauces or cheese if you would like. I usually add ketchup and cheese, which is a yummy addition, as without sauce i feel the sandwich can feel a bit dry. Subway also offer bagels, and other varieties of sandwiches such as just bacon, bacon and egg for their breakfast. They also serve coffee, tea and orange juice as morning beverages.

Kids at Subway

Depending on your child, a 6 inch sub may be too much for them to consume, so Subway also offer a Kids Menu, quite similar to that of McDonalds Happy Meal. Instead of a 6 inch sub a smaller roll or bagel is offered as well as a Tropicana Go drink & a toy.


In most of the Subway's I have been to, majority of the staff are friendly and helpful, but with all places you always get one of two who are not so friendly and willing to help. At my local Warwick branch, the staff recongnise me and always greet me with my name, and that personalised touch makes a big difference, they also give me double cheese at no extra cost and usually let me have a bottle of drink in my meal deal. These extra touches make you want to revisit the branch much and it is a pleasant experience.


You will find a Subway store in most towns, if not in your town there is likely to be one in the next town. Bigger cities tend to have more than one.


I find the sandwiches quite expensive, ranging between £1.99 for a 6 inch sub of the day to up to £4 for a 6 inch Chicken and Bacon Ranch. Generally the 6 inch subs are around £3. Alot of the time, a Subway branch will give you a booklet of vouchers to use in store, sometimes they are not very good but alot of the time you get some really good deals, this makes a big difference to me going, I am much more likely to go when I have a voucher and I get a sandwich for alot cheaper.

The Sub Club

Subway has a very useful loyalty scheme called the Sub Club. You get a little card and for every 6 inch sub you purchase you get a stamp on your card. You must remember to take this with you everytime as they don't always let you put 2 cards together! If you collect 8 stamps you are then entitled to a free 6 inch sub when you buy a large drink, so if you are a regular Subway goer then you can save yourself quite a bit of money! I find only some branches still do this, so it is best to check when you go in.

Contact Details

UK & Ireland Head Office
Subway Realty Limited
Chaston House
Mill Court
Hinton Way
Great Shelford
CB22 5LD


Tel: 01223 550820
Fax: 01223 844884

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  • LaceyR26 published 08/06/2010
    E review. I love it! We've only got McD's KFC and BK round my way and I don't go in any of them. Subway is my once / every two years birthday treat x L@Cey
  • fleurdelacour published 05/05/2009
    E :) Love subway.
  • MizzMolko published 17/03/2009
    A nice breakdown of some important details - I love Subway; my friend is a Vegan so it's one of the places that cater for her which is good. I love their Italian bread : ) Eleanor x
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