Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream

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Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream

An antiseptic healing cream for nappy rash, eczema and bed sores. Other indications: Sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, acne, chilblains.

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Review of "Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream"

published 27/05/2012 | K2705
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When Jayden was in the special care unit in hospital I noticed that after a few days he was starting to get nappy rash, I was informed by the doctor that this was a side effect of the several different antibiotics he was on and that using a regular cream suitable for nappy rash would help. I had a small stock of nappy rash creams at home so the next day I took some in with me, I found that I had 3 pots of Sudocrem, 2 were small sample pots I had received free and the other was a larger full sized pot I received in a hamper from my work colleagues, I decided to give this a try and took in with me one of the small sample pots of Sudocrem in the hope that this would sooth and heal the nappy rash.

Sudocrem comes in a light grey round plastic pot, the whole thing has a plain white label wrapped around it, on the front of the pot is a bright red rectangle with the name of the product written inside it in white writing. Just underneath this are the words "Antiseptic Healing Cream" written in bright red, following this is a list of what the product can be used for. This is the only information on the front of the pot, on the side and back of the pot is further information about the product including how to use the product, possible side effects, warnings and the ingredients. This information is all written in black writing on a white background, it is clearly set out and easy to read. The Sudocrem pot has a light grey lid on top of it, this is sealed with a small plastic tag which simply snaps off to open the pot, the lid then just pulls of and pushes back onto the top of the pot, it does not need to be screwed in place at all, however despite this the lid does stay in place and does not fall off in your bag. Personally I think the packaging fof Sudocrem is quite basic and a little bit boring, however it is practical and the main thing is that the antiseptic cream inside works.

The Cream
When you open the pot of Sudocrem you find that it is filled with a plain white cream, this has quiet a solid consistency to it, it is not the thick liquid style consistency of some other antiseptic creams you can buy, this reminds me a little bit of a body butter style. I can only describe the fragrance of this cream as being antiseptic, which is a bit obvious considering it is an antiseptic cream, however it does have that same sort of clinical/ medical smell to it. Sudocrem is not just a 'baby product' and has a variety of uses, these include
  • Eczema
  • Bed Sores
  • Sun Burn
  • Minor Burns
  • Surface Wounds
  • Acne
  • Chilblains
  • Nappy Rash
    As I have mentioned I am only using my pots of Sudocrem to treat and prevent nappy rash, however it is useful to know that it has a variety of other uses and can be used in the place of my regular antiseptic cream should it run out.

Directions for Use
The directions for use are written on the back of the pot and state that you should apply a thin layer of the Sudocrem as required to the effected area. This is a little bit obvious in my opinion, however when I applied it to Jaydens nappy rash I was advised that a barrier layer should be applied to his skin, this should reasonably thin so that you can still see his skin through it, the layer of cream does not need to be so thick that you cannot see through it, a small amount is plenty, this is not stated on the pot but is what I was recommended by the nurses and doctors whilst in hospital, my midwife also told me the same thing when we came home.Warnings
Again the warnings for this product are quite standard and include
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Keep out of eyes, nose and mouth
  • If accidently swallowed seek medical advise
  • External use only
  • Keep out of sight and reach of children
    These are all clearly written on the back and side of the pot.

Side Effects
I was a little surprised to see this on the back of the pot of Sudocrem as I didn't imagine there would be any side effects of an antiseptic cream however the information states that occasionally local irritation can occur and if this happens you should seek medical advise. Price and Availability
As I have mentioned I didn't actually buy any of my pots of Sudocrem, the two small ones were free samples and the larger pot I received in a hamper full of stuff I had as a present, however I have since seen this product available in my local Tesco. Sudocrem can be purchased from most supermarkets and is also available from shops such as Boots and Superdrug. I was bought a 125g pot of Sudocrem which cost between £2.00 and £3.00, in my local Tesco I have seen three different sized pots available including
  • 60g - £.37
  • 250g - £3.50
  • 400g - £5.24
    Personally I do feel that Sudocrem is very good value for money, to start with I did think it was a little bit expensive for an antiseptic cream, however once I saw how long a pot lasts and how little you need in one go my opinion changed and I do feel you get a lot for your money.

My Opinion
I have been using Sudocreme for nearly 4 weeks now on Jayden and have been very impressed. Initially I used Sudocrem to heal up the nappy rash he developed as mentioned earlier, after using this for just a few days his skin looked so much better, the redness was gone and it no longer looked sore. I wasn't sure whether the nappy rash went as a result of the Sudocrem or because he stopped the antibiotics he was on, however even once the rash had gone I have continued to apply a thin layer of the cream to his bum when I change his nappy to create a barrier and protect his skin and I have to say he the nappy rash has not returned, his skin is smooth and soft and does not look red or sore at all. The Sudocrem is extremely long lasting, after using it for nearly 4 weeks I am still using the same small sample pot that I took in hospital and still have a good amount left in it, the large pot I have in comparison is going to last me several months, you only need a small amount at a time making it very long lasting and excellent value for money. Sudocrem is also handy to have around the house as it is an excellent antiseptic cream and has a variety of uses, not just for nappy rash. This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone with a baby, it is an excellent quality cream and really does sooth your baby's skin if they do have nappy rash, and also acts as a preventative by simply applying a thin barrier layer of the cream when you change their nappy, I do this every time with Jayden and so far he has not had any more problems. I will definlty purchase this product in the future and would recommend it to anyone.

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  • safajamali published 28/04/2015
    i loved this product
  • daisyleex published 29/05/2012
    My daughters never had nappy rash yet! Sudocrem is fab for eczema x
  • StazKilly published 28/05/2012
    i dont like sudocrem, i work with creams and mums dont realise that plastering sudocrem on their babies bums actually makes it worse as the skin cant breathe. your right adding a thin barrier especially with gunky stuff like sudocrem x
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Product Information : Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream

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An antiseptic healing cream for nappy rash, eczema and bed sores. Other indications: Sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, acne, chilblains.

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Long Name: Antiseptic Healing Cream

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Genre: Cream

Manufacturer: Sudocrem netdoctor, Sudocrem

EAN: 5011025030007

Dosage Form: Cream

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