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Superdrug Facial Massage Brush

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published 14/05/2015 | ryeb
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Good luck in your future projects all. Hope you all got to £5, GB quick if not and I will try and rate this eve
Pro Surprisingly gentle but effective exfoliation, gives a glow, bristles stay put
Cons Handle is a little slippery if wet
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Superdrug Facial Massage Brush

Superdrug Facial Massage Brush

I have been experimenting for a while with simplifying ny skin care routine so I can use fewer and/or more natural skin care products. I have used konjac sponges, facial sponges, hot cloth cleansers, micellar waters and more, some of which are still part of my weekly routine, others not. One product that has stayed is the Superdrug Facial massage brush, which is not only the best of the manual facial brushes that I have used, it is also the cheapest at £3.99.


Manual facial brushes were being touted in a1970’s skincare book I own as fast becoming an essential for "the thinking womans" skin care routine. That was before my time, but I don't remember them being around much later. I struggled to find many on the High Street when I first wanted one, but in the last year or so they seem to be gaining popularity again and my local Superdrug now offers 3 different ones. Their main use is to promote thorough cleansing whilst gently exfoliating and boosting circulation. The Superdrug Facial Massage brush has extra massage bristles which are thicker and fatter. These are supposed to gently "massage, tone and revitalise the skin".


This brush is made of plastic with nylon bristles except for the 5 massage bristles which are silicon. The other brushes I have used were both gifts and had wooden handles and natural bristles but I wanted to avoid that type when buying for myself. They do look nicer and I know many prefer the feel of natural bristles. But I wanted a vegetarian friendly bristle, rather than one made from animal hair as all the natural products I could find were. Secondly I found the natural bristles shed a lot and that didn't settle down after a few uses as sometimes happens. The nylon bristles here are very firmly attached, and I have also found that they splay less so they are a little more user friendly when used around the nose in particular - no one wants a stray bristle up the nostril! The brush head has also kept it's shape whereas the previous brushes started to look a bit mishapen and tatty after a few weeks. Comfort wise, I don't feel there is much between the two types, but both need to be used gently because they do the job without you needing to scrub away and doing so would probably do more harm than good long term.

As mentioned above this is a manual brush so there are no batteries to worry about, which also means a slimmer handle. The handle is made from smooth white plastic, and is therefore more slippery if you happen to have wet hands, than a wooden handled brush is. I would also find a slightly thicker handle because it would be more comfortable to hold. But it is ok to handle for the short time it's used, and the brush head is perfectly sized which is the main thing. It is narrow enough to get at the sides of my face without risking my accidently brushing near the delicate eyes.


The brush is intended to be used with your normal cleanser. You damp the bristles, apply the cleanser and use the brush in a circular motion to lather the product. I found this works very well and makes you feel you can use less cleanser while still getting good results. I don't use conventional cleansers much now, so I tend to use the brush with a pure olive oil facial bar which again means I can use less. Any cleanser that you usually just use a few drops of such as a micellar water wouldn't really work with this because I think they work best if you slowly work them across your face and its much easier to use the right amount if used on a cotton ball which holds the micellar water better.

The brush really feels surprisingly soft even if you just use it damp and with no product at all. I have done this a few times when I wanted the benefits of the exfoliation but I was going to use an oil cleansing method later. The massage bristles feel like they are doing their thing in a gentle kind of way. They are not very noticeable in action, but you can feel them.

Once you are finished, the brush is easily rinsed under a tap and the bristles have not discoloured. I can see this lasting a long time. It came with a small clear plastic protector for the head which I used when I took the brush away with me to stop the head getting squashed. Otherwise I leave it off as I think it dries better that way. To keep it in good condition you are supposed to hang it up somewhere well ventilated to dry anyway.


After the first use, my skin felt very clean and refreshed. It didn't look very different immediately but like a lot of things, the results build after time. I normally use a konjac facial sponge (natural fibre exfoliating sponge), but I decided to give that up for a week to see if the brush could keep my skin soft, and it did. It took longer to make my skin look smoother than the konjac did, but it is a better cleanser. I have large pores near my nose and the facial brush really helps keep them clearer, whilst using less cleanser which can only be a good thing.

The massage bristles feel nice but I don't know how much additional benefits they offer. After all, I massage my face with my finger tips when I use a cleanser in the normal way. My skin does end up with more of a glow which could be down to the increased circulation but to me it seems more like the radiance you get from exfoliating away dead skin cells as it lasts longer.


I actually really enjoy using this brush. It is quick to use and fits easily into my skincare routine without feeling like I am adding an extra step. It feels gentle and refreshing and I have no trouble with using it on a daily basis. It lets me use less cleanser whilst getting what I do use do a better job. It adds some glow and softens and smooths even if I choose to use it alone, so it is good for someone like me looking to use fewer products. In fact I have given up using seperate facial scrubs since using this and konjac sponges. For £3.99 it is worth a try.

NOTE - Not to be used on sore, broken or irritated skin. I have had no problems with using this daily but I do not have sensitive skin.

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  • RICHADA published 21/05/2015
    Thanks for that I have discovered a new product, not that you would probably get me to use it. R.
  • afy9mab published 20/05/2015
    Nicely done.
  • Absinthe_Fairy published 18/05/2015
    Good review.
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