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Superman (DVD)

In Richard Donner's blockbuster, the Superman myth is well told, from his birth on the doomed planet Krypton to his childhood in a small Kansas town a...

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published 27/06/2016 | CoffeeQueen68
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"Superman will fix everything."

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Superman is one of them timeless classics that you'll often find repeated on television throughout the year. I love Christopher Reeve and loved him even more as Superman. Although this film is nearly 40 years old, I think it's one of those classics that has stood the test of time and which people still enjoy watching today. I do anyway!

Film Information

Released: 1978
Running time: 143 minutes
Director: Richard Donner
Producer: Pierre Spengler.

Main Cast
Christopher Reeve - Clarke Kent/Superman
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane
Gene Hackman - Lex Luthor
Marlon Brando - Jor-El
Glenn Ford - Pa Kent
Phyliss Thaxter - Ma Kent
The Film

Jor-El is a leading scientist on the planet Krypton. As he sits on the trial of 3 criminals who attempt to overthrow the government, these 3 criminals are subsequently found guilty and are doomed to an eternity floating through space in a one dimensional flat disc. With the fate of planet Krypton in the lap of the Gods and about to blow up, Jor-El's main concern is his baby son, Kal-El as he is named by his parents. Jor-El constructs a spaceship and places Kal-El in it and sends him to Earth. 3 years later the small space ship lands on Earth in a field in Kansas. With the surprise entrance of this baby in a space craft, Mr & Mrs Kent are naturally perplexed as to why a toddler would crash land to earth in this manner. Given it's taken the child 3 years to travel to earth, he is in remarkably good health.

Ma and Pa Kent have no children of their own, so it's a miracle they are produced with this child from the sky. They decide to keep him and raise him as their own, whom they name Clarke. A much more suitable earthly name. They have no idea he's from some future race with special powers though at the beginning - until he lifts Pa's car easily with one hand. Clarke has a happy childhood. Now a young man he travels to the North Pole where he sees his biological father in another dimension. His father reveals to him his true identity, and this is when we see Superman as we know him. Clarke gets a job at the Daily Planet in Metropolis where he works with Lois Lane. Obviously, his parents are the only 2 people who know he's Superman, so being Superman and Clarke is sometimes difficult to keep under wraps. Superman's arch rival is Lex Luthor, played by Gene Hackman. Lex Luthor is the typical greedy, manipulative man who's sole aim is to cause harm and chaos in his path. It is interesting to see the fight between Superman and Lex Luthor throughout the film for good and evil.

Throughout the film we see how Superman quickly gains peoples respect by saving them from life threatening situations and we see how Lois gets quite fond of him, not knowing he is Clarke, who is quite the geek! As we watch Superman save the planet, it's also nice to see the close connection that Lois has with Superman as she interviews him on her roof terrace.
My Thoughts

Considering this was made in 1978, the special effects are quite good for the time with people floating about in other dimensions and Superman emulating his extra special powers to those in need on Earth. I think this film is quite well made and the way Superman extracts his powers I think is done well. This is a classic comic strip made into a film with goodies and badies and good overcoming evil. I like the chemistry between Lois Lane and Superman, and I think they work well together. In this first Superman film we see how Clarke Kent grows up from a young, innocent man to a strong, confident man. We see how he learns about his family and where he comes from, and what his role is in life.

I do love the Superman films. I've always enjoyed watching them. Christopher Reeve was an excellent actor, and I think he was perfect for the part. This is definitely one of those films that have stood the test of time.

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This DVD is available on Amazon for £3.84 for a new copy. There are many options available, including blu-ray from £6.16 for a new copy.

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    Well reviewed.
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In Richard Donner's blockbuster, the Superman myth is well told, from his birth on the doomed planet Krypton to his childhood in a small Kansas town and beyond. After he comes of age, young Clark Kent, as his Earth parents have named him, learns the truth of his alien birth on a voyage of discovery to the Arctic. It is there that he learns--through a link to his long-dead birth parents--of his superhuman abilities and his responsibility to preserve and protect "truth, justice and the American Way." Once he adjusts to life in the big city, Metropolis, he discovers that hiding his superpowers as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) isn't easy as he flirts with hard-nosed Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) and battles supervillain Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman). The film's all-star cast includes Jackie Cooper, Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty, Glenn Ford, Terence Stamp, and Valerie Perrine, among others, all camping it up wonderfully.


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