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Svaha - Charles De Lint

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...in Svaha, the moment between thunder and lighting...a moment filled eternally with Hope and Potential. I found this blend of science-fiction and fantasy, triad and yakuza gangs, blended Asian and Native American cultures to be highly unique and intriguing. This unpredictable work also contains ... Read review

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Community Level 5Entwife


Hope Springs Eternal

AdvantagesBeauty, Love, Charity and Hope will be found here

DisadvantagesPerhaps a bit too sci-fi or erratically paced for some tastes

"Somewhere in the future, Man has managed to poison our planet almost beyond recognition. You either live in the 'Plex (huge cities), make do living in the slums just outside the 'Plex, or take your chances in the Badlands between 'Plexes....which are slim to none! Unless, of course, you believe all that talk about the Enclaves. Legend has it that through good fortune and hard work the Nations (collective Native American People) were able to forward ..." Read review

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Venturing to the desolation beyond the Enclaves, Gahzee and Lisa, accompanied by their coyote, walk the line between the Dreamtime and the Realtime in hopes of recovering a lost chip with information vital to their people and their magic heritage.

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Type Fiction
Genre Fantasy
Title Svaha
Author Charles De Lint
ISBN 0312876505; 0812534093


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