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Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title Sweet Misfortune
Author Kevin Alan Milne
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Edition Paperback
ISBN 1599952963
ISBN-13 9781599952963


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emotional, great characters and story, very easy to read
Hours of sleep lost by not being able to put it down! (*)
A fun story with unusual characters.
Not for the boys! (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (S)
easy to read, enjoyable, amusing
none really! (*)
Rush of adrenalin an exciting read a book you cant put down
Not having been made into a film (*)
entertaining, easy to read
none! (*)
Beautifully-written evocation of childhood guilt and fear
Maybe wrapped up a bit too neatly at the end (*)
Sensational... to those who love Katie Price.
Not a very creative plot and could have been better. (*)
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Beautiful writing, Plot picks up further into the novel, Original Ending
Lack of Character depth, Too descriptive at times, Dire first half (*)
An easy going but addictive piece of chick lit
none (*)
An ambitious and rewarding read
Confusing to read without background knowledge of subject matter (*)
A big bold book, full of subtle meaning
May not appeal to some. (*)
An enjoyable light read
none! (*)
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