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"I can fly in my living room :)"

Syma heli

Syma heli

It's true what they say about boys - they love their toys and this Syma Helicopter has been one of my favorites. During a rather random shopping trip in Cardiff I popped into the Modelzone model shop for some 'me time' and I discovered this fabulous looking machine. The staff members were doing their usual demonstrations of the helicopters right at the main entrance of the shop which to my surprise went totally wrong and it resulted in a lady having one of these helicopters stuck in her hair for the whole 10 minutes that I was in the store. However before this incident the helicopter had impressed me so much that I had to pick one up. The usual price was £29.99 but I had mine on a special offer and it only cost me £14.99 but the total soon went up when I was persuaded to pick up a pack of AA batteries at the checkout, toy shops like to rip customers off on these!

*** About the Syma RC helicopter ***

It's a rather sturdy looking remote control helicopter that is controlled by an infrared remote control powered by six AA batteries, the helicopter however has its own battery built in that can be recharged. The helicopter can be charged from the little wire coming from the remote control or by the USB lead that simply pops into your computer; this saves battery life of the remote control! The helicopter is designed for indoor use and is small and sturdy enough to fly in any size room without causing too much damage, it has flashing lights that look rather attractive and it apparently flies very well.... I shall find this out next!

*** Opening the box and setting up ***

In the box I found;
The helicopter
The remote control
USB Charger
Spare rear blades (in case of a collision)
A mini screwdriver
And the 'all-important' instruction manual that does not make any sense as it is written by someone who does not have the art of English writing.... Most of the helicopters controls are rather self-explanatory so I will not complain too much.

Now getting into the box was rather easy and there were no annoying straps holding the helicopter in like most toys, two twist ties later and we were ready to go. The batteries are not included as with most toys but it takes standard AA's, I personally recommend Duracell or any other high performance batteries for something like this as you certainly don't want to run out of power in the middle of a flight! There is a little screw on the back of the controller that needs to be removed to insert the batteries, to my surprise Syma had included a free mini screwdriver for this purpose that I was very impressed with, that is proper service.

Everything so far felt pretty good quality, the helicopter quality is exceptional and it has a full metal frame. The controller is light and I doubt that it would survive a drop onto a hard floor, the control levers feel weak and I actually almost snapped one getting it out of the box but I wouldn't worry too much if you're careful with things. The USB charger does feel weak and I do recommend that you try not to knock it while it's plugged in as there is a good chance that it will snap, after 4 months of use mine is starting to disintegrate but it still works!

After inserting the batteries it was time to charge the helicopter. This is done by either plugging the helicopter into the remote control or by using the USB charger that goes into the computer. In the instruction manual it says it takes roughly 40 minutes to charge which seems very long but the charge light on the USB charger went off after about half an hour from flat so not too bad really. The instructions also say that the helicopter will give about 6 to 8 minutes of flight but this obviously depends on the way the user is flying.

*** Time to fly the machine and cause some damage to our property! ***

Now this is always interesting.... Have you ever flown a helicopter before Nick? Nope, let's do it! Once charged I flicked the little on switch to the on position on both the helicopter and the remote control and I set the helicopter in the centre of the room on top of a biscuit tin. I had a sudden rush of adrenalin as I pushed on the 'Up' toggle on the remote control and my little machine lifted up into the air very steadily and perfectly in control. Considering that I had never flown one of these before this time I thought I was doing a rather good job and I was thoroughly enjoying my little flight around the living room. I flew around trying out the basic controls and I soon had the hang of it and I was able to land on top of my biscuit tin with ease.

The control has six motions, up - down - left - right - forwards and backwards. These are all done from two small joysticks on the controller and they are very easy to master within a few minutes. My first impressions were very good and I found the helicopter extremely easy to turn and it was very fast both forwards and backward. It was instantly noticeable how good the control was and I did doubt that I would be able to fly the helicopter indoors but I had nothing to worry about. There is also a trim feature so if you helicopter does not fly straight you can turn the trim knob and straighten it out, this is very handy indeed.

The takeoff and landings are the hardest bit to learn with this helicopter, I was quite lucky and I had the hang of it within a few usages. It just takes determination and once you have it, you have it! It's like riding a bike really.

*** Durability ***

Now this is always a major thing to consider when purchasing a 'Toy'. Personally I would not call this a toy and I don't believe the manufacturers do either but Modelzone were definitely advertising it as one. The model is extremely well built and I have so far crashed mine so many times that I could not have possibly counted them. I have crashed it into lampshades, wooden beams, TV screens (WHOOPS!) and many other hard objects and so far (Apart from a few vibration noises) I have not had any problems with the helicopter and I have not had to replace the blades as of yet.... I have owned this for four months and I reckon that this is pretty good going!

The blades of the helicopter are made from a very flexible but obviously strong plastic; they must be strong judging some of the crashes I have had with this helicopter. The blades are rather sharp and in all honesty if you accidentally hit someone with this copter in flight then it is going to hurt, I have experienced this when I actually flew it into my head (Ouch). One of my crashes did result in the balance piece above the blades coming loose but some slight playing around in the garage I had it fixed and ready for flight once more. The motor on this helicopter sounds very smooth and I have actually oiled the gears inside using lithium grease, this has smoothed my helicopter out amazingly and it still works like new - even after four months of almost daily use.

The batteries in the helicopter hold the charge for about 7 minutes of average flying around the room, I'm a slightly reckless flyer and my helicopter is constantly climbing and descending so I should think that you could get an even better battery life out of this helicopter! The remote batteries last a very long time, I use standard Duracell's and I use it daily finding that I only need to change them once a month, if you decided to charge the helicopter using the control then this will obviously reduce the battery life but I use the USB as it is much faster and probably cheaper than buying batteries all of the time.

*** Safety ***

This is always an important factor when buying a thing like this. In my honest opinion, this remote control is only as safe as the person flying it - almost like the real thing really ;) It can hurt slightly if you fly into someone and of course you must be extremely careful around people's eyes etc. The box said it was for ages 14 and up, I think this is about right - it certainly is not a deadly machine anyway.

*** Overall opinion ***

I absolutely love this helicopter and since buying mine the whole family now has them too. This is a slight downside as there are only three channels of these helicopters available. Different channels allow more than one helicopter to fly at one time as otherwise they will interfere with each other, being six of us in the household with a helicopter each makes it impossible to fly together but usually families are not as big as ours. I find this helicopter extremely stable and easy to control and it is an actual joy to use, I do not recommend outdoor use as we tried this one day and nearly lost it due to the slightest of wind... It really is an indoor only aircraft.

I would recommend this helicopter to anyone as it is fun and very easy to fly. It is obviously very reliable as it has lasted my rather reckless flying for 4 months and I think that it is a bargain (even if I had paid full price for it). A VERY happy Syma customer

Thanks for reading
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