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...TCP! As I used this as a child, then it must have been going for a long while. My mum didn't go much for medicines and until she became seriously ill, wasn't one for taking medication often. As children though, if my brother and I were ill the doctor then we were taken to our G.P's surgery. ... Read review

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Tcp Liquid Antiseptic Original

Tcp Liquid Antiseptic Original

Tcp Liquid Antiseptic Original soothes and relieves sore throats during a cold and flu. It ... more

can also be used on mouth ulcers, cuts, stings,
grazes, bites, spots or boils. Simply apply and
see the immediate results.

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TCP Liquid Antiseptic Original 100ml

TCP Liquid Antiseptic Original 100ml

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TCP Antiseptic Liquid 50ml

TCP Antiseptic Liquid 50ml

TCP Liquid Antiseptic Dual Action - Soothes pain - Fights infection - For sore throats - ... more

Mouth ulcers - Cuts, grazes, bites, stings and
spots Warnings Seek medical advice if symptoms
persist for more than a few days Keep out of reach
of children Do not use after the 'Expiry Date'

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TCP LIQUID ANTISEPTIC- A Must For The First Aid Cupboard Review with images

AdvantagesVersatile and effective.

DisadvantagesIt has a strong smell.

"...quite often happened and the TCP bottle would come out to treat these. It does work. It can also be used to treat insect bites and stings. When my brother, followed by myself, became teenagers, TCP it was said, could be dabbed onto '''spots''' or problem skin, cleansing and reducing spots. I think by its very strength that this would prove to be of some benefit with teenage skin but as for every day use for this, I think it might be a little harsh ..." Read review

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TCP - a real magic potion

AdvantagesCheap and effective for a wide variety of uses

DisadvantagesNone - unless the smell puts you off!

"TCP is a mild antiseptic liquid for home use. The name is an abbreviation of the original active ingredient, Trichlorophenylmethyliodsalycil; it's easy to see why a slightly catchier acronym was used for marketing the product! It was first produced way back in 1918, after over 100 years to establish itself as a reliable and effective product it's understandable that it is now indispensible in many household medicine cabinets. In the 1950's the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dippykitty...


Great to have on standby just in case

AdvantagesHas a range of uses. Has been great for mouth ulcers and for relieving pain and discomfort

DisadvantagesIsn't particularly cheap but the multitasking ability makes up for this in my opinion

"...is a regular user of TCP and always seems to use it at night for something or other but until recently, it's never really been something that I've had much use for myself. That changed recently, so much so that I've invested in a bottle of my own rather than using some of my dad's bottle as I've found a whole host of uses for it! ==INFECTION AND INFLAMMATION== I developed an ingrown toenail a couple of months ago, which left a deep ridge at the ..." Read review

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What does TCP stand for?


DisadvantagesStrong smell and taste.

"...is to dilute one part TCP with 5 parts water and gargle. Do not swallow!!!! The flavour is very strong and medicinal, but it does take away the nasty germy taste that you get in your mouth when suffering with a throat infection. Gargling with TCP also sems to anaesthatize and numb my throat, relieving the pain and soreness, particularly when swallowing food or drink. It is best to gargle morning and night for best results. Now that flu season is upon ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Ouch again - It Stings Mum

Advantagesit works very well


"TCP has been around for donkey's years and I have very clear memories of my mother dabbing my scratched and bruised kness with this when I was little and I had come off my bike. It used to hurt like hell, but that somehow made me feel it was actually doing me some good. We always have a bottle (or two) in our First Aid cupboard under the kitchen stairs. It comes in a sturdy dark brown glass bottle which has never seemed to change design over the ..." Read review

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Product details

Long Name Antiseptic Liquid
EAN 5012616170409; 5012616170201
Manufacturer TCP
Type Antiseptic
Type for Subname First Aid


Listed on Ciao since 27/05/2010

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